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Found 7 results

  1. here's the problem I have the Verizon router but then I have the nighthawk xr500. so the thing is I have might nighthawk plugged into my Verizon modem so I try dslp reports or pingplotter an im not get really bad reports but I am getting some spikes an even when I use the buffer bloat on the xr500 its not smoothing it out on any percentage? an idk how my line is congested cause I only have my laptop an my phone connected to it I have my ps4 hard wired to the nighthawk?
  2. I updated the the R1 an obviously NetDuma put out a whole bunch of features on the r1 by now. thing is I have the xr500 an been waiting a while for Netgear to update that an idk if I should switch back until or what. just trying to get your guys thoughts on what you prefer or would do until then ? thanks
  3. so pre update everything was fine now I can't join a game to save my life an the other thing was no matter how many times I reboot none of the dedicated servers pop up in my geo maybe like once in a blue moon. not like before where that's all that came up. now I'm getting peer to peer ? an that goes for the xr500 an then I switch to the r1just to see
  4. I just updated the r1 an been playing with it an trying to use the ping v2 feature but no ones really popping up. but when I click on the dedicated server its showing like 90 ms. I get like 10 or 12 or somewhere low around there on the xr500 any idea why this would be? Or has something changed with the update an I'm not getting what's going on ? I read something about tick rate an that tip at the bottom that close to 100 is good for gaming. so I don't know looking for help or it explained to me. I put the pin assist feature at 25 an then it did give Me around what I usually get for ping but idk if that where I should be or what?
  5. here's the thing I've tried ping plotter an has showed me my line is really not stable. now I called my isp an did some things over the phone but did not help. their telling me I would have to get like 150 gigabit fiber or I choose if on my own 300mbps gigabit fiber an would be assured I would have stable connection. my ping is low between 14ms then drops to like 9 then up to 20ms highest. the speeds I get now are 100 down an 117 up. I know high speeds help specially gaming but is it possible that's what's causing the instability in my ping?
  6. I tried ping plotter without any saturation on my computer an have a pretty fair amount of line jitter an. I do it from my laptop so one idk should I do it connected ethernet. I did it wireless when I tried . an then to even get it pretty steady I still have spikes I have to slide my sliders down to like 50. my thing is I'm the only one that's using anything in the house playing ps4 so having my sliders that low on anti-bufferbloat is it necessary?
  7. hey guy's So I been using the anti buffer bloat at 70% an my ping is from 10 ms to 20 ms I was trying to get it more stable or lower if possible or do I really need to ?. I kind of know what I'm doing but I'm not all that savvy when it comes to stuff like this so I saw ping plotter should I use it an figure out what my ping does. so like should I go on it an use it on my ps4 an go down an see how it stabilizes it or should I just keep it at 70% the sliders I'm just trying to get the best use out of my xr500. it seems like when I'm playing bo4 that my shots are like registering but not ...like I'm being melted. If anyone can help id appreciate it. or give advice on the xr500.
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