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Found 5 results

  1. So i like the whole geo filter an that new geo fencing that suppose to come out in Update 3.0 but, Can we please allow users to set there ping assist without fast search lower than 30ms! I like to try to achieve a 20ms lobby or a 15ms lobby! I dont mind sacrificing more Matchmaking to find the perfect lobby that i desire. Id much rather search longer for a 15ms lobby or 20ms than instantly find a 30ms or 50ms lobby. This would help me alot in games like Call of Duty. Please allow this! Because everytime i set my Ping Assist to 20ms the OS breaks an i get into 50ms-150+ms lobbys an the only way i get my ping normal again is setting it back to 30ms! In Geo Filter. Id like to try to search for lobbys lower than 30ms without geo filter breaking itself. I dont mind as i said adding more time to Matchmaking to find my prefect lobby.
  2. Alix


    Hello I have ping assist set to 30 but still get games above this value about 48 should I deny them. Also what do you think of the ping graphs these are live game today on call of duty black ops 4 think I have this sorted now?
  3. Hi, What settings are you using/recommended for the Ping Assist and Geo-Filter? What distance do you have on your Geo-Filter and are you leaving it in Filtering mode all the time? PS. I am using the NetGear XR500 if it differnet on the R1. Regards, Gaz
  4. .... Ping Assist doesn't seem to work. As shown in the image below, lots of peers with high ping are allowed, even though they are way above my 30 ms threshold. Nevertheless I will never join a dedicated server when I circle a dedi-free area, which (in my case) is awesome. I have good games, to the point the opponents rage quit. It's 100% p2p because the capital "E" (indicating a dedicated server in the lobby) does not exist. I've also noticed that the in-game ping meter is missing. I know for you guys it's frustrating when you can't join your favorite dedicated server, but try to force p2p. I think it's the only way to deal with this matchmaking mess. I can't remember when was the last time COD would allow p2p a month or so after launch. it seems that the game is overpopulated, so there is loophole for p2p. thank God.
  5. I'm not convinced that the Ping Assist feature is working as I expect it to. Since it's hard to reliably locate players/hosts in specific regions I've been running tests to various websites on ports 80 and 443. I'm getting mixed results: I can't block any traffic on port 80 (Ping Assist of 60ms still allows me to communicate with a site that has 350ms ping as reported by the R1) and port 443 only seems to respect the geo-filter, I can't communicate with anything else regardless of the ping values. To get started, can you help me work out why: Host ID: 9d2bcf9ac83ce0e5 (average Ping of 55.8ms from me as reported by the R1) can't be connected to over port 443 with a Ping Assist of 300ms? Geo Filter Map + Settings: https://puu.sh/BlgEp/708ff80bef.png, Host Ping Graph: https://puu.sh/BlgFv/ec228b51d6.png, Port 443 Configuration: https://puu.sh/BlgyU/d2d532c3c9.png Host ID: 7234814cd111595e (average Ping of 346.5ms from me as reported by the R1) can be connected to over port 80 with a Ping Assist of 60ms? Geo Filter Map + Settings: https://puu.sh/BlgBH/ebfde194cd.png, Host Ping Graph: https://puu.sh/BlgCI/13a0e405cc.png, Port 80 Configuration: https://puu.sh/BlgxT/ddc2a2c32d.png I want to use ping only to locate players instead of geolocation, so I'm desperate to get this working. Further Information Strict Mode: Disabled My location: Perth, Australia R1 debug version 1.03.6j running on rb-951g-2hnd
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