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Found 9 results

  1. There's an issue were I get unstable ping later in the day after a restart on the router. Attached are screenshots of Pingplotter 5 when i have only the modem plugged in vs when i plug in and turn on the XR500 router. Now at first couple of hours after a restart it runs perfect. its only after a couple of hours this happens (5-6 hrs in) When in game Modernwarefare it also becomes apparent. But yeah need some help on this. any would help
  2. hi I have bought yet another XR500 as my WiFi on the R1 isn't powerful enough in the apartment i live at. the problem i have now is with the R1 i get the most stable connection ever see pic and the XR500 i cant achieve the same same no matter what i have tried? can someone help me on this matter as i feel like sending the XR500 back 😞 top Pic is R! and Bottom is XR500
  3. Hi all, Ive been running some ping plotter tests and ive found some interesting results. Ive got my QOS set to 70/70 with the anti-bufferbloat as always on. As you can see the results aren't very promising. I've pinged multiple ip's with near enough same results. Ive been running these tests throughout the day whilst other devices have been streaming content, surfing the web etc.. From what I understand, the QOS should prevent all local congestion from allowing my ping to spike. So why am I still getting this?
  4. I was wondering if anybody could help me on these pingplotter results I have just got, I ran the test for about 10+ mins and this was the result, I see 1 spike and I think the red line means packetloss could somebody give me a better insight into this please my CC sliders are set to 100/100 and all devices are connected through my Netduma.
  5. Ran PP for 60 minutes. Is this bad and worth calling BT over or shall I just not bother?
  6. RedBull2k


    i have extremely bad jitter on almost every game of cod its always the last but 1 hop and also the latency on this hop is sky high as shown in this short plot.
  7. So I been having rough time with FPS latetly with hit detection, so I decided to check my pingplotter and I was wondering why my MS to the router is high.
  8. This post is in reference to an archived Battlefield 1 settings thread in this forum. I would first like to ask was anything found out about the ping host feature not working correctly? Because it does not work for me either. http://forum.netduma.com/topic/18827-any-battlefield-1-settings-for-host-ping/ Next, I would like to to say that while connecting to battlefield, connecting to a us east server I noticed on host filtering page showed me connected to a server in California. Now, I found some IP address for battlefield servers on a battlefield forum US EAST:, US WEST:, & EUROPE: I have pingplotted both the US SERVERS and obtained a funny result. The US East route via ping plotter took me from my router (Chicago) through Texas, then trough Tennessee then terminating at DICE's US EAST server with avg 48 m/s. Whenever you Whois the US EAST server you get a Redwood City, California address. I did the same thing with US WEST SERVER and got the same Redwood City address with 75m/s. I can post pictures of the ping plot later if needed along with the Whois. I can also post images of my Host filtering page also. Are the results we are getting due to the fact that the servers are "registered" to DICE LA at that address in California? Any input on this would be great, Thanks
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