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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, not sure if this has already been covered or not but whenever I am in game on PS5 on the Geo filter it doesn't show the servers on the map or blocked ones etc like I have seen on YouTube. is there something I am doing wrong? I am playing call of duty mw2. TIA. Paul
  2. I just moved and connected the Netduma R2 router, It works through Ethernet but will not allow me to connect through WiFi, I also cannot access the Dumaos Dashboard neither by going to or Dumaos/ It says this see pictures attached. I have reset it a few times now using numerous methods including the 30 second hold which it doesn't turn off while doing no matter how long I hold the reset button. And the 30-30-30 reset which now won't allow the router to pop up for WiFi connection.
  3. I have no clue but after I turned off my router and modem after 10 minutes I had these 2 connections show up what does this mean? If someone connects to the 2nd one would that slow down my internet speed for the 2nd one? I dont know how to fix this issue. 🤔
  4. I've had the R2 for a while now and I did not have any issues until recently where I notice I am only getting about 80 to 100 mbs download speeds. I have on my current provider a plan that allows 1200mbs speeds. In the Device Manager tap on the DumaOS I notice me device is listed at 100Mbits. How do I change that??
  5. I’ve looked all through the threads and see nothing about what to do when your netduma r2 will not give you low ping lobbies on Warzone anymore. I’ve reset modem and reset the router settings geo filter triangle isn’t working, I used to get 20 ping every game for weeks now I’m getting 70-80 and if I’m lucky 45. Any help or direction to an already posted thread about fixing this issue would be much appreciated
  6. I am having problems setting up my R2, I have a modem and router from my ISP. I also have 2 ethernet cables that come from my dual PC setup. then I have a 3rd that runs from the router to the modem that are both from my ISP. not sure how to connect. I have tried running the ethernet cables from my computer to the net duma r2 and run the ethernet cable from the R2 to the modem. I can connect but I dont have internet access.
  7. Hey all, Just got my r2 in the mail the other day and everything is working alright. The one standout issue is that a smart tv is getting a ridiculously slow speed. Haven't really messed with the settings too much in DumaOS, just want to figure out why this is happening and fix it before my roommate makes me return the thing. Firmware is current, router is 20 ish feet from the tv, settings are basically stock currently, getting 230 mbps on my iphone, 415 mbps over wired connection. -George
  8. I could use some help. R2 arrived today I’ve spent the last several hours trying to get it to connect. My Netgear CM1000v2 (modem) holds my internet signal just fine but the R2 won’t maintain it. When I try to log into the router/ip address to register the router the website keeps giving me this error message: “could not detect an internet connection.” I’ve hard wired my computer to both the modem and router to get internet access but the R2 won’t give me a signal. Also, the internet & 2.4GHz light continually blink (as you can probably guess). I’ve never had such a hard time making a router work and I’m two seconds away from returning it for a refund. Any help you can give me is much appreciated, thanks -Izze
  9. On v.3.0.179 Restarted my modem and router and now Netduma will not connect to the Internet. I connected wired to modem, and internet is working fine. Did a factory reset on Netduma and still no internet through router. I am unable to connect to Wifi at all. When trying to do wired setup @, it can't connect to the internet.
  10. Hey there I have just unboxed my Netduma R2, connected all the wires it can be found on the devices via wifi but the factory password when entered correctly just says it “ cannot connect to wifi WPApassword might not be correct “ it also says it needs a WPA2 password which I am typing so much I’ve almost got it memorised . Anybody experienced this issue?
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