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Latency issues in the evening

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Hey everyone!


The past week has been very frustrating.  Attached are pingplotter screenshots.  Every evening around 6, 7pm, latency starts to go crazy.


I've had a tech visit on Friday.  Replaced modem, line from drop, straight to house.  The line goes direct to modem, no cable tv feed.


Posting here to try and understand what the data is showing and what tips you may have to help me escalate this to a higher level of technical support. I am losing my patience trying to explain over, and over, and over again.  The techs on the phone (and housecall) don't seem to understand the difference between bandwidth and latency....and I need to talk to somebody who can help.


Comcast xfinity

west michigan


Tested friday, wired via Duma (gateway in bridge mode to duma)


Tested today, wired, directly to gateway (factory reset on Gateway)



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what modem is it you have and is it the same as the old modem that was replaced. That graph looks terrible and is not good at all.


Yes, same Arris model.


Was finally able to get escalated to somebody who knew what I was talking about.



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