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Found 6 results

  1. Just really wondering what settings work for other people to see how They work for me, for congestion sliders, bandwidth allocation and what not, I mainly play Cold War on PlayStation
  2. Team, There is a lot of unnecessary overhead with this OS in regard to QoS and Device Manager. QoS for example should not always dynamic update with the number of devices on the network. I have specific requirements for certain devices. Those devices allocation of bandwidth should not change regardless if there's 5 devices or 100 devices. But QoS on DumaOS does not work this way. Which makes the unnecessary overhead. Meaning when I know there more devices I have to log in and adjust QoS allocation to my specific devices. The second is device manager. Device manager should be manage by device leases. If a device does not renew it's lease then it should fall off the device manager list. Otherwise I have to go in and delete it from device manager list, which affects QoS bandwidth allocation.. Resolutions 1. Static bandwidth allocation for QoS for specific devices. The rest will remain dynamic. 2. Device manager drops devices of list if leases aren't renewed.
  3. TLDR; MAKE SURE ALL YOUR DEVICES HAVE WIFI TURNED OFF AND USE A WIRED PC WITH IPV6 TURNED OFF WHILE SETTING UP YOUR ROUTER AFTER A FACTORY RESET AND/OR A FIRMWARE UPGRADE. - TESTED AND WORKS WITH DUMA 3.0 OPEN BETA I believe I may have discovered the cause of the issues I was having with QoS not working properly and the various bugs I was getting with Traffic Priority. I had no issues with the router when I first bought it and installed it, everything worked as advertised. Then, after a new firmware update, I was having issues with QoS not working with IPv6 and other random issues. I tried the Beta 3.0, and had the same issues. Tried factory resets and all kinds of stuff but nothing worked. I had an epiphany while looking at my device manager after a fresh factory reset. I noticed that because I had set the wifi name and password to what it was before, all wireless devices connected to the router as soon as it rebooted with the new credentials. This meant that the two phones in the house were trying to establish IPv6 addresses before the IPv6 was set up, which seems to throw the router for a loop, causing all kinds of issues and log entries. I then did a factory reset and changed the name of the wireless network to something arbitrary, set up the router with native IPv6 and all the QoS settings, and voila! No errors, everything is working as intended again. Reconnected the phones and other wireless devices and everything is good. @Netduma Fraser @Netduma Admin Please pass this information to the devs.
  4. My connection is: Modem > R2 for ps4 only wired > Archer A9 wired for Wifi . I pay for 400 mbps and actually get about 350 / 25 Max. DMZ PS4 IP. NAT Shows open in COD MW. I have my QoS at 50% / 37% which gives me A+ Ping Under load when I do a connection test. I am confused why my Network Snapshot below shows so much assigned to the Archer A9 router. Shouldn't my QoS settings limit the % assigned to that router ? Not sure if this impacts me or causes lag, but I just expect differently per my settings? Just not sure if the below means my QoS is working well or if it can still be optimized. Can you clarify? I just want to maximize what's available for my PS4.
  5. I have just purchased the NetDumaR2 and I notice a couple of qos issues 1) I dont see any traffic being prioritised (Playing CoD warzone) 2) Auto setup for congestion control, prioritising ping, sets my download % to 0, which I would thing must be wrong. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks, PS. A UK power supply when being sold to the UK would be much better
  6. I Have been having issues knowing what type of QOS settings I should be using the Auto QOS doesn't seem to work right. Getting really low upload when doing the 7 tests.
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