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Found 7 results

  1. Hello everybody! Was wondering if anybody could help me set up good setting for streaming while gaming, basically a balance but more focus on streaming if that makes any sense lol. I stream off the PC using obs on Twitch. I also use a capture card sometimes to play games on the PS4 which currently has nat type 3 on it so idk what to do, before I updated the router it was on nat type 3. I wanna stream on 720p 60fps. My download speed is around between 150-200 and upload is around 10-13. Also my router is connect to internet provider box and it's not on DMZ mode. Not able to do that cause of family reasons. If you could tell me step by step what to do cause I'm a beginner and have no idea what does what. Would really be HUGE help, thank you
  2. Hi Netduma guys, I am currently having issues streaming some services like HBO Max and Disney+. I want to configure the traffic prioritization for these two services but they are not in the list, I wanted to know how I could configure these services in traffic prioritization selector advance. If you can help me with this it would be great, Thanks, Exodia
  3. I recently made a post (feel free to remove) that made my issue more complicated than I needed. After watch a Twitch streamer Duma partner, triplewreck, the R1 router with the Hybrid VPN feature specifically offered the option to exclude "rtmp" services. The Xr500 does not offer that. However it is exactly what I needed to exclude my stream from the VPN on my router. What would be the equivalent for me to input into the Hybrid VPN for the XR500?
  4. After being DDoS'd for 2 1/2 hours and being unable to reach customer support for my Verizon FioS today I said enough, and I purchased the Netgear xr500. I also have the NordVPN (OpenVPN) set up correctly on it. My plan is to only have on the devices all traffic except for my Livestream software, and my Xbox itself go through my VPN. However, the Add Service to the "Do not apply VPN" feature is very vague and I can find absolutely zero information on Netgears site on how to even reach a Live Chat Rep. I am hoping that on here I am able to figure out the information I need. In the future for an other Exceptions, I would very much like to be able to just add them. It needs the Source and Destination Ports per application.
  5. Hi guys, I have a 20mb/20mb fibre connection and I'm trying to watch twitch on my PS4, but for some reason it keeps buffering and just doesn't seem to use the full network speed available. My prioritisation is just normal as I use it for gaming. Anti-Bufferbload is 90%/60% and set to detect high priority traffic. I tested streaming on my laptop, phone and through chromecast, everything works without buffering or significant frame dropping. Could anyone please suggest a solution?
  6. hey guys love The R1!! I'm needing help!! as i'm having problems when i start streaming my Ps4 gameplay through the Pc via the Elgato hd60s which records PS4/ xbox. my problem is when start streaming i can not get a good connection as my bullets are rubber banding. not registering. and is frustrating. but when i dont live stream i get awesome connection? i have done multiple tests on dslreports and my ping is 12ms with a 2 ms buffer and get A+ across board. but that's not whilst i'm gaming as it would kick me out of the game. my sliders are set at 70% down and 90% as my ISP is BT braodband and get 76 down and 20 up. hyper traffic is turned on. could you please help. kind regards John M.
  7. I've been trying to specifically limit my PS4 vicariously through my laptop... So, I've been trying to find the sweet "buffer bloat" spot by testing my laptop in various settings... unfortunately I can't set a fixed speed for it... Capping my upload & download for the purposes of streaming isn't a viable option because I stream at 1080p @ 8Mbps. I have FIOS 300/300 and it would only make sense that I should be able to set apart something similar to a QOS. If I cap my UP & Down at 80% My Primary Router is the Netduma R1 and all the devices go either directly to the Netduma or connect via an 8-port switch to the Netduma. It seems like a poor design to not be able to set a finite speed, also I was considering having a 2Gbps line run... I noticed that the cap can go no lower than 10%... trying to achieve this prompts errors... According to the link on the bottom of the page, 11 months ago, you folks were going to release a feature that allowed this on the "next update"... I'm sure we many many many updates into the future... Not trying to blast anyone here... just trying to figure out how we CAN truly make this the BEST gaming Router in the World. At this point I'm simply better for the money with a Nighthawk... QOS seemed to work better for me when I was using it as I could use QOS on a per device basis... and it was set it and forget it... http://forum.netduma.com/topic/14374-feature-request-limit-uploaddownload-to-specific-speeds-for-specific-devices/
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