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Found 6 results

  1. I just got my Netduma R2 today, I plugged everything in and all the correct lights are lighting up. BUT as soon as I put in the password on my phone for WiFi is connects to the R2 device but then my phone immediately says that there is no internet connection available with "NETDUMAR2". I got check my PCs and they both have no connection and they are hardwired into the Netduma. Am I missing something? Someone please help.
  2. I just received my netduma and it won't accept the password that's on the back of the device. I'm so frustrated I've spent hours on tho and can't figure it out
  3. Hi All, Had a power outage this morning and ever since then my XR500 router wont connect to the internet. The power light is on along with the ethernet lights but the internet light isn't working at all. I can confirm that my modem is connected to the internet and working properly. I've been able to connect a different router to the modem and that connects to the internet just fine. I've tried the reset button on the back, when I hit it the power light flashes but nothing changes. I've also tried all the unplugging and plugging back in methods with both the router and the modem and have had no luck. I cant access DumaOS to try a factory reset. Is there any other method to access the router and its settings? can you do it via USB? Any ideas as to why this might be happening would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Ethan
  4. Hi, I recently bought a Netduma R1 router and set it up using the guide http://support.netduma.com/en/support/solutions/articles/16000023979-optimal-settings-guide What firmware version are you on? (Check at bottom of any page on the R1. If lower than 1.03.6 please follow upgrade instructions here first). 1.03.6h What speeds do you get from multiple speed tests? 160mb up / 20 mb down avg What is your current setup? E.g. ISP hub/modem (Specify model) > R1 > all devices ISP > Surfboard SB6190 Modem > Netduma R1 > Wired to my PC > Playing League of Legends What is your specific issue? (Provide as many details as possible. If it is a lag issue include the screenshots from here in your post) I'm not able to see any of the advance ping stats for League of Legends on either of my devices. Since it's not being detected, I also don't know if the Hyper Transport is working properly. I have the Host Filtering setup for both of my computers that play league of legends. I also have both of the computers on Hyper Transport for both of these devices on league of legends. I'd like to figure out how to get the advance stats working for League of Legends specifically and to confirm that Hyper Transport is working properly. no vpn
  5. Hello guys: I've got a fairly stable XR700 running here: no ISP dropping issues through the various firmwares, and pretty stable other than a single lockup and few quirks (auto update firmware/plex doesn't work). However, I just noticed that my laptop on WLAN-5G can't reach my desktop on LAN and vice-versa. I've searched for wireless isolation settings that I may have inadvertently set, but haven't found any. While troubleshooting this, I've gone ahead and completely disabled my guest SSID, so that's not it either. Both can provide, advertise, and receive external services (Netflix, Windows Admin Center, RDP, Powershell Remoting, whatever), but can't seem to use services between each other on the internal network without transiting to an external IP. The router has DHCP enabled for these and most other devices. They cannot resolve using DHCP normally, resolve via manual NSlookup, or ping each other. The only other device between them is a dumb switch. I've been sequentially going through every menu hunting for something I could have missed, and I brainstormed unsuccessfully over the weekend. Does anyone have any ideas?
  6. So for two days straight now, my XR500 has randomly dropped both Wi-Fi and Ethernet connections completely. You can still connect to the router, but internet is not available. Once I reboot the router its back to normal until the following day when it drops connection again. I have a few settings enabled such as Wi-Fi Smart Switch, Anti Bufferbloat when high priority traffic is detected, and Geo Filter for two of the devices in my home, both on Filtering mode. I'm running on version I will see if I can keep an eye on the logs next time this issue occurs.
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