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Found 13 results

  1. I have five consoles. All running full bore. Why can't I add a fifth device to be able to be under the geo filter? Will I ever be able to use more than four devices within the geo filter? What can I do to get it to work? Will this limitation ever be resolved?
  2. I've started experiencing multiplayer and nat issues ever since i changed out my gateway. My original netgear adsl router gave me no problems for the past 3 months since i got the netduma however when I replaced the netgear with my old huawei adsl router I started getting double NAT. Tried to rectify this by changing dmz settings etc. Did not work called huawei support only for them to tell me my router is not compatible with double ds. Put back my old netgear router and nat opened up for about 2 to 3 hours. Then I started getting teredo ip problems. I have tried enabling upnp on the netduma as well as wifi workaround to no avail. Need help as this is really frustrating as the only way i can play online with friends is if i connect directly to my adsl router which renders the netduma useless and a very expensive ornament. Please help
  3. First of all I would like to hear opinions about the implications of 5G internet on gaming and lag compensation. From what I have read, 5G is supposed to offer gigabit internet with no more than 1 ms round trip latency. If that is true and everyone has less than 1 ms ping would that make the need for lag compensation obsolete? My best settings at the moment (Call of Duty on Xbox One): Disclaimer: My wife went out of town for a couple of weeks so my network is not as stressed as it normally would be. But it allowed me to do a lot of testing for the first time since I got the XR500. Leave all settings as default except: 1) Uncheck (turn off) all high priority traffic even the dumaos classified games. 2) For the Anit-Bufferbloat sliders, click apply Never. Just try it for an hour or more and see if it helps. Extra tip for call of duty, don't set your sensitivity too high. Maybe I just wasn't good enough for high sensitivity but it seems to me that hit registration improved when I lowered my sensitivity from "very high" to "high". Note that I'm a more cautious player so the reduced sensitivity is less of an impact than it would probably be for an aggressive player. Move around but don't rush is my battlecry. Reasons why I think these settings make an actual difference and are not just a placebo effect: 1) When you have good hit registration you can feel it, the gun is more accurate and powerful and most of all gun fights (even the ones you lose) feel fair rather than WTF? moments. I still have matches that don't go so well but it feels more like the other player was just better rather than why is my connection so crappy this match. 2) Although using the DumaOS recommended QoS settings did seem to give me a better connection (at first), it would only ever last a couple of matches. I think this is because of Xbox's NAT and connection sharing techinque but I'm really not sure. From what I understand, if you have an open NAT and a good connection then players with a bad connection can borrow some of your good connection to make the playing field more fair. This of course reduces the quality of your connection. So my theory is that the DumaOS recommended settings give too good of a connection, Call of Duty notices and starts pimping out your connection without your permission. I'm not nearly tech savvy enough to go into the details but research how xbox uses NAT and you should be able to find more details. Okay there, I've given my 2 cents, now criticize or applaud, and tell me what you think.
  4. I'm mostly a solo player and think it'd be fun to have a few PNW locals to team up with. SEA/PDX/etc Just your average Sweaty Try Hard looking for other Swets so we can yell and scream and have a blast! Call of Duty : BO4 / BO3 / BO1 / MW3 / YADDA YADDA / BORDERLANDS ALSO! -Steve xboxone gt : mitha dirty Mods, if this is not right section feel free to move!
  5. Hi! What are the current recommended settings for Destiny 2 on the Xbox One? The threads I've been able to find via search are all pretty old (2017) and it looked like there were some new things being worked on. I think I'm just using the default settings at the moment and I see a node in UK all the time (I live in Australia). It makes the Ping chart useless because it's always showing the ping to the UK which is high (300ms). Thank you.
  6. I just stumbled upon the Netduma Router via a YouTuber who uses it, and started investigating it all. I'm going to be here asking questions about it and how it can help me with my console gaming. Thanks!
  7. I'm currently experiencing really bad delay on xbox one x on games such as fifa 18, cod ww2, rocket league etc. I,ve had this for a while now and after exploring all other avenues on here, Correct cables R1 best setup Spoke to ISP Used pingplotter and dsl reports Tried other routers I'm now wondering could my modem be the problem? I currently have a Draytek Vigor 130 modem with the R1. I have BT infinity 2 fibre 42 down 9 up Could anyone recommend a modem for this setup, any help greatly appreaciated! Thanks
  8. I take it this is really bad? This is when using the Duma, need to test straight from HUB next. For any of you that play Destiny, whenever I'm in an online event my connection bar is the lowest.I take it my ping plotter results is the reason why?
  9. Greetings all! Excited Guardian here about D2 dropping in 2 days. I was wondering if there is anything on my Netduma router that needs to be changed from D1 settings? Do we know that info yet or is it something we will have to figure out after the game launches? Last I was told, we don't need to use Strict Mode, Change cloud numbers off of Auto and set to the last number in each drop down box under Misc. in Settings. Is this still the best settings for D2 launch? Appreciate you all, any helpful info that would make my life easier would be grand. Take care Guardians!
  10. Every time I boot up my Xbox One, it tells me that NAT=Moderate. But as soon as a reboot the Xbox One, it tells me that NAT=Open. I would prefer that it be NAT=Open all the time without the constant forced reboot. My set up is kind of complicated. Cable Modem (NTD) for internet. Modem/router (in router mode) from NTD. I reserve an IP address in the DHCP table for the R1. This IP address is in the DMZ of the modem/router. desktop 8 port switch to the modem/router. Simple switch, no config. R1 from the switch. R1 has UPnP enabled. Downstream UPnP is unticked (disabled). Xbox One from the R1. Xbox One is set to Automatic IP and Automatic DNS. Everything is via cable (CAT5) I've tried reserving Xbox One's IP in the R1, but this gave me NAT=Unavailable and caused errors playing games. I'd like to know why the Xbox One gives me NAT=Moderate upon bootup, but a subsequent reboot makes NAT=Open and how to fix it. Thank you.
  11. Had my Netduma R1 now for 3 days and i've come across a rather serious issue. The Upload speed is not up to par. I first saw the issue on my PC where the upload speed was at an ridiculous low 3 Mbit/s, But the Download speed was at its normal rate 100 Mbit/s. At first i thought it was an issue with my ISP but they could not find any problems. I then had a trusted friend suggest that i needed to change the DNS settings on my PC. That i did and it worked, The upload speed is now even 100/100. But its story for my consoles. I tried changing the DNS settings on there too but no luck. The Upload speed is pretty much locked at 3 Mbit/s. Now, I know the speed test on the consoles may be inaccurate but to this extent? I've played around with various settings in the Congestion Controls, even the in the Miscellaneous Settings. Tried different setup tutorials but no luck. I'm now resorting to contacting you guys for further help as i cant seem to find a fix. Thank you.
  12. Llevo más de un año con el netduma r1 y nunca me ha servido para algo el host filtering ya que muchos usuarios de xbox one dicen que los servidores de la xbox están en Irlanda.Vivo en españa y nunca me encuentra partida si busco con el host filtering activado.Tengo puesto 1000km PA 30 70/70 antiflood y hyper trafic activado para la xbox one.
  13. So recently on my Xbox One, I saw that my Nat Type was coming "Unavailable".I looked it up online and basically what you have to do is open up Port 3544.So I did that using Port Forwarding on the R1.But still it said "Unavailable" and still told me to open up Port 3544.I do have UPnP enabled.I actually have another router which is my main router where I receive my internet from and I have set up my PPPoE connection.But I use the R1 as the main router and all the devices are connected directly to the R1 and not to the other router.So basically one router fetches the internet and the R1 is connected under that.But all the devices are connected under the R1.I have even done the whole DMZ thing where you have to put the WAN IP into the DMZ of main router.But still my Nat Type is Unavailable and keeps on telling me to open up Port 3544 when I already have done so.Please Help someone!!
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