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Closed NAT Can't figure out why

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Hello guys I've been trying to get rid of this blue closed nat window in device manager tab but I seriously can't find out how. I saw some youtube/netduma guides but nothing works 😕. I'm not using netduma for any consoles only pc's-phones. I tried different things on my isp's modem/router but no results. My isp modem/router is speedport entry 2i. From what I heard there's no "modem only" option. These are the options I get in the DMZ and Port Forwarding tabs. Any help appreciated. 




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Hi Geo - it’s not a warning at all in the Device Manager tab. It’s just letting you know that we detect you are connected to another router or a modem/router combo instead of a modem. 

Best not to touch anything if you’re getting open Nat in games etc. 

If you’re not, then please follow this guide: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000022359-how-do-i-open-my-nat-

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