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Found 45 results

  1. So, for my understanding about the QoS, if it is set to AUTO, will be triggered as soon as I start a game lets say on my Xbox Series X. And until this point everything is kinda easy to understand. But my question then is: What will happen if I hybrid Vpn my Xbox Series X? (trough netduma rapp of course) Infact It will create kind of a paradox where the Xbox Series X is routed through Vpn so not recognized by QoS as an Xbox Series X so the Qos wont be triggered making itself useless.. Right? Right??!😰
  2. I live in San Francisco, practically right next to a server that is on the geo-filter, however i can never find a match very quickly/the ping in the game is always, any tips on getting fast searches and also low ping games since i am right next to the server thanks guys
  3. Hi Netduma guys, I am currently having issues streaming some services like HBO Max and Disney+. I want to configure the traffic prioritization for these two services but they are not in the list, I wanted to know how I could configure these services in traffic prioritization selector advance. If you can help me with this it would be great, Thanks, Exodia
  4. Hi, I have the XR1000 Netgear Nighthawk router firmware version I have traffic priority on for DumaOS classified games on and it does not prioritize Call of duty or Call of duty Warzone. I run any sort of download or speed test on another device my ping sky rockets and the traffic priority does not come on. I know the priority works because if I load up Apex Legends and do the same tests the priority comes on and my ping stays nice and low. I have congestion control on as well and have played around with this. I have 500 download and 20 upload. I have my device slider dragged 65% on upload and 25% on download (not that this should matter as much as the packet priority I have it on anyways). It isn't my device because it will prioritize my brothers PC on Apex which I have set lower on the the download and upload slider and it still has 0 congestion and prioritizes that game. is there any way I can get traffic priority on Call of Duty Warzone? It does not give priority on Call of Duty Modern Warfare (multiplayer) either. How can I get priority for Warzone? One other thing, in the logs every once in a while it will stay DOS attack: Fragile Attack, and most of the time the internet shuts off, and I have to reboot the router to get it to come back up. This is quite annoying, should I be worried that it is an actual DOS attack, and how do I stop the router from cutting out and coming back up? This interrupts my live streams. I reset both my device IP and my WAN IP and this has stopped the cut offs from happening. I am using Dynamic IP and have not had a problem with a drop out since. It is not my provider as I have contacted them plenty, modem stays up and does not drop out, 0 packet loss whatsoever, but seemed like I needed to power cycle the router quite often. Thank you for your time, please let me know of solutions. -Riley
  5. OK so I’ve had the XR1000 for some time now and it’s been great, solved all of my poor WiFi issues, but CC and QoS have been flaky. My setup is a Netgear DM200 modem -> XR1000. 40Mb/10Mb. Latest firmware I’ve tried using congestion control mainly due to having several consoles and people streaming in the house, and if one of my consoles decides it’s gonna update a game while I’m mid game on Siege, my ping goes crazy. so I tried CC and let it do the Auto configure, though every single time I make a change in the QoS menu, it tells me that the Rapp is taking longer than expected and to wait a while. This happens every time, and I don’t believe it’s actually managing to make the changes or apply the settings. The auto config found a 56% download and 60% upload was ideal, and I set it to always, but I started a download, Speedtest etc, and please correct me if I’m wrong but I assumed that if this was set to always, then the max speed any device can use is the 56% which translates to 22Mb in my case? Even QoS doesn’t really work, since my Xbox can hog the entire connection, and when I start a YouTube video it buffers like crazy? Most other features seem to work ok in every other Rapp menu, but QoS just tells me it’s taking too long and I don’t trust that it’s doing what’s it’s supposed to.
  6. Hi, I just bought the XR1000 and want to use it for playing fifa 21. I'm located in Australia Perth, and the nearest Fifa 21 servers are in Sydney at the AWS datacenters. I've currently using the Netgear Nighthawk D7800 Modem/Router for my NBN connection and using the XR1000 as my router. My PS4 Pro is wire connected to the XR1000 via a Cat8 cable. The issue I have is when I use geo-fencing via the Polygon Method or without and just geo fencing, when trying to play Fifa 21 FUT Friendlies it searches for games in europe/Brazil/US and not in Australia/Sydney. The Ping goes through the roof. However when playing Div Rivals it seems to work and only restricts the connections to Australia/Sydney/Perth Below is my setup My QoS Any help on this would be great. I bought the router specifically for this reason.
  7. My ISP package I am paying for is 1000/750 (1gig down, 750 up) on my modem I’m getting (1.09gb down, 812 up) I have Bell fiber for my bandwidth speeds on the R2 I set them to 950 down and 750 up, congestion sliders are 85% download and 99% upload, bandwidth allocation I’m using by devices when I watch YouTube on my iPhone XR anything above 1080p buffers every 3 minutes basically unwatchable, what have I done wrong? If I switch to my ISPs WiFi it’s enjoyable I can watch 2160p go to any part of the video and it’ll play instantly but I can’t do that on the R2. What have I done wrong? With the speeds I’m paying for I should be able to play any YouTube video and be fine
  8. Hey guys, I just wanted to now if there was an fix for the qos Upload issue if u're using your xr1000 as the pppoe. I'm just curious.
  9. Top picture are sliders at 70/70 bottom picture is sliders at 70/72 with bandwidth at 950 down 750 up, my modem reporting speeds of 1.09gb down and 812 up. I was wondering to get the lines straighter do I move the sliders upwards so 70+ or lower so under 70? Any recommendations on settings?
  10. Hello, I've got an XR500 and have used it to try and get lower ping on COD/ Warzone for a few months. For some reason, I'm still getting 'rubber-banding' and the occasional packet loss, as well feeling like my hit detrection is off. I've run numerous connection benchmark tests on my LAN and Wi-Fi 70down and 20up and get A+ for everything bar under load where my upload ping goes way over 200ms. I've got my QOS currently at 70/70 and I've scoured these forums to find a solution and tried virtually every possible solution. Just for reference, my setup is from the ONT to EE router, which then is wired into the XR500 that I've connected to both via wi-fi and LAN with no major difference between them. I've used a few traffic prioritization rules, which I'll post below, as well as other screenshots too. Any help is appreciated. Cheers EDIT: The PS5 and my laptop are the only active connections to the XR500, my laptop when I'm playing only had the Duma os running.
  11. Hi everyone. I made all the settings of netduma R2. I determined the area with the polygın mode from the geo filter and i play between 35-45 pings on the fixed frankfurt server.( i play destiny 2 and apex legends.) But i still get lag from certain players in the game. i shot at player but my fire is not counting or the man is teleporting due to lag. i tried auto setup QoS than tried 70-70 QOS but nothing changed. My Connection test is always A+. i enabled DMZ for PS5. i also enabled DMZ from the modem for the router. But in away than i dont understand, the players are still lagging. Please help me !
  12. Re-posting from chat... I pre-ordered a Netduma R2 months ago, and after long shipping delays to UK for port / shipping container reasons, it finally arrived 2 days ago and I've set it up. However the connection is constantly dropping and leaving no devices with any internet at all. The only fix is unplug the router and plug it back in again... which is pointless. I've read through the forums and tried all the recommended fixes by other experienced users (increasing lease time to 168 hours, downgrading to previous firmware, factory resets etc.) and nothing is resolving the issue. Also the QoS does not seem to be working properly, it is making every single device run very slowly, much worse than before when I was just using the ISP router... Very disappointing, can someone please help me resolve these issues, or I would need to look at getting a refund, which is frustrating given how much I'd been looking forward to having this router after many months...
  13. Hi, I have recently been troubleshooting some weird issues with my QoS;. I'm not sure when it started but I just noticed it recently, it could have been like this all along I just didn't know. I do have a fairly new gaming PC and for a time there if I had QoS enabled I would only get about 12 mb down and 3 up even with QoS set to 18 up and 18 down. If I turn QoS off the speed test would show full speeds. I shut the computer down, disconnected the ethernet cable, then deleted it from the router. Plugged it back in so it would bring it back in, same issue. I had tried to plug another laptop into the same port on the switch, same cable and it did not have that issue. I decided to change the QoS to a higher speed and all of a sudden my speed test started getting full speeds. My biggest concern for QoS not working right is the fact the Speed Test is giving me full speeds even with QoS enabled. I am just using Speedtest.net. If I have QoS on the device set to 18/18, shouldn't the speed test show around the same speeds? I really just want to make sure i am utilizing this router the way it was meant. I don't think the Anti-Bufferbloat is going to work correctly if QoS isn't working right. I could easily have 10 devices streaming at any one time in my house. I'm a cable cutter with 3 kids, Roku devices all over the house and Tablets everywhere. Here are some specs CenturyLink Fiber 1gb/1gb XR500 with V2.3.2.114-DumaOS3.0.203 All Connections are hard wired Thanks for your time! James
  14. Hey guys, so I bought an Xr1000 a couple of days ago and I just realized that the Upload Qos doesn't work, not even a little bit. The Qos Download works without any problems. I already saw some posts here and it looks like that this is a well known problem for over 2 years!? My Modem is the Draytek Vigor 165 - PPPoe does the Xr1000 so basically my setup is Draytek "Full Bridge Mode, none Vlan or PPPoe - XR1000" PPPoe, Vlan activate, DHCP. What can I do right now? Should I just wait for an firmware update which will be released idk in the next few Months or is there anything else I can do to make this pain in the ass, work? I saw some posts where someone mentioned that it should work if I just set up the Draytek with the PPPoe connection but I tried for like 5 hours but this shit didn't worked.... "im not an expert guys" So if someone could tell me what I should do step by step I would gladly appreciate it
  15. I just bought a Nighthawk XR500 (running latest official firmware) but I desperately need help configuring the geofilter/QoS settings. 810mbps down/630mbps up is my total bandwidth. I have my PS4 at 25%, both 4k TV’s at 15% and all other devices have remaining bandwidth allocated equally. I have share excess enabled and both sliders at 70% (when high traffic detected). Is slider setting optimal based on my available bandwidth/devices? I feel like the slider is too low based on my total bandwidth. Regarding geofilter, I have no idea have to create a optimal profile. I wasted 2 hours on apex getting disconnected 75% of the time. Can somebody give my optimal profiles for the games I play? I mainly play CoD, Destiny 2, Apex and I live in Portland, OR. I’d greatly appreciate some help because I feel completely lost and the geofilter was the main reason I bought this router along with QoS settings that actually works. Thanks.
  16. Team, There is a lot of unnecessary overhead with this OS in regard to QoS and Device Manager. QoS for example should not always dynamic update with the number of devices on the network. I have specific requirements for certain devices. Those devices allocation of bandwidth should not change regardless if there's 5 devices or 100 devices. But QoS on DumaOS does not work this way. Which makes the unnecessary overhead. Meaning when I know there more devices I have to log in and adjust QoS allocation to my specific devices. The second is device manager. Device manager should be manage by device leases. If a device does not renew it's lease then it should fall off the device manager list. Otherwise I have to go in and delete it from device manager list, which affects QoS bandwidth allocation.. Resolutions 1. Static bandwidth allocation for QoS for specific devices. The rest will remain dynamic. 2. Device manager drops devices of list if leases aren't renewed.
  17. I see there is no Geo Filter profile for Destiny 2 - Xbox....So how can I set BufferBloat just for one specific console? Is this not how it works? Can someone explain? Is it smarter to leave it on "When High Traffic is Detected?" Thank you!!
  18. How do I properly setup traffic prioritization on the XR1000 for CW PC? I dont want to use the " games console " service.
  19. I was mid game when the Geo-filter crashed and was displaying below error: RPC error 'ERROR_UNKNOWN': Unterminated JSON encoded object found at position in [] -> stack traceback: ?: in function <?:73> [C]: in function 'assert' ?: in function 'decode' ?: in function <?:117> ?: in function <?:382> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:348> [C]: in function 'run' ?: in function <?:404> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in function 'try' ?: in function <?:263> (tail call): ? ?: in function <?:30> [C]: in function 'xpcall' ?: in main chunk [C]: ? I closed the browser and re-launched it. Still getting same error.
  20. TLDR; MAKE SURE ALL YOUR DEVICES HAVE WIFI TURNED OFF AND USE A WIRED PC WITH IPV6 TURNED OFF WHILE SETTING UP YOUR ROUTER AFTER A FACTORY RESET AND/OR A FIRMWARE UPGRADE. - TESTED AND WORKS WITH DUMA 3.0 OPEN BETA I believe I may have discovered the cause of the issues I was having with QoS not working properly and the various bugs I was getting with Traffic Priority. I had no issues with the router when I first bought it and installed it, everything worked as advertised. Then, after a new firmware update, I was having issues with QoS not working with IPv6 and other random issues. I tried the Beta 3.0, and had the same issues. Tried factory resets and all kinds of stuff but nothing worked. I had an epiphany while looking at my device manager after a fresh factory reset. I noticed that because I had set the wifi name and password to what it was before, all wireless devices connected to the router as soon as it rebooted with the new credentials. This meant that the two phones in the house were trying to establish IPv6 addresses before the IPv6 was set up, which seems to throw the router for a loop, causing all kinds of issues and log entries. I then did a factory reset and changed the name of the wireless network to something arbitrary, set up the router with native IPv6 and all the QoS settings, and voila! No errors, everything is working as intended again. Reconnected the phones and other wireless devices and everything is good. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin Please pass this information to the devs.
  21. So I recently bought the xr700 and absolutely loved it !! But there was one downside .. the WiFi didn’t reach everywhere in the home so I bought both the netgear ex7700 and the ex8000 range extender and tried to set this up als an extender but the results where horrible even in the device manager i now get multiple unnamed devices and multiple ip adresses assigned to my devices and even when the extender was in range and the light was solid white which means the setup is the best possible , THE results where poor .. also when using it as an extender one 5ghz band is used to setup a connection with the xr700 router (dedicated backhaul) but there is one downside .. 1st information needs to be send from the xr700 to the extender , the extender then reads all of the information and needs to send it back to the xr700 => DELAY !! Our worst enemy when it comes to gaming soooo I setup the range extender as an acces point , my setup is like this xr700=> gigabit switch -> main pc then from the Same gigabit switch A LAN cable goes to my ex8000 , there a LAN cable goes to my ps4 then from the ex8000 another LAN cable goes to the ex7700 (second extender in ap mode) then when I go to device manager both the ex7700 and the ex8000 are shown and given an ip adres bacause they are connected with the xr700 using a LAN cable , as it should be!! I also reserved an ip adres for both of them so this never changes => static ip the one thing I’m struggling with is the fact that now both ex7700 and ex8000 are listed in de Qos pentagram and I’m stuck here .. should I give all my bandwith to the ex7700 and ex8000 because al my WiFi devices And LAN connected devices are connected with the ex7700 and ex8000 Both through WiFi or LAN PLEASE HELP !! just a reminder only my main pc is connected through LAN directly after the xr700 router all the rest is connected behind THE ex7700 or the ex8000 ! and these are my internetspeeds : 1000mb/s download and 40mb/s upload NOTE !! If anyone else suggests another way To setup my internet that is better or faster or can give me better results in ping etc. Please let me know I currently have al my connected devices set equally in Qos ! the only strange thing is that the ex8000 (better than the ex7700) that way only has 240 mb/s download and 39mb/s upload while the ex7700 gives me 500mb/s download and 39mb/s upload NOTE !! The ex8000 connects my PlayStation through LAN and my tv through WiFi my ex7700 only had one tv connected through WiFi , no other devices
  22. Hi, I recently managed to get myself a second hand XR500. I seem to be having some sort of DPI issue with duma classified games router tends to detect priority traffic but it doesn't seem to be correct. For example it's mostly noticeable in BO4 where I can see the ingame ping. With only dumaos classfied games checked I get jitter in game about 15-5ms. Same happens if I chose my ps4 as console with dumaos classfied games disabled. But when I enter the ports manually 1-65535 in source and destination my ingame jitter drops to about 5-3ms resulting in a way smoother gameplay of any call of duty game. I tried using a bt hub 2 and having XR as dhcp with all devices connected to it and using a modem with it I tried netgear dm200 and now a bt g.fast modem with pppoe details on the xr. And my gameplay only seems smooth when using all the ports prioritised with dumaos classfied games disabled. The issue I get with it is that when dumaos classfied games is on I can notice a delay in hit markers which I'd say is about 50-100ms but it happens randomly during the gun fights. Also that results my bullets going completely blank and doing no damage for example using the sword fish in bo4 its a 5 shot kill gun but with the dumaos classfied games enabled it can take as much as 15 bullets to kill or it can take just the 4 which is weird. I usually play at about 12-13ms ping to the server in uk. At least that's what autoping is reporting. I get 142 down and 30 up I have my qos sliders set at 70% set as always. If I plug in my r1 with original fw it tends to work perfectly also if I run the test on r1 I get exceptional on everything with ping variation only being about 0.5ms. The reason I don't want to use the r1 is because it doesn't cover the whole house with wifi and my missis complains 😅 so the XR500 seemed like a reasonable investment. I tried rolling back to which seemed to make jitter slightly better at about 10-3ms but I had same inconsistencies with the gameplay. But both firmware versions seem to work really well just with all ports in traffic priotization. I was just wondering wether it's a know bug or am I just setting something up wrong?
  23. As my Asus QoS is far more superior than Netduma's it has better algorithms and better consistency in Black Ops 4, I would like to use Qos function provided by Asus RT-AC88u. But I also want to keep such unique Geo-Filter feature from Netduma with Anti-Bufferbloat turned off. Is there anyway to do this ? does dmz method help? Thank you
  24. Hello NetDuma, I am currently having issues with the Traffic Prioritization on NetDumaOS, it turns on when playing call of duty on my PS4 but when i stop playing it stays on updating background packets. The PS4 isnt in Rest Mode or anything, so cant work out how this is happening. A reboot of my router resolves this but just comes back the next time I game. I have tried unticking DumaOS Classified Games but still remains on, it seems only way to get rid of it is a reboot on my router. Please can someone help me I have attached some screen shots of my setup. If you can assist it would be great, Thanks, Mas
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