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Found 6 results

  1. So last night I reboot because once again the ping assist would not respond. After the router rebooted started to reload in the browser I all of the sudden got a cgi error. I tried rebooting and it still did not work. I ending up doing a reset. I then loaded the back up after but it would still not work. So then I did and erase to factory settings. It finally responded. I manually reconfigured everything. Problem is I could not geofilter to show servers anymore anywhere. Auto ping will not show anything when I enter a lobby or match. Double checked many settings. Nat is open. Still not working. So this morning I tried loading my old config file. I did load. But looks as the the config file does not save geofilter settings as It had my phone as the device. Also ping assist save list were the new list I made after I rest as I named them differently. I looked on the forums & follow instructions of other geofilter connection issues, removed device, flushed the cloud readied etc. Have also cleared browser cache. As of right now, I still have the same issue. No servers showing up & auto ping not showing up when in a match. COD, I tried both Cold War & Modern Warfare.
  2. Hi guys, I only received the new R2 router today and followed the setup as suggested in the manual. Everything was working from morning till afternoon. Later this evening I tried to access the DumaOS via Unfortunately, I was not able to access it. I tried to reset the R2 by holding rest button for good 25sec. After the reset, I am now not getting internet connection on my R2 router. I cannot even access my Virgin Media hub 3.0 (in Modem mode) via anymore. I also tried to do 30-30-30 hard reset, and somehow I was able to access internet and also access modem. But still not able to access DumaOS. I again reset the R2. this time again I cannot access nither Modem nor R2 dashboard and there is no Internet connection detected. My connection setup = Virgin media wall socket + Virgin media Hub 3.0 (modem mode ON) + Internet Port in R2 + Desktop (Wired) - Was working fine earlier. Now there is no Internet connection. Any help please guys?
  3. hopefully, someone can help. I bought an R1 and when I tried to upgrade the firmware to the new OS, unfortunately, something went wrong and it has bricked my router... I have tried doing 20/20/20 reset I have tried many versions of the pin reset but nothing seems to work. I can see lights on the box and it makes the sound but I can't access the GUI. I had a similar issue with the XR500 but I managed to TFTP into that and sent the new img file and that sorted it... unfortunately this doesn't seem to work on the R1 also the firmware file isn't an img. please can anyone help thank you
  4. i went to check my geo filter and none of my settings are on... none of my devices are showing...
  5. My Netduma resets all the settings every time i open up the Netduma tab in google chrome. I've tried turning cookies on and off, tried using multiple different browsers, kept the device ventilated, manually reset the router through the webpage and using the reset button but nothing seems to work. Can someone please help me. Thanks, Daniel
  6. Hey there, 2 weeks ago I did a hard reset to my netduma, Everything was working fine before but I was trying to troubleshoot a problem so i made a hard reset for the modem and for the netduma. I set everything back, named the devices and redid my profiles again. The problem now is, whenever i "Restart" the router it forgets the names and even the devices that logged on it previously. All other settings are remembered, just the devices are gone and of course it gives me an error when trying to upload a profile since the devices that it should prioritise are not there anymore. Any fix ? Thanx
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