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Found 36 results

  1. Hallo zusammen, nach leider geringem Erfolg im Netgear Forum hier nochmals die Suche nach Hilfe 🙂 Hier mein Post aus dem Netgear Forum: Hallo zusammen, ich habe seit einigen Tagen das Problem, dass ich mich auf den XR700 über die Oberfläche routerlogin.net einloggen kann. http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm hingegen klappt noch. Ich habe schon mehrmals den Router zurückgesetzt und auch andere Firmware Versionen versucht, bekomme es jedoch nicht hin... Den Router habe ich wieder über http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm eingerichtet. Aktuell verwende ich die Version V1.0.1.8, mit einem Update auf V1.0.1.20 oder V1.0.1.24 bekomme ich auch über http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm die Meldung DumaOS not loaded yet! Ich konnte nur nach einigen Naustarts des Routers wieder eine Verbindung über http://routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm herstellen, mit routerlogin.net klappt es nicht mehr. In einigen Beiträgen habe ich gelesen, Löschen des Browser Cache oder verwenden eines andern Browsers kann den Fehler beheben, jedoch ohne Erfolg. Gibt es noch andere Möglichkeiten den Fehler zu beheben? Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe. Grüße Stefan Und hier noch der Link zum weiteren Verlauf: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-WLAN-Router/Netgear-XR700-DumaOS-not-loaded-yet/m-p/1964332 Ich habe das Problem noch immer, eine Lösung konnte ich noch nicht finden.... Vielen Dank für eure Hilfe. Grüße Stefan
  2. Hi, I purchased a Nighthawk XR700 a few days ago. I went through the setup process and accessed the DumaOS UI on a few occasions to fine tune the settings. I made sure to update the firmware straight away. After about 4 days of use I can now no longer access DumaOS at all, I have cleared all history on several occasions, tried various browsers, tried different computers, tried command prompt (which also won't show ipconfig), tried factory resetting the router and trawled the internet for a couple of hours for a solution and nothing works. Can somebody please help! Many thanks
  3. Earlier today, I reported an issue with the WAN Port on the XR700 that can't run the speed at 940Mbps with or without QoS "On". FURRYe38 on the Netgear community was able to replicate and tested out the issue. He confirmed the same problem and you can see his data results here: https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/XR700-is-not-supporting-900Mb-on-the-WAN-to-LAN-test/m-p/1768795#M11573 Netduma Team could you please have a look on this issue with the WAN Port on the XR700. Thank you,
  4. Hi, I've been encountering this issue since the previous firmware version, I think. Everything on the web UI shows as normal and working. However, when using the Nighthawk app (iOS and Android) which are on the latest available versions (also encountered the issue with previous app versions), the device manager does not display any of the connected devices. I'm only getting an error (see attachment). Have tried resetting and re-flashing the firmware. Have also tried downgrading and updating again. I found another thread here discussing something similar but with a Nintendo Switch involved. I do not have a Nintendo Switch, however. Please advise.
  5. Please help, not loading in most of the r-apps. Where should i start? reboot sometimes helps side question: is it ok for my devices IP to be 10.0.0.xx ?
  6. Im having issues figuring out this problem warzone on xbox I have UPnP enabled ports forwarded tried dmz tried geo on/off xr700 into at&t BGW210 with static ip
  7. Hello all, My XR700 is stuck on this screen, I've tried factory resets, I've tried the tftp restore, upgrading to the hotfix, but nothing seems to work. I can access http://www.routerlogin.net/adv_index.htm and configure and am able to configure settings there. However, I can't load into the main duma os. It keeps refreshing at this page: http://www.routerlogin.net/desktop/index.html?cache=0#com.netdumasoftware.dashboard It looks like it is trying to load periodically, but I remain on this screen. I've tried multiple devices and multiple browsers. I've also used my local IP instead of routerlogin and same issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  8. Hi to everyone!! Here are the official answer from Netgear Twitter account why they take too long for DumaOS 3.0...
  9. I've searched forums and help and find nothing. I have XR700 V1.0.1.20 and there are devices that I had once clicked "Block" in device manager and then unblock. None of the devices will connect to the internet but show they have an IP address. It's an iPhone, a Windows 10 computer, a Roku and an LG TV. On the computer I get "The device is blocked by access control in the router". I cannot find anywhere to work on access control. Does anyone have an XR700 and know where to go to allow the devices to connect to the internet?
  10. Hello my Netdumers. I'm having issues with my R2 putting out the speeds I was receiving when I was only connected to my XR700. I have my XR700 being supplied with the 10Gb SFP+ module input for internet (Comcast with my own netgear gaming cable modem). running all Cat7 cables all 6 feet long. I have my XR700 DMZ out, reserved address and all setting giving the R2 full open speeds. I deactivated all wireless to the R2 since I only want to provide service to my PS4 (Ethernet hard wired) to manage the best connection for Modern Warfare Warzone. My QoS on my XR700 is set at 50 for the R2 Dumaos and the rest of devices is set to 5. When I run a speed test from Ookla on my XR700 speed came back at 232 down / 20 up, on the R2 i'm receiving 153 down / 11 up. on the PS4 pro speed test results were 153 down 15 up on the R2 and after a few hours of gaming on Warzone I decided to retest and got 63 down / 7 up from the R2 device. I rebooted and recheck all settings on both XR700 and R2 and cant seem to get it right. If anyone can help me on why or guiding me through a specific setting on the R2 since its slightly different than the XR700 would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
  11. So I recently bought the xr700 and absolutely loved it !! But there was one downside .. the WiFi didn’t reach everywhere in the home so I bought both the netgear ex7700 and the ex8000 range extender and tried to set this up als an extender but the results where horrible even in the device manager i now get multiple unnamed devices and multiple ip adresses assigned to my devices and even when the extender was in range and the light was solid white which means the setup is the best possible , THE results where poor .. also when using it as an extender one 5ghz band is used to setup a connection with the xr700 router (dedicated backhaul) but there is one downside .. 1st information needs to be send from the xr700 to the extender , the extender then reads all of the information and needs to send it back to the xr700 => DELAY !! Our worst enemy when it comes to gaming soooo I setup the range extender as an acces point , my setup is like this xr700=> gigabit switch -> main pc then from the Same gigabit switch A LAN cable goes to my ex8000 , there a LAN cable goes to my ps4 then from the ex8000 another LAN cable goes to the ex7700 (second extender in ap mode) then when I go to device manager both the ex7700 and the ex8000 are shown and given an ip adres bacause they are connected with the xr700 using a LAN cable , as it should be!! I also reserved an ip adres for both of them so this never changes => static ip the one thing I’m struggling with is the fact that now both ex7700 and ex8000 are listed in de Qos pentagram and I’m stuck here .. should I give all my bandwith to the ex7700 and ex8000 because al my WiFi devices And LAN connected devices are connected with the ex7700 and ex8000 Both through WiFi or LAN PLEASE HELP !! just a reminder only my main pc is connected through LAN directly after the xr700 router all the rest is connected behind THE ex7700 or the ex8000 ! and these are my internetspeeds : 1000mb/s download and 40mb/s upload NOTE !! If anyone else suggests another way To setup my internet that is better or faster or can give me better results in ping etc. Please let me know I currently have al my connected devices set equally in Qos ! the only strange thing is that the ex8000 (better than the ex7700) that way only has 240 mb/s download and 39mb/s upload while the ex7700 gives me 500mb/s download and 39mb/s upload NOTE !! The ex8000 connects my PlayStation through LAN and my tv through WiFi my ex7700 only had one tv connected through WiFi , no other devices
  12. Hey! I purchased the XR700 about a week ago to replace a very old Actiontec MI424wr and, unfortunately, I've been having a lot of issues getting it to work correctly. While the wired connection works without issue the WiFi is in a word: awful. It drops out every few minutes even when I'm sitting less that 4ft from the router (when I say drops out I don't just mean has speed issues I mean I can't even navigate to google.com without my browser showing me an error page and asking me to check my connection) and has abysmally bad range. I live in a small 1br apartment, and when I walk to the kitchen I lose wifi all together something that has never been an issue before--for reference my kitchen would put me at MOST 25ft from the router. I've tried a number of things including disabling the 60GHz band, tweaking and eventually disabling QoS, manually setting the WiFi channels, upgrading to firmware V1.0.1.24, and factory resetting the router but nothing has seemed to work which I find immensely frustrating. I feel like I paid a premium just to add stress to my daily life. While I don't have the fastest connection (only 100 up and 100 down through Verizon Fios) I'm the only one in my apartment and I should be able to watch a short YouTube video on my laptop when it's literally beside my router and the only machine that's powered on and connected to the internet.
  13. Hi Here is a guide on how to successfully create Port Forwarding rules to guarantee you an OPEN NAT on your Nighthawk XR Series router. For a list of required ports for a certain game please consult portforward.com for a comprehensive list or comment on this post or message me and I will provide you with the port numbers for your game and Console/PC. PLEASE NOTE: If you have your router behind a modem/router combo then you must disable UPnP and/or any port forwarding rules you have have configured on it.
  14. Hi, I recently purchased and setup a XR700 router, which replaced a my previous setup up routers (one serving as the DHCP server while the other was set as a bridge). I intended to use only the XR700 router to handle all my networking needs, which includes about 50 or so devices consisting of computers, Plex server, Roku devices and host of smart bulbs, switches and thermostats. Out of the box, I thought I could merely assign the existing network SSID to the XR700 and all of my Wi-Fi devices would automatically connect to newly setup router. However, a few of my Wi-Fi devices did while many were unable to connect. Similar to the issues raised in the posts I linked below, many of devices were not able to obtain DCHP IP addresses from the router or were not able to establish any connection. I should also add that out of the box, I accepted the prompt to update the firmware to Although I have been able to recycle my SSID with previous router upgrades, I concluded that the XR700 was simply not willing to play ball. Before changing the SSID, I did attempt to assign a static IP address to my MacBook Pro -- I did so on the computer itself. Doing so did enable me to fully connect to the router and internet via Wi-Fi. I was willing to put in the painstaking work of manually assigning IP addresses to all of the devices that would not connect, but several of the smart bulbs and switches do not have that capability within their own settings. Even when I attempted to reserve IP addresses with MAC addresses on the XR700 router, the Wi-Fi devices were still unable to connect to the XR700 router and/or the internet. So, I reset to the router to factory defaults via the router login page (used the erase feature), and then I started from scratch and chose a different SSID name (I realize I could have done so without resetting everything, but I thought it would be best to do it that way). With the new SSID, I went through the painstaking efforts of manually accessing 50 or so Wi-Fi devices, choosing the new SSID name and entering the Wi-Fi password. All went well! All devices were able to connect to the new SSID name for the XR700 and had internet access. Although hours of work, the results were terrific. I was all set to enjoy the new setup, but decided to tidy up location of the router with some cord management. So, I powered down the XR700 momentarily, repositioned things, tied down cables and then powered XR700 back on. To my dismay, many of my Wi-Fi devices were again not able to connect to the XR700 router using the new SSID. Even my MacBook Pro reverted back to the image from George's post in December 2018 where "Wi-Fi has the self-assigned IP address .. and will not be able to connect to the internet." All of the work I completed was for naught as I was once again back in the same position I was before I changed the SSID on the XR700 router. Still, crazy me, I decided to change the SSID again, and also manually join the 50 or so devices back to the new network name for the XR700 router. This time, I was able to do it in about an hour because of the practice. All of the Wi-Fi devices are again connected to the XR700 router and are appearing as online with valid IP addresses in the device manager of the router login. Great! However, I now need to complete some modifications to the port settings. I am so fearful to make any changes, as I believe that my Wi-Fi devices will again drop off the network at the moment I hit apply to the settings changes. I scanned through several postings in the forums and saw several iterations of the issues I am experiencing. I linked some below. In all of the postings, I did not see any resolutions. There were recommendations to reset, manually assign IP addresses, revert to earlier firmware versions and more; but no true identification of the cause of the problem or a solution. Before I return this $400 router back to the store, did I miss something -- is there a prescribed fix for this issue? It should also be noted that I have 5 devices connected to the XR700 via the Ethernet ports, and all do not have any problem with acquiring an IP address from the router and gaining internet access; hence my uninterrupted ability to continue to make changes to the router login page. So, the issue is clearly a Wi-Fi problem only! Thanks.
  15. Looking for some help as I just got the xr700 router upgrading from my r7000 yesterday and I'm having some issues. First thing I did was upgrade it to the latest firmware XR700-V1.0.1.20 and did the reset right after as I read that's the common requested step afterward. I got a bunch of my devices hooked to it and this morning when I checked the WiFi devices seemed fine but when turning on my PC and laptop they had no internet. I attempted to go to the router and the page wouldn't load so I checked the nighthawk app on my phone and I could see the device online from their but was unable to access it on my PC still. I proceeded to reboot it on my phone app and could then reach it via my wired PC and wired laptop. Doing nothing essentially it was fine but as soon as I would go to do any work I would loose connectivity. this happened several times over the course of use this morning and I tried using the physical button on the router along with the app the reset it at different times. I started reading around on the forums and found this entry listed below which is kind of similar to my situation but the user seems to be doing things a bit different the last response was to try to update to the beta firmware which I downloaded but when trying to upload it the page flakes out and goes to a page cant be found. I didn't try to the cmd commands listed yet as I didn't have time this morning had to get to work. For the time being I switched back to my r7000 to stabilize my connection and will work on this further during non work hours. I also noticed in the top right of the dashboard it says I have a new firmware update that needs to be installed but its the same as I have and when trying to push that it basically said it couldn't apply and flipped the router page out where I needed to log back in. I see a lot of the next inquiries are usually about setup I'm on Comcast for ISP I own my own modem a Surfboard SB6120 plugged directly to the router, from the router I branch out to a Cisco SG 200-08 smart switch with 3 PC's and a laptop on it and a dumb switch in my entertainment center with my game consoles on it. on WiFi I have phones, tablets, a google home speakers screens and chromecasts along with a nest door cam and thermostat oh and 1 laptop. Any help as to why my connection keeps dropping is appreciated in advance and when i get off of work I will try and reset the router again and see if I can get it stable maybe test that beta firmware if not. I will be glad to supply logs if needed as well.
  16. Hi i just bought an iPhone 11 PRO and my phone didn't see WIFI 6 network I have try to connect in hidden mode too. My router is XR700 and I got smart connecting enable Regards
  17. Hello, I recently just bought an xr700 and tried to connect it, but my routerlogin.net never shows up unless I connect my Modem to my stock router, my stock router to my xr700, and that to my pc.
  18. Hello, I play Fortnite on a gaming PC and I play in NA East. There are two servers in NA east, one is located in Ohio and the other in Virginia. The Ohio server gives me higher ping than the Virginia server. How do i use the geo filter to put me on the Virginia server instead of the Ohio server? I've read many articles and nothing seems to help.
  19. Hey! This ping problem is kinda difficult to explain: A few weeks ago I encountered a big latency problem while sending text messages over WhatsApp. It took multiple seconds to send a message and almost 10 seconds for a voice message. (My connection: 60mbits down and 12 up.) I checked my ping via Speedtest.net and Fast.com: 9-10ms. I restarted the router and it was fine again. As the problem occurred a second time I checked my ping on another website (Its a German website as Im from Germany) www.wieistmeineip.de. It reported a ping of 1900ms! I restarted the router and it was back to 160ms (Speedtest was still reporting 9-10ms). This seems to be some kind of multi-server ping maybe?? Anyway, I connected the xr700 behind our DSL-modem/router and tested this kind of ping on its WiFi (5Ghz) (90-110ms) constantly. I finally managed to isolate the problem. It was the guest network I had set up. It was causing the 160ms normally and the enormous ping spikes of almost 2 seconds (reported by www.wieistmeineip.de). This affected 5Ghz aswell as 2.4Ghz when both guest networks were on. Also this kind of ping seems to be "used" in things like tweeting tweets or chatting on Discord. Do you guys know what this kind of ping is? Anyway, this kind of ping on the xr700 seems to be on point with our modem/router now and I dont have those huge spikes anymore. Its just weird that the guest network causes this weird problems with the normal network if its just enabled and no one is on it. Btw. I get those huge ping spikes (2 seconds) with this kind of latency constantly on the guest networks. The ping spike problem when the guest network was enabled happened after 24-30 uptime. The website that I mentioned states that it sends 5 packets for testing.
  20. I have ran through the updates and also downloaded and installed the img but still stating I need to install updates. No clue what to do at this point lol. Update Firmware Current Version: V1.0.1.20 New Version: V1.0.1.20 Release Notes:
  21. So I having very annoying issues with my XR700 and Centurylink gigabit internet. Basically to use the XR700 on Centurylink fiber, I have to do the following steps: 1. Switch the Internet Setup to require a login connection (Use PPPoe) https://i.imgur.com/YQNtG7u.png 2. Enter PPPoe credentials, switch it to always on, leave everything as automatic 3. Turn on VLAN/Bridge settings, select by VLAN tag group, and change the VLAN ID to 201: https://i.imgur.com/7c4vOwg.png 3a. (Century link needs all traffic to the ONT to be prefixed with 201) So after I set up all these settings, I am connected to the internet successfully. However, I keep getting disconnected for about 2-5 seconds then it reconnects again. this makes it real annoying browsing the web, talking on discord, gaming, etc. I confirmed this by running a simple ping test: https://i.imgur.com/igen9gZ.png As you can see it pings to google.com fine for a bit, then it poops out, then it works fine for a bit, etc. Is there anything I can besides just return the router? I tried both firmware and the original factory firmware.
  22. Hi, I recently bought an XR700 (instead of RAX200) for the amazing presentation of DumaOS (waiting for 1.3 soon) and for the option to avoid to buy a NAS to install my Plex in way to have everything directly by the router (USB). I bought a WD 6TB Elements Desktop Hard Drive - USB 3.0 it on purpose and moved all my stuff from HD1 to WD. Set all settings as for instructions : Router: https://kb.netgear.com/000060256/How-do-I-set-up-my-Plex-Media-Server-on-my-Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-XR700-router Plex: https://support.plex.tv/articles/230934267-netgear-nighthawk-x10-router/ I did many tries and i don't find a way to be fast as before. I don't need outside home, then i really don't understand why isn't possible to have a fluid transmission from Router to AppleTV/iPads/MBPs. Do you have any suggestion? My Setup is: Internet: Dw:500Mb - Up:350Mb; Router: XR700 (Cables Cat8); Extender: EX8000. Hope for any help. Thanks, Federico
  23. Hello Netduma, The Netgear XR700 was announced in the end of august 2018 and I'm trying to find informations regarding the Netgear XR700 with DumaOS Lifecycle Policy. I would like to know how many years or when the "Support End Date" until they stop releasing a firmware update on a Netgear XR700 with DumaOS. Thank you,
  24. ***June 2019 - I Upgraded my XR500 to a XR700 | The result is the same on the WAN Port I get a Disconnected from LAN on my PS4 Pro*** I recently purchased a Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 to see if it can handle my new internet gigabit speed because my old Netduma R1 was not able to go above 230mbit/s with QoS and 500mbit/s without QoS. The good news, I can reach the gigabit speed with or without QoS but I still get a Disconnected from LAN while I'm playing Street Fighter V Arcade Edition on my PS4 Pro. My XR500 is on the firmware V2.3.240 and I continue to get the same issue that I started a topic for the Disconnected from LAN on the Netduma R1with DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3: forum.netduma.com/topic/27085-disconnected-from-lan/ Could you please have a look on the log file to see if this could be the same issue that occur in the DumaOS Development Milestone 1.3? Thank you, Note: I still use the same setting configuration that I had on my R1 for the XR500. log-1549989723123.txt
  25. For all of you that are new to port forwarding and want to use it as a more reliable way of opening ports that are needed for your gaming needs then look no further than the portforward.com guide to help you with a step by step guide. Please remember to disable upnp as you cannot port forward and use upnp at the same time without port conflicts. https://portforward.com/netgear/nighthawk-xr500/
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