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  1. Just got my XR1000 delivered today and decided to set up. Everything went smoothly until after the setup. I can't access DumaOS through routerlogin.net or the I've factory reset 3 times and it'll let me access DumaOS to setup the router but as soon as everything is finished it won't let me get access the router. It'll say that the site can't be reached or that I have to login. I've tried logging in using admin/password but nothing happens. Another thing I noticed as soon as I connected my devices was the significant loss in speed. I have my PS5 connected through ethernet and was getting 800+ down/ 100+up using the same ethernet connection to the nighthawk I'm getting 126 down/ 50 up. I have ATT Fiber 1000. Is there any reason why this is happening or did I go wrong in any part of the setting?
  2. Hello I am currently trying to use my nordvpn on my router. Which I have set-up currently and it says connected. My Issue under vpn traffic when I add a new device and set the mode to VPN only, it's not saving the devices once I leave the page. currently using the config for tcp if that helps any and im running firmware version: XR500 V2.3.2.114
  3. Hey all, Just got my r2 in the mail the other day and everything is working alright. The one standout issue is that a smart tv is getting a ridiculously slow speed. Haven't really messed with the settings too much in DumaOS, just want to figure out why this is happening and fix it before my roommate makes me return the thing. Firmware is current, router is 20 ish feet from the tv, settings are basically stock currently, getting 230 mbps on my iphone, 415 mbps over wired connection. -George
  4. I could use some help. R2 arrived today I’ve spent the last several hours trying to get it to connect. My Netgear CM1000v2 (modem) holds my internet signal just fine but the R2 won’t maintain it. When I try to log into the router/ip address to register the router the website keeps giving me this error message: “could not detect an internet connection.” I’ve hard wired my computer to both the modem and router to get internet access but the R2 won’t give me a signal. Also, the internet & 2.4GHz light continually blink (as you can probably guess). I’ve never had such a hard time making a router work and I’m two seconds away from returning it for a refund. Any help you can give me is much appreciated, thanks -Izze
  5. I noticed my poe (verizon router to r1) link speed is 1000 mbits but for port 2 ( r1 to pc) its at 100mbits. I run speed tests and my up and download speed stay at around 100mb up/down. How do i go about fixing this. Thanks in advance Firmware Version2.1.3.29 DumaOS Version1.3.29
  6. On v.3.0.179 Restarted my modem and router and now Netduma will not connect to the Internet. I connected wired to modem, and internet is working fine. Did a factory reset on Netduma and still no internet through router. I am unable to connect to Wifi at all. When trying to do wired setup @, it can't connect to the internet.
  7. buon giorno una info non riesco a portare a termine il preorder con playpal perchè mi chiede un codice cupon che non ho potreste aiutarmi?
  8. I am wanting to set up traffic prioritization for my PC while playing Call of Duty Cold War. What is the best way to set this up? Thanks!
  9. Hi! I purchased the NetdumaR2 a couple months back and have since been having my internet disconnect for 10-20 seconds at a time, usually every 30 minutes to an hour (at worst). This happens to all devices, connected both via ethernet and wifi. Sometimes it goes a day or two without happening, then the next day it will happen every 20 minutes for hours. I have been in contact with my ISP but they can't seem to figure out what's happening. I have updated the firmware of the router, factory reset it multiple times, but nothing seems to work. Another issue is that every time I restart the router with any device plugged into it via ethernet, the router apparently 'bridges' the connection and lets the device connected get an IP instead of the router (these were roughly the words of the tech support at my ISP, I may have slightly butchered the wording). This renders my entire network unusable until I call my ISP to manually kick the connection and restart the router again with no devices connected. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated thanks!
  10. Hello, I’m trying to setup my netduma r2 router. I have Spectrum internet and my internet works perfectly fine. When setting up my router and hooking it up to my modem and then computer it says I’m connected but have no internet access. Why is this? I’ve tried resetting both my spectrum modem and my r2 router but it does nothing. If I unplug the r2 router and stick to the modem provided by Spectrum my internet works fine again. Thanks for the read.
  11. Hello, so I did a hard reset on the router, my nat is in moderated, I did some port fowarding, also enable the rules on the Firewall, disabled Upnp, I enabled "Open" in the Wan setting and my NAT is still moderated. I did this when I first got my XR500 and I got to open the NAT, but since I did the reset I cant get the nat to open.
  12. Hey there I have just unboxed my Netduma R2, connected all the wires it can be found on the devices via wifi but the factory password when entered correctly just says it “ cannot connect to wifi WPApassword might not be correct “ it also says it needs a WPA2 password which I am typing so much I’ve almost got it memorised . Anybody experienced this issue?
  13. i'm asking for help because i can't stand to spend a lot of money on routers, internet, providers, vpn anymore, and until now play fifa 21 with absurd lag and my opponents with ping bigger than mine and low quality internet, many times playing with cell phone internet, they have no lag, while my players go ice skating on the field. It is not a problem of ea sports server, because if it were that, my opponents would be lagged. The tips from fifaaddcition do not help at all. The only game I have lag is fifa21. Please pay attention to my case, I live in Brazil, my internet is good, help me to configure netduma r2 for fifa 21, for what you love most in this life. My internet is 100 megs of download and 50 megs of upload. Below are the prints of the main screens. A question in print 3 - the small blank icon of the Allowed Server appears - this screen is from the beginning of FIFA - when it is the first connection to the ea sports servers. In print 4 - already starting this same white icon appears bigger, why does this happen? the game modes that i play in fifa are: rival division and ultimate team. the game modes of the fifa division rival and ultimate team, use amazon's dedicated data center within the ip ranges - 18.230.46. (0-250) and 15.228.44. (0-250). an example of this ip range is print 4. This data center is this white icon of print 4 - located in são paulo. I've used upnp active and disabled, I've used game port forwarding, maybe I need a combination of complete netduma r2 configuration for this fifa 21 game. Help me support, pleaseeeeeeeeeee. by google translation
  14. It was working fine until I could no longer access my DumaOS so I tried resetting it. I did so reading and tried a factory reset and resetting my modem multiple times. DumaOS said “couldn’t detect internet connection” and directed my to manually type in DHCP and other identifiers....
  15. Hi all, I need some help I have the NETDUMA R2 router and it works only half of the time.. when it works it is a God send but when its not it can be so annoying at times. I'm having an issue with my xbox ones NAT type. It either says "Getting Info" or "unavailable". I thought this was a problem with internet as my R2 is plugged into my ISP modem without any bridging involved. So last night I plugged in my XR500 and it worked fine! No NAT type issues! Then I was curious, so I updated my XR500 to the new DumaOS 3.0 beta software and when I did my xbox could not obtain a NAT type. So im wondering is this an issue with the firmware or do I need to do something on the backend. Please Help!! I love my R2 but this has been an issue. Thank you
  16. Guys whoever can help me optimize my settings ill really appreciate it I'm a cod player and I'm trying to have the least buffer bloat and ping as possible if anyone has some expertise in this field please lmk the support hasn't contacted me back after emailing them and I'm trying to fix this as fast as possible thanks so much to any of the help!
  17. Hi i did post in the review section about the issue I had on day one. It has been rather warm in my flat and when I first installed the router it would cut off after 20 to 30mins. I turn the router upside down which seemed to help. but last night at 1am it cut my internet off and the whole box locked up and couldn’t access the webui either. I tried to use the reset button on the back held it down for over 30 seconds and it doesn’t do anything. I unplugged it and left it for 20 mins plugged back in and the router did boot up but after 20-30mins it crashed again and no access to web ui again or no internet. I then unplugged again and left for 2 minutes and plugged back in router came back up again. So I reset the router in the web ui and on reboot it wouldn’t start up again until I unplugged it for 1 minute then it booted up again. But the same issues happened again. I’ve reset the router though we ui 6 times and the issues still Persist. i really don’t know what else to do there seems to be a hardware fault but I’m not sure any help will be great fully received
  18. Using the following config data (and regardless of what I seem to try) dumaOS on an R1 seems to endlessly loop a mullvad connection with a ping-restart, never properly connecting to the VPN: The error message is as follows: Which just endlessly loops. No variations of the config file that I've tried seem to work. I've also tried multiple servers as well to no avail. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? 😕
  19. Hi All, Had a power outage this morning and ever since then my XR500 router wont connect to the internet. The power light is on along with the ethernet lights but the internet light isn't working at all. I can confirm that my modem is connected to the internet and working properly. I've been able to connect a different router to the modem and that connects to the internet just fine. I've tried the reset button on the back, when I hit it the power light flashes but nothing changes. I've also tried all the unplugging and plugging back in methods with both the router and the modem and have had no luck. I cant access DumaOS to try a factory reset. Is there any other method to access the router and its settings? can you do it via USB? Any ideas as to why this might be happening would be much appreciated. Kind Regards, Ethan
  20. Whenever i reboot my r1 i lose connection to the internet and the wan ip changes to which is a local address. The only way i can fix this is by factory resesting the router which obviously ins't a solution as i lose all my settings.
  21. I have serious problems with the geo filter. I briefly explain: I have two xbox connected on the same network. I set the location through the filter on the pacific ocean so as to find only the two consoles in the same lobby. Unfortunately, however, it only finds other people except the two consoles. How can I solve it? Here my settings.
  22. R1 debug version 1.03.6i running on rb-951g-2hnd After attempting to upgrade i keep getting disconnected from internet, and it randomly power cycles.
  23. Hi All, Figured I would post here after searching for firmware upgrade. All of the "apps" take FOREVER to load... some don't at all. Tried multiple browsers. I'm in IT and I've had a LOT of routers in my day. Should I nuke this? Would be great to have a mobile app too. The device also says there is a firmware update available, but when I attempt to upgrade the new version says it's the same as the existing. I should probably call Netgear, but I can't handle any more headaches right now. Oh last thing, trying to block streaming services on a schedule and it doesn't appear to be working as expected. Anyone else have these types of issues and if so, any ideas or advice?
  24. Hi, I have a big issue with my XR500: Since couple of days Dashboard, Geo-Filter, QoS and Network Monitor are NOT working anymore ,I have a spinner that load forever without loading the components. I can only access the Settings panel. Tried to reboot the router, tried on different browsers (Safari and Chrome) with the same result. Some can help me with this? Thanks, Leonardo
  25. Hello! So I am not sure where else to post any of this because the forums I have found don't answer anything for me. I just recently switched from 100mb internet down to 600mb down. When I plug directly into my modem, I am getting the proper speeds. When I hardwire into my router, I get about 40mb down. I have tried turning QOS off completely, I have tried turning sharing bandwidth off directly, and neither worked. I reset the router and set it up again prior to all this. I am not sure why it is throttling so hard. https://tds-test.speedtestcustom.com/result/0cc7ed10-4313-11ea-a3e5-f9e5ecea18c8
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