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Found 2 results

  1. Bought Netduma R2 after excellent reviews. I am on Virgin Media, 350 download, 35 upload speeds. To be honest, I am disappointed with the reliability of your OS and apps. QOS seems to continually switch itself off, so as a game enhancing router - it has zero functionality. Another issue - when I want to check QOS or any of the settings, via my desktop connecting to I often get this message: The operation is taking longer than expected. Please briefly wait before using this Rapp. I cannot do anything with any of the settings - QOS is not working, only option I have is to reboot the router. Yes, after reboot, it works, I can enable QOS - but 12 hours later - the same issue appears. I am on the latest firmware, have good and reliable broadband connection - but to be honest, 90% of the OS features don't work or hang. Can I get a refund or replacement - I am simply tired of reboots, router stability and QOS not working? I have no idea what other Rapps are simply NOT working, if QOS simply switches itself off daily.
  2. Hello, Since I have been testing back and forth with QoS setting in various firmware and even change router since the game launched. I think it might be useful to share with you guys. I have been running this setting and my kd kept increasing day by day. on 23-24 Nov'20 I ran with experimental setting and went back to standard QoS on 25-26 Nov'20 and you can see that my KD performance dropped after that Intersting finding: QoS is not doing so well in BOCW. I have tried Netduma QOS, Fresh Tomato QOS, Asus Merlin QOS, Linksys WRT32x QOS. none of this worked for me!! it seemed like I was doing good for one game and I get instamelted after that. SBMM seemed to be the big impact for this as well. My Experimental Setting: I'm going to make this in bullet format so that it might be better to comprehend - Turn Off QoS !! Yes, you do that. Select 'Never' and disable QoS - Make sure Bandwidth to you console is low enough, but not too low. I optionally use Fresh Tomato on WRT54GL's Bandwith Limiter to limit internet speed to my ps5 at 21/0.5 mbps. I am not too sure if you can limit your bandwith on netduma while QoS is off. If not, you may wanna try having QoS on but choose 'never' on speed instead slider. and adjust flower graph with share excess off to have targeted limited bandwidth to your console - WiFi !!! YES Wifi, this game is weird when you have perfect internet setup. Nerf it a bit so you don't die too soon. Use wifi for this game - MTU 1472 on ps4/5. but you don't have to do anything on xbox since it is auto set at 1480(or less). This is for better hit detection under low bandwidth circumstance(in general, hit detection start to 'delay' when your upload bandwidth is too low. So to compensate this, lower MTU instead.) My only concern is the fact that I only use netduma R2 for geofilter but I run gme with 10usd old grand pa router with wifi and bandwidth limiter feature. I am not sure if you will have good experience as mine but worth a try right? TLDR: QoS Off, Wifi, MTU
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