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The Struggles of Broadband Cable in a Populated area

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Below you will find two different videos of me playing BO3 FFA. 

The videos were recorded 1 day apart from each other using the same equipment.  

You'll see in one that I win easily.

The other, you'll see me get destroyed by a shitty connection/server. 

Though in this case I believe the server was fine and my internet connection was flaking. 

No one in the lobby had a poor connection according to the in-game latency bars. Everyone showed as a 4 bar. 

But there was one person who was skipping all over the place.


This is what I struggle with on a daily basis. This can happen even between matches. First match, I win. Second match I get destroyed. 

I can run Ping Plotter all day long and not see anything that would indicate this poor of a connection. 


In the videos you will clearly see that the in-game Ping meter is showing exactly what I'm feeling and seeing. 

Which is why I believe the in-game ping meter and always have. Now that meter may add the processing time into its calculations but it's still accurate and directly corresponds to what I'm seeing and feeling.


Rant over...

Enjoy your day peeps.







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Yeah IMO cable is the worst, no matter how good it is.


I'm on Spectrum and even thou they have improved a lot since taking Charter over but at the end of the day... it's still oversold and it's still cable.


I miss my rock solid ADSL dedicated gaming line, even though it was 13 / 2 it was a flat line all the time... :mellow:

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