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  1. Hi, Over the past several months (possibly over a year), i've been trying to link Nord VPN to my XR1000 router so that I can use it to bypass the CGNAT issue I'm having. I've watched several videos on how to do so but, every time I connect to a server on the VPN, my router says it's no longer connected and i can't use it until I disconnect the VPN again. I know there's something I'm missing or doing wrong but I now have absolutely no idea what it is! Can somebody please help? Also, as a quick side note, I seem to get an average of about 4 days of what I'd consider good gaming connection in a month, 2 weeks of average and the rest is awful and I might as well not play. Might this be because of the CGNAT or is it likely to be my ISP? Many thanks
  2. So me and my friends been playing mw2 across different game types such as matchmaking, warzone 2.0 and DMZ beta. We understand the game needs work on its server side as they are all wonky at the moment. We are in the process of deleting Xbox series X consoles caches to see if it clears up everyone getting hung in game freezing. We all know the game side is messed up but in troubleshooting techniques they say to reboot routers regardless of being DumaOS or stock isp routers. How often do we need to refresh cloud in ping heat map or how often should we reconfigure geo filters? My friends question the point of even using these settings over just running stock isp routers/gateways. It’s obvious something different is running in the background in the server side. Could it be them affecting the connections?
  3. Been through a bunch of posts and it seems like this is a known issue, but hopefully I can help with nailing down some of the "when" and "what" that appears to be happening with it. I've personally had this happen twice with port forwarding and possibly a few more times with the netgear openvpn service. I'll usually find out the port forwarding is broken when I can't reach my game servers or one of my VPN servers. The netgear openvpn will come back online by disabling and re-enabling the service. The only way I've found to recreate the port forwarding is to factory reset and recreate everything from scratch. I run a home lab with my game servers so I am regularly adjusting DNS and DHCP settings on the xr1000 and right now my theory is that changing settings on the LAN, WAN, or Internet pages somehow affects the port forwarding. Where I need to factory reset again I'll be checking my port forwarding page in between each change I make. Current port forward screen: Re-adding one of the "missing" rules:
  4. is anybody selling a XR 700 or a XR 1000 im trying to replace my XR 450 Medium end router doesn't reach the full spec sheet of the fiber gigabit speed
  5. 我的地理過濾器和 Ping 輔助功能無法使用。 我已經升級了軟件,也嘗試用我的 XR1000 恢復出廠設置。 但我仍然無法使用它,它仍然顯示為空白。
  6. There is no detection of any server... Have formatted the router to default, nothing... it doesn't show anything .. Have you guys changed something?
  7. Hello all. first let me explain my setup. All external cables are cat 8, cables in the walls are cat7 with cat8 keystones on them. BT Open reach Modem MT992 > XR1000 (front of house) Port 1 > XR500 (Access point) (back of house) > Port 2 > PS5, Port 3 > TV Port 2 > EX7000 (Access point) (middle of house) Port 3 > PS4 I have reinstalled the most uptodate firmware on to the XR1000 incase this may of been the issue inc restarting the router and keeping the power off for 5mins. I boot up as Modem (2-3mins) > XR1000 (2-3mins) > XR500 (2-3mins) > EX7000 (2-3mins) I have guest WIFI set up on the XR1000 and XR500, the EX700 does not seem to have a Guest WIFI mod (to be far i thought this was part of the same range as nighthawk/Duma) 1. The CPU usage seem high jumping around 80-99% even even low data being used (less then 1mb). after the reinstall of the firmware it has got a bit better. 2. The device map list show a lot of devices offline. can you can see in the network snapshot and Duma IOS app shows devices online and i know some devices are online. I have also made sure IOS is not in Private WIFI address and so on. also the Duma apps does shows how the devices is connected correctly e.g WIFI/Cable and online/offline. Devices connected to either the XR500 or EX700 if they show online they will show as on the lan (i am guessing this should be the way it work as going thought these that are connected to the XR1000 with a lan cable). 3. traffic rules time seems to be out by an hour. I have check routers time and it shows the correct time but the rules do not activate till an hour after time E.G i would like to turn off Kais PS Pro at 9pm but i have to pick 8pm in the time for it to stop at 9pm (no big issue but still an issue) 4. i have noticed some devices getting 2 IP addressed linked to them. (to try and fix this gave most devices a static IP address, ones on guest wifi do not have static IP)
  8. I have a XR1000 router and its great except due to the nature of where our fiber cable from our ISP comes into the house, it is on the far end of one part of the house. This is fine for when we are inside. its a 1700 sqft two story house. But I have 2 cameras outside at exactly the opposite end of the house and although they are connected to 2.4Ghz it doesn't seem to work great. I've been thinking about adding an extender if possible without interfering with the XR1000 in terms of performance or the wifi signals getting mixed up. Honestly the extender doesn't have to be anything crazy since its just goanna be the 2 cameras going on it. Is there anything i can do about this? What products can I get that would work for this purpose? TIA
  9. So I have a question what would be the best way to setup my xr1000 as the main router and orbi as a wireless extender ? I know xr1000 isn't mesh compatible so what would be the best way to just use it to extend my xr1000 range ? currently i have the xr as the main and the orbi is in access point mode but, for some reason I can not use the nighthawk app to connect to my xr1000 since i turned off the wifi on the xr and currently only use the orbi wifi and it will only pick up the orbi on the app . I am able to connect to the xr threw the browser but i want to turn on my armor and be able to use the nighthawk app
  10. I have followed the guide here , but it seems it is not working. i get ads on all devices when for example going through youtube videos ....
  11. When filtering mode is enabled, I am unable to enter match. It's because my QOS is turned off and my traffic prioritization is turned on?
  12. So i just bought this router last week, and the only issue im having so far is that every 2 days it just stops working, no internet via wifi, no internet via wired, its very weird, like i was literally using it 20 minutes ago, i go outside come and and boom, no internet, i do the reboot on my phone and it still has no internet, but says i have connected on my phone, then turning the power on and off via the router, it seemed to work. Last time i had to factory reset the router to be able to actually login to the router to change QoS settings due to the password i put in simply not working. I really hope i dont need to go in and reboot my router every 2 days then reset all the passwords etc, im on the newest firmware. cheers
  13. I have an XR1000 and I've noticed that whenever the router gets power cycled, it factory resets. If I manually unplug the power cable, when it boots back up it's been factory reset. If I try to reboot through the settings while logged in, I can't log back into the interface and have to factory reset it to get it back up. I have XR1000 Wifi 6 Gaming router, with firmware Version and DumasOS version 3.1.1.
  14. I have had this problem continuously, I have tried Chrome, Microsoft and firefox. I can not get my DumasOS to load, I have cleared cache, reboot router changed the port on the from modem to router. I factory rest still can only get somethings to load but still never can get QoS to load. I have tired to manually update the router with the latest version. I used my mobile browsers also and still nothing. My modem is Netgear and so is my router so what more can I do to get this to work? I have XR1000 Wifi 6 Gaming router, with firmware Version and DumasOS version 3.1.1.
  15. I am currently surprised by the Hit Detection using the XR1000. I even tested this VPN on warzone where I believe many people prefer Easy Lobbies!
  16. Hi, I'm having an issue at the moment where my HomePod Mini's won't speak to any other HomeKit devices. I can control these fine from my phone. I followed all the steps in this thread with no success. It's been extremely frustrating to debug the issue. There's nothing appearing in the logs when a command fails so it's hard to debug what's causing the issue. Not sure if anyone else has had similar issues and resolved them? Can find countless threads online around HomeKit issues and no troubleshooting steps have worked so far. Been at this for 3 weeks including numerous calls to Apple with no luck still. Any help would be much appreciated. Router: Netgear XR1000 Key Settings: IGMP Proxying (Doesn't work enabled or disabled) NAT (secured) Implicit Beamforming, MU-MIMO, Smart Connect and AX all disabled. IPv6 Disabled. 5Ghz mode set to 2165mbps. 2.5Ghz mode set to 400mbps. 20/40 Mhz Coexistence enabled. UPnP seems to have a bug where it shows as disabled, however, if I turn it on, click apply, it just reloads the page with it disabled rather than applying the setting. I figure it must be enabled as all other devices are connecting and working without issues. I tried resetting the router back to factory and still doesn't work. Not sure why? Edit: Applying UPnP with the box unticked did apply the setting so I reapplied it ticked. It still shows unticked in the setting but assume it's still on. I saw in the thread I linked that changing the Advertisement period or time to live can work. Is this recommended? If so, any recommended settings for that?
  17. (Just got this router a few days ago) Hi!, a friend gifted me this router because our asus router stopped working correctly but ever since installing the latest firmware wifi and ethernet keeps cutting out When I first hooked it up, I ignored the firmware update and tested it for a day and didn't seem to have any issues but the moment I grabbed the newest firmware the interface because sluggish, repeatedly kicks me off the router page by forcing me to relog back in even while i'm in the middle of mapping devices, very slow loading any information, and just random drops of wifi/ethernet, and slow speeds on download Is there anyway to go back to original firmware it came with? or how do I go about fixing these issues, its driving myself and my roomies mad. Before my asus went out we never had any issues like this ever....
  18. I'm receiving this error code everytime I tried to change something. The router's QOS is not working . I already reeboted the router and the same error comes up.
  19. So, I own a XR1000 and due to the lack of hybrid VPN I decided to purchase a XR500. Now what I would like to do is to connect the two routers together. I've managed to connect the xr500 to the xr1000 but I'm not able to activate the hybrid VPN is just stuck in connecting. Just so you know in advance I'm trying to leave the rest of the house connected to the xr1000 so that they aren't affected by the VPN. Hope that someone will be able to help. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello, I just can't seem to figure out exactly what i'm doing incorrectly in regards to my geofilter on apex legends. My setup: XboxSeriesX->XR1000->CM1000v2 From my PC I'm also hardwired and so you can assume a similar chain. I'm using my hardwired PC with Chrome when i make changes in my router. I've specifically enabled everything in site settings (on chrome) for the router login page. I noticed when i first purchased the geofilter and ran Apex Legends (on my xbox series x) that a the start screen when i would open the "DATA CENTER'S" it would show a -1 Ping to any of the servers I had blocked. I haven't seen that again since. My geofilter map looks kinda lifeless i'm not observing a connection to the server that i'm connected to via the "Auto Ping host" setting. Ping Assist is set to "0" I'm using polygon mode. In device manager my XSX is labled as a "GAMES CONSOLE" under TYPE. I have my IP address reserved for my XSX on DumaOs. I also have my PC address reserved as well.(Not sure if that info is relevant) I have tried the factory reset and guide plenty of times idk what else to try. Thanks in advance! One more thing my router is a XR1000(WAVEBROADBAND) Firmware Version DumaOS Version 3.0.213
  21. I'm on the most recent firmware on my netgear xr100 and have already done a factory reset but no matter what I've done I can't seem to get UPnP to turn on and stay on. I've attached a screenshot as well. Any suggestions would help.
  22. I am constantly getting these errors along with a lot of other random errors. I have tried factory formatting restarting anything I can think of. Anyone able to help fix this?
  23. Hey guys, I just wanted to now if there was an fix for the qos Upload issue if u're using your xr1000 as the pppoe. I'm just curious.
  24. Hello! First post here. I did some searching around and didn't find this topic yet. If it's been addressed, please point me to the right thread. I am a relatively new owner of the XR1000. I am rural and on cellular-based internet, which recently got cut from unlimited to 300GB cap. Thanks AT&T. So now I am quite interested in the monitoring and warning aspects of the Traffic Meter. I think it's relatively straightforward and the settings are good. What I am missing though, is in the web-interface, the widget I can add to my Dashboard with a visualization. The app has it, which is good, but I'm not seeing how to get this up on the web interface. There are Settings for Metering, but not much of a UI. Is there something which I am missing? Or is this something which is or can be put onto the development roadmap? If so, then the graphic functionality, or even the table-based version, I would need to be able to go back and look an unique history, in order to dispute what AT&T is showing for my usage. if there is a way to do this already, please point me in the right direction. Thanks
  25. Initially, I could not load the geo filtering page because the RAPP just wont load, so I factory reset the router and the problem solved. Now I keep getting this when I stay in the Geo Filtering page. Tried rebooting twice but didn't help. What does it mean? It occur on both Edge and Chrome.
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