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[DumaOS] Marking device that is marked

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What does this message in the log file mean? There are hundreds all for the same device, an Amazon Echo. 


[DumaOS] Marking device that is marked 6 8., Friday, May 18, 2018 19:32:38

Unless you set up DHCP reservation a device will be assigned an IP address by the router, do you know what device is? Even though logs are for 'developers' thats not the case always as some parts are useful for us users too ;) Maybe a friend came round and you let them log onto maybe the guest account, or you bought a new device etc that device will be given an IP by the router, always good to check in case someone has piggy backed on your router, but with a good strong password (not the original if possible) and changing the SSID to something more unique helps. Just check have devices IP addresses if you are unsure. It probably means simply a device has been given that IP address when it logged onto your network I would imagine.

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