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UPnP misbehaving | Static Routes absence | Feature Request

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I have a QNAP Nas and one of its characteristics is about automatically map services to the UPnP port forwarding.
At first it did not work, after 1 week and a new factory reset, the UPnP rules started working, that is a weird behaviour (I was about to contact QNAP for some help). 


I also have a question about static routes, the absence of that option really bugs me out, how it's possible to block one of the core functionalities of a router? I saw a lot of old topics that was an incoming feature, is it true? I really do hope DumaOS will include this feature, with hopefully some good VPN control.


Now for one feature request, I would like to request a smartdns/pi-hole dns control per device as the VPN config. That way it's really easy to enable and opt-out some devices that either are not from power users (that would adjust the pi-hole server). 

For now I tried using my NAS as a VPN server with the specific dns, but something gets wrong when the router tries to connect to a vpn within the local network, even with port forwarding enabled and working.

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The idea was to make a router with features needed for gamers. It was meant to be user friendly and thus only necessary features were included. DumaOS affords us the ability to add features very quickly so if the demand is there we can make it. 


We can look into that but again quite advanced, if the demand is there then we can do it.

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