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Found 2 results

  1. Hello all, Before I end up writing a 4-hour read of something very specific I’m struggling with I’ll preface with a few things: Connection Type/Bandwidth: DSL, package is 600mbps down/20mbps up Router: XR500 Current Firmware: V2.3.2.40-C424a Firmware Tried: The newest .56, regular .40, .32, and .22. *Each time I down/upgraded firmware, I factory reset. Netduma Forumns I’ve read tediously: The former being settings I tried for Modern Warfare ‘19, but after doing everything the router suddenly jumped from previous firmware to the .56. I am unsure of which firmware I was on, but I bought the XR500 about a year ago, and from what I’ve looked up I was probably on .32, possibly .40 vanilla. Photos for reference: PingPlotter, even immediately after factory reset with selecting the router to auto-config: * not sure where they’ll land in this thread. At the time of writing this I am sitting at this screen: Things I’ve checked/tried: Testing PingPlotter with direct cable connect to DSL Modem (Arris 6190) shows 0% to google,, etc but as soon as factory reset XR500 is added (still with Mac hardlined: Mac>hardline to XR500>hardline to>Arris 6190. Checked all cables, used 3 different cables, same results 0% PL until router is reintroduced. I’ve followed the step by step videos of this: *I understand it is semi-old, but when I downgraded back to previous FM I was making sure to abide by the setup for them when initial release came about. Also, to make entirely sure that the factory reset was in fact in its totality I have scoured the internet and have read the following articles about bandwidth, network congestion, and common packet loss % causes: https://www.dnsstuff.com/reduce-packet-loss https://community.netgear.com/t5/Nighthawk-Pro-Gaming-Routers/Rx700-internet-drops-bad-packet-loss/td-p/1670115 Some I read nearly 10 times front to back to see if anyone else ended with the same issue as I have. To no avail, have I found anyone that: Still gets their full bandwidth on dslreports with 35ms latency, but with Anti-BufferBloat getting a (-) when selected as Always, and F when selected as Only When HP Traffic and Never. I still get perfectly amazing internet, speeds and latency remain fairly constant, but with PingPlotter showing between 10-60% PL 4-5 seconds into the test. As for the testing I tried for the Traffic Priority settings, attached is a short video of in-game MW19 latency. It was incredibly strange to have such AMAZING hit detection but also lagging 20-30meters at a time in random intervals. Currently awaiting response from anyone before continuing to setup the router again from Factory Reset. Hopefully, this won’t be a 4 hour read for anyone. I’m happy to resend new PingPlotter tests, Speedtests, screenshots of every tab within the router, anything. I am completely missing some, incredibly tiny component, and maybe if I send photos of every single menu someone can spot why my router is losing packets on 2nd, private network IP on PingPlotter. I have exhausted every article and my general knowledge of networking, and that comes from doing Satellite Comms for the military. Thank you for your time. I hope everyone out there is staying safe with current events unfolding globally. Much Love and Stay Excellent, SFinni IMG_4398.MOV
  2. Hello, just wondering when I do a detailed stastic(whatever it's called) test on the Xbox I'm getting 100%packet loss, ping speed and upload ok...when the duma is connected. If I run straight from the BT hub no packet loss? Just asking what this could be, odd thing is ping plotter shows nothing and it's a bit strange.( Also shows ok on the Duma interent test). Thanks.
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