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America's Army PS4

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So I have my XR500 and am still learning/playing with it but I want to make sure I am thinking straight and understanding this correctly.


America's Army is dedicated servers but uses TeamSpeak in their code for voice chat. When I had PRTG setup I could see the players connected to my router but it wasn't enough traffic to be game and since they are dedicated servers I am assuming TeamSpeak is using Peer to Peer topology.

So if above is true. In the images below, these are the players connected in the room but the only reason I see them is because of TeamSpeak, correct?

Even though they are outside of my radius I cannot block them due to them being connected to the dedicated server?

Is there a way to ping those connections?


In the one image it shows that I am connected to an East Coast Amazon center but I don't see a server indicator on the map. Not a big deal but just curious if this is normal?



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Hi SHANE, I'll move this topic to the XR500 support forum.


The big icon is the dedicated server you're connected to. Yes you see them because they've connected to the server, so yes that's right you can't block them for joining the server. You can only influence your own connection. If you just click on their icons you'll be able to ping them.


The Amazon server is the dedicated server it just hasn't been added to the dedicated server list as Amazon have tons of servers for different uses not just games, so hard to get all the ones they use pinpointed.

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