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Found 12 results

  1. So I’m trying to help my friends out setting up an R2 router and I’m used to helping with Xbox consoles but in there household it’s an Xbox series X and a PC used for gaming. We got past all the console settings and saving titles like halo infinite, cod vanguard, cod warzone but when it came to the PC side of gaming questions on the ground filter or ping heatmaps the gaming listings were a bit of a downer for them. Some titles mentioned were Diablo immortal,overwatch, Red Dead and the like but my friends seemed turned down on a lack of those titles listed, and if it would be just as easy to populate saves for servers for those titles. I honestly don’t personally play those titles and I never have had to try to create anything for a non listed game. I told them that from a gaming standpoint gamers that love those title take things seriously/competitively as well as those into call of duty or halo. I’m sure that DumaOS is flexible enough to cater those multiplayer titles as well. Anyone reading this that has experience with such titles and have configured DumaOS to help them please feel free to discuss this and if all possible pass along examples of settings for such games like Diablo and the like. We are in the U.S.A and my friends have friends over in Europe that they play with so they don’t see the value or purpose in running a geo filter. Is the PC supposed to stay in spectator mode or filtered mode? At such distances is there any point at all to even try to use DumaOS to keep lag at a minimum? This is a learning experience for us thanks for understanding.
  2. Ok I don't want to take up anyone's valuable time so I'll aim for simplicity. Very long story short, roommates lost interest in using the R2 for our home network. I'm moving out in a little over a month so it's not a battle worth fighting, all good, life's good, their loss. I would still very much like to use as many of the benefits of the R2 as possible, mostly the GeoFilter and Traffic Prioritization, possibly Hybrid VPN occasionally. (if Traffic Prioritization even works with only 1 device?) Our network is now setup like this: -Vyve Broadband (1GB plan, static public IP, consistently get 600-700mbps down and 50-53 up no matter the time of day or night) -ISP Modem/Router combo (Hitron Coda 4582 with everything else in the house connected now) -R2 is plugged into the Hitron, along with their 2 PC's via ethernet, and is set in the Hitron's DMZ -My PC is the only device plugged into the R2 via ethernet, WiFi is disabled, IPv6 disabled, my PC has set static IP I'm aware this is essentially giving up most of the benefits of DumaOS and is now reliant on the bandwidth and congestion of the rest of the network etc however my question really has to do with QoS with only one device connected. Will congestion control, bandwidth allocation and Traffic Prioritization have any benefit only handling traffic to my PC alone? If there are any, what is the simple answer here? If not, any suggestions on other optimization options for me to use for the next month, mabye two months of gaming until I move? I mostly just play the major FPS games with friends all over the east coast (Fortnite, Apex, and my favorite dumpster to dive in, Warzone)
  3. So from the research I've done on the forum so far, I don't believe that Rocket League has officially been added for Geofilter support. Here's my question: How do I use the Geofilter for Rocket League on a gaming PC? Auto ping is on but no servers are showing up with Game launched etc. -Netduma R2 with latest firmware installed and also freshly factory reset (3.0.394) -PC set as Console in Device Manager -Added this PC to Geofilter using 'Games Console' -Turned off Strict Mode, Ping Assist to 50ms, hoping to just use it to connect to lowest ping server, not specifically within my radius
  4. Opinions Needed for this forum, so the new owners can see before the start of pacific season 2. •SEC 1.1-1.4• ●SEC 1.1 NOW UP TO YALL WHICH TOP 3 WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE (IN ORDER) AND OUT OF THOSE TOP 3 INCLUDE WHETHER OR NOT IT SHOULD HAVE A LOW DROP RATE 5 PER MATCH, MEDIUM 15 PER MATCH, AND SUPER DROP RATE 25 PER MATCH. ●SEC 1.2 IF TOP 3 HAVE MONEY AMOUT ADD OR MINUS WHAT YOU THINK AND IF IT HAS TIME ADD OR MINUS THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU SEE FIT. •DO FIRST BEFORE READING SEC1.3👇• *See Bottom For Detail's* ●SEC1.3 💡1. New Field Upgrade Idea, make it so you have unlimited ammo for 15 or 30 secs. Just so it isnt OP Excludes LMGS, ANY DUEL WIELDING MACHINE PISTOLS AND DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNS. Drop rate of 15%, or only 10-15 can only spawn on a map 1 time. 💡2. New Field Upgrade Idea, all shop purchases are 75% cheaper. For all teammates for 30-45 seconds. 💡3. New Field Upgrade Idea, fully recover armour instantly. 1 Use. 💡4. New Field Upgrade Idea, Get all perks for 3 minutes instantly 1 time use. 💡5. New Field Upgrade Idea, Buffs sprint speed up to 35% for 80 seconds. 💡6. NEWLY Field Upgrade Idea, Buffs reload up to 35% for 80 seconds. 💡7. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly revive a downed teammate or self revive 1 time use or instantly revive all teammates instantly 1 time use. 💡8. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly heal all players health and 2 armour plates/all 3 armour plates. Yall decide 💡9. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly grants 5k/7.5k cash to all teammates. Yall decide on amount 💡10. New Field Upgrade Idea, Buy back all dead teammates for free or buy back all teammates without having to go to a buystation for 50% the price. Only 5 in a game can be found at any given time. Yall decide. 💡11. (Last)New Field Upgrade Idea, Grants team a class to pick from without hatving to grab from a loadout Drop. Basically pulls up ur class menu and you pick the class you want right than and there it will pull up on all screens after 5 or 10 seconds of the field upgrade being called in also gives u a small notice at the top saying ur teammate or you have called in a loadout make sure your behind cover in 5 or 10 ge. ●SEC 1.4 SEC 1.2 IS OPTIONAL BUT PERFERRED. Please participate In this survey I wanna send this to microsoft, and put these in order, and fix the perk to what the majority wants its important u answer all questions including SEC 1.2 please. But since blizzard no longer owns the company, and Microsoft actually listens to there customers send to streamers as well, post there opinion if you want. SINCE MICROSOFT OWNS THIS GAME ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE FELLAS. #LetsStartMakingOurOwnChanges
  5. Hello, I am looking for assistance with configuring my XR500 router to get an Open NAT type for CoD Warzone as my NAT type is reporting as Moderate. Here is my current network path: PC > Switch (Netgear GS316 Unmanaged) > Router (XR500 (AC2600)) > Modem (Netgear CM1000). XR500 firmware is V2.3.2.56. If it matters, Cat6 cables connect each device. I have attached screen shots of my current port forwarding rules config for Warzone. And yes, my PC has a static IP address. Currently have QoS turned off as having it on didn't allow WiFi calling for my iPhone X (separately, has this been fixed? I heard that v3 beta might have a fix for this) My Geo-Filter config is completely default, I've never touched it. Nat Filtering in the WAN Settings is set to Secured. I tried setting this to Opened, but it didn't seem to help so I reverted it back to Secured. For reference, here is Activision's documentation for CoD port forwarding: Ports Used for Call of Duty Games (activision.com) I followed this post for port forwarding instrcutions: Ultimate NAT Guide and settings for XR500 - NETGEAR Communities Any and all help is greatly appreciated!
  6. Warzone (PC and PS4) servers in Brazil have disappeared, that is, they are not shown on the Ping heatmap, I know where they are, I select the area with Geo-Filter Map and I can connect. I appreciate it if you fix this to check the PING and location. I collected some IPs for reference that appear when I connect:
  7. Hey DumaFam! My name is Kirneill from SenseQuality and I optimize Professional Players/Streamers/Influencers. (Some of you You might know me from my old name SweatPapi) I just wanted to show my appreciation to the DUMA family and answer some questions you guys might have 😊 To give you a summary, we Optimize almost everything. PCs, Networks, Streams, even Residential Construction. I got lucky as Call of Duty switched to online + Before we started, A lot of people (outside of us nerds🤓) didn't believe in Optimization. The secret to Optimizations? I'll tell you: I don't know everything & I never assume someone's situation is the same. (It never is) This approach leads to better decisions, research, and results. That's pretty much it😊 Why do we recommend DumaOS? Because even though we work with almost all advanced routers (OpenWRT, PFSense,Etc.) , we recommend DumaOS as it's user friendly and people can use it after we finish optimizing them! (Ex: Geofilter) Duma focuses on delivering a user friendly environment and it saves us a lot of explaining while providing the same value than other routers. (AT A LOWER COST, WUT?)🤣 To me, It's about delivering the best most consistent experience! Here is examples of Optimizations: JOEWOE.mp4 So Ask Me Anything and i'll do my best to answer! I appreciate all of you!
  8. I've already done what e seen posted in here. Flushing the cloud, removing and re-adding the pc, changing the pc to PlayStation, the ip addresses are the same. Sometimes I will get it to work and ill get into 20 ping lobbies then next game it just doesn't work. Im in Seattle not sure why its placed me in the middle of America. I also dont understand how the server in Seattle/Vancouver is a 70ping but the server in Wyoming is 15 ping. Also don't get why Seattle will have a server one month then it'll disappear the next. I usally draw boxes around the states near me with the lowest ping if I add Washington into the mix I only get over 70 ping.
  9. I am wanting to set up traffic prioritization for my PC while playing Call of Duty Cold War. What is the best way to set this up? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I play Fortnite on a gaming PC and I play in NA East. There are two servers in NA east, one is located in Ohio and the other in Virginia. The Ohio server gives me higher ping than the Virginia server. How do i use the geo filter to put me on the Virginia server instead of the Ohio server? I've read many articles and nothing seems to help.
  11. Was wondering if this was in the works or could be even be done? I've always used the geo filter for Xbox MCC to keep me from connecting to the East US 2 servers but on PC there is currently no way of filtering connections. Any info on this would be appreciated.
  12. May I know is there support final fantasy xiv on geo-filter Thanks
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