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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, Let me begin by saying I've received my router 2 days back and had my hands on it most of my free time since then, it really does have quite a few exciting and promising features. Therefore I see a lot of potential and hopefully there is maturity at the end of the roadmap as well. My main reason for picking it was somewhat seamless VPN capability integration, also this is where I faced most of the issues, therefore this is the area I am going to focus on, especially after going through this forum and seeing that quite a few customers also rely on this functionality in their day to day operations. First, maybe some minor ideas: Power button. I could not find it, neither looking all over the device, nor in the user guide. Did I miss it? You do need to reset your router time from time and the only way to do it is either by connecting to its control panel (that is if it is responding) and doing it there, or trying to unplug it from power supply. Not sure if it's healthy. More templates of established VPN providers (maybe at least Top5?) in basic VPN Setup. It would eliminate a lot of hassle, also reduce support requests that you get around VPN, since it would be tested out, reducing problem surface for users. Especially given it is one of more complicated setups, as per your KB. Resiliency: Reconnecting to the VPN server if connection drops/session expires/etc. Not sure if it is doing it now, but it did not seem like, I need to connect to control panel to reconnect it, or even resubmit all the same details, as connection state simply says Failed. Ability to add more than one VPN server in configuration for service continuity purposes. If one becomes unavailable, it could revert to the next specified. VPN speed. I am sure you know about it, but enabling VPN bleeds native speed provided by router dramatically. Ran couple of tests, kept server the same for consistency purposes (both, VPN server and dest server of speedtest): [VPN] Speed connected with laptop to NetDuma WiFI with Hybrid VPN ON: [NATIVE] Speed connected with laptop to NetDuma WiFI with Hybrid VPN OFF: [NATIVE] Speed connected with laptop to non-Duma router WiFI on same network with no VPN: [VPN] Speed connected with laptop to non-Duma router WiFI with VPN ON via VPN provider's proprietary desktop app: As you can see, NetDuma router beats the other one (Ubiquiti) hands down, but when VPN comes into play, all this native speed advantage is wasted. Desktop VPN app is outperforming, which is disappointing for me. Now, the issues/questions: As I said, I was hoping for seamless VPN integration, with almost like fire and forget configuration, however this was not the case and had to deep dive into making it work. Problem was DNS leak, and managed to fix it only after multiple trial and error attempts, where I found the firmware and upgraded it. Interesting that such issue was still persisting at v.3 However, here came stability problem. It would run for some time, then disconnect, randomly. Not sure what might be causing this, apart from when I login to NordVPN service from another device, on that occasion it seems to drop connection on Duma as well, even if I am connecting to completely different VPN server, through desktop app on a device connected on different WAN. Is this VPN provider problem, or something is glitching on NetDuma? Logs are gone in Hybrid VPN section after upgrading firmware to the latest. It just does not show anything on that tab. Tried firefox, chrome, different devices - nothing. Not critical, but annoying when performing diagnostics. In latest firmware release notes, it says: "Added ability to use specific IPv4/IPv6 DNS in HybridVPN". I do not see such option in HybridVPN section. In Network Settings > WAN > Network > DHCP - Yes, but it was there before. Nothing in HybridVPN related to DNS. What does "Use upstream DNS" exactly mean in this configuration? Is it same as default automatic value on windows network adapter, or with some additional functionality? Asking, because prior to updating to latest firmware, when VPN would be ON, it would use ISP's DNS and would end in DNS leakage, but would at least resolve the requests, however after update, it does not resolve any requests, while on VPN, unless I manually add DNS server addresses of Nord VPN's service. Shouldn't it pick those up automatically, and if not those, then at least ISP default ones? And finally, what is the best configuration to use purely for VPN setup in the router? Maybe there are other ways to solve DNS leakage apart from adding VPN's DNS server addresses manually, or something else I missed? For convenience, I added redacted ovpn file here. Thank you for your input! lt8.nordvpn.com.udp.ovpn
  2. Hello I am currently trying to use my nordvpn on my router. Which I have set-up currently and it says connected. My Issue under vpn traffic when I add a new device and set the mode to VPN only, it's not saving the devices once I leave the page. currently using the config for tcp if that helps any and im running firmware version: XR500 V2.3.2.114
  3. Good Day Netduma Army, when I have an issue with sorting something out you guys always seem to give the best advice. I live in the U.S and I recently purchased NordVPN for about $10 a month with the hopes of watching Netflix with my girlfriend who lives in Canada. I set up the Hybrid VPN on the Netduma and everything seemed to go well. I got my Canadian server hooked up and I'm ready to go. However, when I go to watch something a notice comes up stating, "You seem to be using an unblocker or proxy. please turn off any of these services and try again. For more help, visit netflix.com/proxy." Does anybody have any ideas on how to bypass this so I can go ahead and watch some Canadian Netflix?
  4. Hi everyone! I've a subscription with NordVPN and I'm trying to use it with my NetDuma R1 with DumaOS. I'm able to connect to any server, but even in the most near server I get awful speeds and super high ping... My connection without vpn it's 105 download and 20 up, with vpn I get 5 download and 5 up with bad ping. That doesn't allow me to play on my xbox one. I'm still in the 30 days to get a refund, but I would like to solve it and use it. So is there something I'm missing? Am I doing something wrong? I've read somewhere on the internet that people can get better latency with vpn for online gaming. With this experience it looks crazy to me 😛 I hope someone can explain me how people get better performance while playing under a vpn. Thanks for your help!
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