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Found 6 results

  1. I have 600mbps Download when i run the test direct through my modem. With QoS off, the download speed when running my test (hardwired to lan 1 on the R2) is under 100 mbps. is there anything i can do to have my download speed NOT limited?
  2. Recently I have noticed that my speeds from speedtest.net have been slower that usual. My set up is my R1 connected to my ISP Modem then my laptop connected via cat6 to the R1 and the R1 is running v 3.0.207. My download speed should be 250 Megabits per second but a few weeks ago, I noticed my speeds had been settling around the 180-200 Mbps range (all tests have been done on speediest.net to my ISP server). I rebooted my R1 numerous times and that moved my speeds up to 200-220 Mbps. Like any enthusiast, I thought it was my ISP but after connecting to my modem, I have consistently gotten a full 260 Mbps on every test. QOS is turned off, I set my bandwidth on the router to 250, 300,1000 but none of the speed setting had an impact on my speeds. Any ideas on what may be causing the issue/ what can be done about it?
  3. Hello Duma Army! 😎 i have the Netduma R1 version 3.0.207 ( which has been incredible) (i know i need to upgrade) i pay for 1000gb down 35 upload my concern is the download! i understand MY R1 qos is not going to get anything higher than 250 mbps for download i recieve 400-600 with qos disabled so im fine on the speed part! BUT! 🙄 what (Speed Test) should i rely on so i can implement my bandwith speeds! when i do speedtests on my (PC) Wired! i get these results from these speed tests with QOS turned on (I Want Qos On) its the speedtest i should rely on im focusing on! Speedtest.net -210-215mbps consistent xfinity.com-200-240 always between this fast.com -230 mbps consistent but when i do tests from Dumaos Connection Benchmark i get 156-159 download ( Consistently ) what speedtest should i rely on the most? so i can configure my network optimally ♥ Thank you! 🤙
  4. Good afternoon, I have a couple of questions regarding my Virgin Hub 4 in modem mode whilst connected to a Netduma R2. 1). Is it correct that when I place my Hub 4 in modem mode and connect to the R2 (or any other router) that I should expect to lose a slight bit of speed? 2). How precise is the connection benchmark in the DumaOS dashboard regarding the speed test? Has anyone tried it with the same setup as I am currently using and if so are your results what you should be expecting? Thanks in advance for any help and I'd just like to say that I'm loving the R2 and DumaOS a great combination!
  5. Hello, my speeds from my ISP are 500mbps download and my upload is 20mbps. I achieve these speeds when I am hardwired directly into the modem, but when I try to hardwire directly into the router I hardly get over 100mbps download and my upload seems to be right around 16-20mbps consistently. I also experience very poor signal strength and intermittent internet. I have the antennas up, and have a fair to poor connection on the same floor of my house as the router. I have had numerous tech agents from my ISP at my house, and replaced the modem a few times with no success. My ISP has confirmed that there is nothing wrong on their end as when testing their own basic modem I get the exact speeds I should and my connection strength is strong on all 3 floors of my house. My R2 also has the latest firmware update which doesnt seem to help the issue at all as this has been going on for some time. If I do not have this issue resolved soon I will have to ship my router back and move on from the R2.
  6. So I have a 200MBPS download and 20 ish upload package, works fine when connected directly to my ISP router at full speed however, no matter what settings/cables I use I never exceed 100mb using the netduma. This is using speedtest.net with nothing running in the background and all other devices turned off. test is run on a very good desktop PC as well so its not an issue of testing it incorrectly. I have also tested it on wifi and i get around 80 down with full connection but the full 200 when testing from the ISP router alone. I have tried numerous resoluttions such as turning on/off turbo mode, turning off the congestion control, resetting to factory defaults, turning off ipv6, among other solutions but none has made any difference at all. Any Ideas?
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