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Found 5 results

  1. Hi, my geo filter doesn’t find American servers. My Setup: telekom DSL —> FRITZ!Box7510DG —>(lan) Netduma R2 —> (lan) Playstation4pro i get a connection but it doesn’t filter for American lobby’s. I always get a ping between 20-50 so there’s no way it’s any other server then a local one. So my question is. Do I need any settings to get access to the geo filter. do I need to set my FRITZ!box in bridge mode? do i need to set up DMZ ? Can you help me via TeamViewer 😄 Best regards Jonas Screenshot of the gel filter settings is attached
  2. Hey guys, i recently updated my Netduma R2 to the newest firmware, i reseted it and all before my update my WIFI is working (oldest firmware) now my Wifi is connected and i can’t access any website or do a speed test noting. My Ps5 is connected via LAN and works just fine. If i downgrade to the oldest firmware my WIFI works again as it should. I want to use the newest Firmware tho. Any help, so i can get my WIFI back to work again on the R2 so i can connect my wifi devices with it?Whould be awesome. kind regards, wedgfrff
  3. wondering if the network monitor dpi has been improved for the ps5 for the next iteration firmware update for the R2 in the future for MW2 & other games bugs me to see no gaming in network monitor even though the traffic Prioritization light turns on for classified games and I had a admin saying in the past there is a few tweaks to the backend QOS side of dumaos that will be a improvement for the next firmware
  4. Hi Guys, I've got Virgin media Gig1 (1000/50 min speed) service. While my PC is directly connected to the Virginmedia Hub 4, I get the roughly +900Down and +50Up. (Ref: samKnows_test_01.png) Also, My PC and Xbox are all hard wired to the R2 (Firmware Version: R2 3.2.453). However, when I do the speed test using Netduma R2 Connection Benchmark tool (with No Congestion Control), its never stable and always fluctuate between ~300 - 500Down and ~45 - 50Up. Therotically, I should be getting almost same speed as I get while directly connected to Hub 4 (i.e. about +900Down and +50Up.) without the Congestion Control ON. However, the results are always inconsistance and never get the expected speed with the R2 Connection Benchmark speed test tool. (Ref: duma_test_01.png, duma_test_02.png) Issue with such inconsistance speed with R2, is not allowing me to identify what speed should I set to the R2 so that I can set appropriate % of Congestion Control. However, I tried to set 790Down and 50Up with 90% flood control. Results, poor and inconsistance results (i.e., B or D) for both Speed and Ping Under Load with Congestion Control ON. (Ref: duma_test_cong_control_01.png, duma_test_cong_control_02.png) I suspect, this is the reason why I keep getting Packet Burst, High-Latency etc during COD gameplay. I have tried to Reboot R2 as well as Hub 4 several times before conducting Speed Test, with no improvements further. I would like to know if anyone else is having such issue. Also a query to the Admins, if this is a known issue or not? What shall I do? Fig 1: samKnows_test_01.png Fig 2: duma_test_01.png Fig 3: duma_test_02.png Fig 4: duma_test_cong_control_01.png Fig 5: duma_test_cong_control_02.png
  5. I have missed some firmware updates and am not able to find the other releases of the firmware. Is it safe to directly upgrade to v3.2.453 from v3.0.394?
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