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Found 11 results

  1. Ciao a tutti, vorrei capire come funziona la hybrid vpn sul duma os e quindi avrei qualche domanda: devo abbonarmi a una delle due già configurate (purevpn o hidemyass) o qualsiasi vpn io usi basta che poi la inserisca manualmente? C'è un motivo del perchè ci sono solo quelle due già configurate? che differenza c'è? se ad esempio usassi purevpn e impostassi una zona, la vedrei poi con il geo filter o comunque potrei combinare le due funzioni ( VPN + geofilter)? Grazie mille in anticipo Maurizio
  2. For some reason i cant connect purevpn with the hybrid vpn it just states that its connecting but doesnt connect. Ive tried both basic and the advanced option with opnvpn configuration with no luck. please help!
  3. I have Xfinity xfi as my internet provider and get 800mbps. Before installing the R2, my wired connection download speeds would actually be 900-1000mbps and exceed the 800 I pay for, while wifi (via the 5.0 network) would give about 400+, or around 275 on my xbox. After installing the Duma the absolute max I was able to get via wired connection (QoS disabled) has been 375mbps, and the 5.0 wifi has given a max of 170mbps on all devices. I don't know if this is an issue with the duma itself, or if my xfinity modem isnt outputting the same speeds while in bridge mode. Another unrelated issue I am having is using ExpressVPN via the DumaOS. I followed the instructions via Express VPN and downloaded all of the location based open VPN files and got everything connected without an issue via the Hybrid VPN area of DumaOS. I added my xbox in the VPN traffic box and by switching the device type to Game Console as opposed to Xbox, was able to "add service" etc. But now what? How do I change locations via the vpn etc? Does the geo filter now double as the VPN location selection? I tried this and my xbox location via the COD Warzone settings menu still reflects my actual location. How do I actually use the VPN? Thank you!
  4. I have my router all setup and have VPN through HideMyAss and when I sign into my account via the DUMAOS...I put my information in and it just says connecting at the bottom and nothing happens. Tried resetting router. Sign in sign out and no luck. Any ideas?
  5. Hello, i have been trying to get the vpn on the router working, i would like to use wireguard - Mullvad VPN. just when i download the config from mullvad i get [Interface] PrivateKey = Address = DNS = [Peer] PublicKey = AllowedIPs =,::0/0 Endpoint = (i took out the info) although i cannot find how i am suppose to put this when everyone is using configs with certs in, which clearly look alot different? i would like some guidance on how i am suppose to do this, i would like to use wireguard over openvpn. is anyone using mullvad with this router? please get back to me, many thanks
  6. Hi, I want to add CoD: Warzone to my VPN services, but i cant find call of duty in the basic service list. Can somebody help me in settting this up? Many thanks for your help!
  7. I am struggling to get my netduma r2 to config with my vpn. My VPN is ExpressVPN who use OpenVPN so it is compatible, however when I am pasting the config file in the setup page on dumaOS its failing to connect to the expressvpn servers. Im sure its nothing wrong with the hardware just my lack of knowledge is leaving me helpless. So can somebody tell me if im missing something.
  8. I have Hybrid VPN set up and shows connected on my XR500.... Trouble is when I search my IP on any device attached with it switch ON or OFF my IP remains the same and does not change... as if the VPN is not working.. anyone any ideas?
  9. Can anyone help add IPVanish to the router VPN. Every set i see is for open VPN IPVanish does support openvpn but i need an idiots guide 😂
  10. To use LAN resources away from home I have setup the VPN service which sets the xr500 as the vpn server. My mobile is a client using openvpn software. I am able to connect away from home. my devices are set on the subnet What server or client app settings need I change to access which is the default xr500 subnet. As is when as a friends house from my openvpn connected android loads his router credential prompt. I have it set for LAN and internet access. I can access the internet connected. I have tried setting a static route but perhaps I have done that incorrectly. --- extra search terms: vpn subnet, xr500 vpn, xr500 vpn service, router as vpn server, openvpn configuration
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