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Found 1 result

  1. Ok so the ongoing saga of two consoles on one network continues. Netduma is setup on point as when i play solo it works really well for the most part. Upnp is active and there are no port forward rules to conflict with it. Only one ps4, mine is active in the geo filter. Only mine is in hyperlane, again to prevent conflicts. UPnP table shows that port 9308 is directed to my ps4. It also shows 3074 is direct to mine. It has port mapped 3074 via another external port number to the other ps4 so in theory, open nat although the game on that machine reports moderate. My question is why doesn't port 9308 get port mapped the same way to the other ps4 via an alternate external port? We often find games together are pretty messy, activision talk horse kack about routing 3075 to the second console which doesn't work at all. case in point, if that were the solution they would allow the port mapping to switch it via UPnP to the second port. having tested the non UPnP setup and done port forwarding, the second console has massive issues and moderate NAT. port 9308 gets mapped immediately when i turn on my console after clearing the table so its clearly a core port for ps4's systems. i don't understand how the second console can simply be blocked and not mapped in the same manner as 3074 via UPnP. Its fairly safe to say that most posts on the web heavily criticise the ps4's poor UPnP qualities but can you guys buff it from your side at all? we can't join the same party as the first to join a party locks the second console out and then can lead to us getting totally kicked from a game and our NAT status gets messed up. How in the name of all sanity Sony didn't think that more than one console may exist on the same network is beyond me but i guess they figured saying next gen a lot may make magic happen to solve stuff they couldn't be bothered to address. we use our billion 8800nl in bridge mode and then the duma dials out to plusnet fibre, we get great solid speeds, both consoles run via powerline adaptors over lan so no wifi. all the mtu values are adjusted to plusnets recommended 1492 value on duma and consoles, ipv6 is disabled, deep packet processing etc in misc is all off as is local link ipv6 so its all in line on that front. any ideas or is it just down to sony being totally useless which is the general internet consensus?
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