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Every few hours.

Sometimes it will regain connection. Others I have to manually reconnect.

It seems to happen the most when streaming content such as YouTube or Radio stations.

Data is disabled.

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You can also check your Wifi settings on the phones, in Settings, Wifi.. advanced options, show more..

At least that's where it is on Samsung phones ..

One setting is "Keep Wi-Fi on during sleep"

I have mine set to "Never" to save power, so I do see the Wifi wake up and pop-off, but I want it set that way.

When phone goes to sleep, it disconnects from Wifi to save battery juice and just goes to LTE - once you wake the phone with code or fingerprint it will jump back on the Wifi (if available)..

May not be your issue, but worth a check - you can also tell it to not really look for Wifi as much to save power


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