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i have a computer and a xbox one x maybe 30 feet from the wifi router RX500 nighthawk with a wifi booster connected maybe 5 feet from it to boost the signal which gives me 200-250 mbps of download and 15 upload which is perfectly fine i like this speed but sometimes out of no where it says while im playing on my xbox one x that i lost internet connection then a maybe a minute later it comes back.. i have never had this happen until the rx500 nighthawk was added to my xfinity account before i used a simple 100 dollar wireless router never lost internet connection.. also what pisses me off with this i work 9-5 everyday so when i get home sometimes i have no internet connection at all until i unplug my router wait 30 seconds and plug it back in then i have a connection again this is everyday im having to do this when i get home, but it is fine when i get up which is usually between 5-6am cuz i have to take 2 large dogs out so i play on my xbox for about 2 hours before and everything is fine except i lose internet magically then it reconnects without me having to do something.. but then when i get home no connection at all till i reset the dam router.. i would like to know is this a definate problem with everyone else or is it my router? if its my router is there a patch i can download or do i have to get it replaced with the warranty?


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