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Found 9 results

  1. 1.) When I set up my VPN, I enter my username and password. If I want to enter a new one from the same provider, I have to enter my username and password again. Not really very convenient. 2.) And it would be nice if you could set up some profiles so that you can easily switch.
  2. Ciao, non riesco a capire come mai due settimane fa ho ripristinato windows e adesso non riesco piu ad accedere a duma os nè digitandolo come nel libretto delle istruzioni nè digitando l'indirizzo ip Mi chiede un autorizzazione inserendo username e password, il problema è che io non ho niente. La prima volta si è collegato da solo e ora non riesco a capire come mai fa cosi Soluzioni? Allego screenshot Grazie mille in anticipo
  3. Hello, I hope you can help me, I have had the Netduma R1 for a long time, and likewise, I have updated it a long time, I do not remember what firmware I put on it, but it is a beta, the problem I have, is that no matter how much I reset it and no matter how much I try with the username and password that I set, it won't let me access, apparently something is wrong with the username or password, although those are the ones I set, and when I do the hard reset, it remains the same, no Access with the default user or password, what can I do there?
  4. I need help with my R1 on DumaOS latest firmware. It won't allow me into the UI after i put in the username and password, it continues to load till it say the R-app failed to load. Went to the forum and followed the factory reset instructions for the pin hole. Now neither the custom or default username and password work. Its only rebooting the router not factory restoring it. please help. been using DumaOS for months with no issue
  5. i just recently got the netduma r2 and ive tried connecting it to just about everything the manual says i should be connecting it to in order to access the set up wizard or whatever its called. however, even when i connect everything to where it should be i am still unable to connect to my netduma. ive tried to setup the netduma every way possible and when i try setting the netduma up nothing works it says the password is incorrect. ive tried hooking it up to my ps4 directly so i can set it up through the browser since i do not have a pc that has an ethernet port and it is showing that the page "DumaOS/ " isn't available. ive also tried typing the ip address of the router into the browser as well and it shows its is unavailable just as shown by other users. is there any suggestions on how to properly set this thing up theres no videos anywhere (that i can find) to show how to properly hook this thing up to the modem or anything about ip configuration steps. any help would greatly be appreciated ive been trying to hook it up since 9 in the morning please end my suffering.
  6. Good day i have been forget my interface password And i try to reset my r1 and still need password on interface any ideas ?
  7. Hello, I am having the following issue with the R1. After accidentally unpluging the power source, I can no more access the R1's interface. I tried accessing it using both my Windows 10 desktop pc which is connected to it with ethernet cable and two Android devices via Wifi. In both cases I tried with Chrome and Firefox. I get prompted to enter my username and password as usual but now my username and password do not get accepted. I don't get a wrong username or password message, it just refreshes the page that asks for my credentials. I also tried the default admin password but still nothing. To make things worse the factory reset option by long pressing the reset button on the back of the R1 does not work. I have repeatedly tried to press the button for more than a minute and nothing happens. At this point I am completly blocked from accessing the router's interface. The R1's firmware is 1.03.6j.
  8. Hi im new here and im french .... i know but please dont be rough I search every where a option to toggle a password before granting access to panel admin but no results here the story : since i block my brother from my router (we have 2 & he reconnect to mine because its closer to his room) he tried a lot of things and finally found the Gateway IP ( and i dont know if its a bug but even block he have access to the admin pannel and can unblock him self .... like CMON !!!! please help or +1 if you this option to be add
  9. Hey all, hoping someone can shed some light here. Every so often I log into my Netduma and in my device manager there are a bunch of unknown devices connected to my router. I block and delete these devices from the list each time but I would like to know how the heck they're connecting in the first place? A few minutes ago I just had to block and delete over a dozen random devices and I have no clue who they even belong to. My R1 is password protected. The serial number on the device is the password. I don't even talk to my neighbours or anyone in my neighbourhood for that matter so its perplexing to me that there would be so many random devices hooked up to it. Hope someone will have some answers, Thanks. Vile
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