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XR500 Setup Help - Issues / Concerns With Performance

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I recently purchased the XR500 AND S8000 (bundle from Costco for price of XR500).  I will try to be as specific as I can with my setup and the issues / concerns I'm experiencing.


My Setup: Cable (200Mbps / 12 Mbps) > Modem (Netgear CM1000) > Router (Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500) > Switch (Netgear Nighthawk S8000 Gaming & Streaming Switch) (HP Pro Curve Switch x2 - J9449-60001)


Connections to XR500:  S8000 (Ethernet Port 8) to XR500 (Ethernet Port 1) / HP Pro Curve Switch to XR500 (Ethernet Port 2) / HP Pro Curve Switch to XR500 (Ethernet Port 3)

Connections to S8000:  Xbox One X to S8000 (Ethernet Port 1) / PS4 Pro to S8000 (Ethernet Port 2) / Apple TV 4K to S8000 (Ethernet Port 3)


XR500 Settings: UPnP On (checked) / NAT Filtering - Open


XR500 Settings: Geo-Filter - Devices (Xbox One X / Xbox One S / PS4 Pro) All Set to Filtering Mode

XR500 Settings: Geo-Filter - Options - Strict Mode (checked) / Auto Ping Host (checked)

XR500 Settings: Geo-Filter - Map (Distance Set to 1560 miles)


XR500 Settings: QoS - Anti-Bufferbloat  - Options - Goodput (checked) / Disable QoS (not checked)

XR500 Settings: QoS - Anti-Bufferbloat - Always / Upload (70%) / Download (70%)

XR500 Settings: QoS - Bandwidth Allocation (38 devices) - Upload / Download (Xbox One X - 50% / Microsoft Xbox One S - 25% / Remaining Devices - 1%)

XR500 Settings QoS - Traffic Prioritization - Dumas OS Classified Games Enabled (checked)


S8000 Settings:  QoS Enabled


Latest Firmware Installed on XR500 (v2.3.2.22) and on S8000 (v1.7.0.6)


Issue / Concern 1: I've noticed, when playing Elder Scrolls Online, that sometimes I experience noticeable lag (never noticed lag with previous router - Asus RT-AC5300)


Issue / Concern 2: It seems that no matter what I do with Anti-Bufferbloat settings (On or Off) / QoS settings (On or Off) / Traffic Prioritization settings / Geo-Filter settings), my PING remains the same (between 20 and 24 using PingPlotter App).  I've ran several speedtests using DSL Reports and always have achieved an 'A' for Bufferbloat.


Issue / Concern 3: After reading another post regarding the XR500 and S8000, it seems QoS enabled on both the XR500 and S8000 might be a problem.  I really don't want to disable QoS on the XR500, but not sure whether the S8000 or the XR500 would do a better job.


Question:  Do I have my configuration (XR500 / S8000) set up correctly (see connections above for details)?  Should the Xbox One X / PS4 Pro be connected to the back of XR500 instead of S8000?


Note:  When I check the 'Port Status' on S8000, the Xbox One X (connected to Ethernet Port 1- Gaming) shows Linked Speed at 10M Full, the PS4 Pro (connected to Ethernet Port 2) shows Linked Speed at 100M Full, and the Apple TV 4K (connected to Ethernet Port 3) shows Linked Speed at 1000M Full.  I'm wondering why the Xbox One X has only a Linked Speed at 10M Full.  It seems that should be more (as well as PS4 Pro) since the Apple TV 4K has a Linked Speed at 1000M Full.


I'm hoping I can get some help trying to figure out what is going on, as I feel something isn't right with the router and my setup.  Please let me know if you need further information.  If I experience any other issues, I'll be sure to post them.


Thanks for taking time to reply with any troubleshooting suggestions.


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