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vpn issue

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hi there guys
attemting to use hide my ass vpn and its not working could please assit me .i spoke with there tech to setup up but no joy im afraid
now it seems my router wont reboot from interface
seems to use the old configuration file. i reboot the router to clear the memory then set up again using the txt file no joy again
As you can see in this log TCP: connect to [AF_INET] failed - the router keeps trying to connect to the non existing server.
will incude some photos from me an hma trying setup

look forward to a response thanks and regards king c










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HI King - I know it's inconvenient, but could you perform a factory reset to clear this information and start over again. Sometimes the VPN page gets itself confused like this so a factory reset is needed.


In DumaOS we've made the VPN far more streamlined, so once it's out on the R1 you won't have this problem anymore.

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as in the pics, this is my problem.. i have done a factory reset and downloaded vpn config files


Hi Xypher - we'll support you in the general support thread you opened as it's a more appropriate place for your issue. I'll see you there :)

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