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My Ping is High with XR500 DumaOS

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I have this router for 4 months now. I love it. So far I have 1 issues with it. At the beginning it was fine. Ever since I did last 2 update my ping increase I dont know why.


My base ping is 14 and Im getting 34 in game sometime 50. It's not stable . It goes up and down.


When i first got this router my ping was around 17ms and 20ms. I did alot of research to see what a doing on but couldn't find any. I hope I can find the solution in here.


And one more thing when I directly plug the modem to my ps4 I get 17 ms ping . Very solid never go up and down but when I put xr500 it goes up and I close to the game server too.


My download is 1Gigs

Upload 40


Slider 70/70

Anti budferbloat set to "always"

Bandwidth allocation Download "20 percent", upload "20 percent"


I have media server disable, and wifi completely off from router. Using straight wired.


Traffic prioritization enable

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Hi Illest - could you answer these questions please:


  1. How are you measuring your ping? Speedtest.net?
  2. Have you set up any manual rules in Traffic Prioritization?
  3. Do you have IPv6 enabled?


Could you also do a Pingplotter test when connected to the XR500, and also when connected to the modem. Take a screenshot of each result and upload here so we can take a look. Here's a guide on how to do a test:



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