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Found 11 results

  1. Good Morning, I’ve recently purchased the R2, which by the way the service was absolutely rapid. It was in my hands in under 24 hours so great work on the delivery!! My ISP is Virgin Media, I have a SuperHub 4 with approx 940 down and 34 up. I’ve used the router in modem mode previously with an older Nighthawk router with no issues. I followed the instructions and connected everything, but it seems to not get a connection. It doesn’t generate any WLAN Info in system info I just shows “disconnected”. So I started again and followed the support article here making sure to allow the time for everything to initialise. but still no internet connection. I can hardwire direct to the SuperHub and get a connection. I’ve tried different cables and have ruled out this. SuperHub has been restored back to factory. The only think I haven’t don’t is flash the firmware on the R2 Any suggestions?
  2. I'm having multiple issues with my Netduma R2. My current setup: wifi is disabled and I have only two devices connected via LAN, laptop and PS5. 1. When I have my PS5 connected to Netduma via LAN. The PS5 will show "LAN connected" then "LAN disconnected" repeatedly. On the NETDUMA GUI it will show there is no internet connect. 2. I've attempted multiple resets and factory resets on the back of the device (30 seconds+) and it doesn't seem to work. The lights will continuously flicker on and off. On my laptop I can see my internet dropping on and off as well. I've also rebooted my service provider gateway and reboot the netduma (via unplug power cord) and no change. I couldn't bring the duma back online. So far the only way to bring the Netduma back online is unplug the power and ports for 24hrs. Plug the power and laptop back in, I was able to bring the router back online and get into the GUI. Once I was able to bring the GUI backup, I attempted to factory reset using the GUI, I'm now seeing the same symptoms in number 2 (see video). Please help PXL_20220120_024452444_4.mp4
  3. I went through the DCHP setting and added a reserved IP for all of my devices. I didn’t do anything crazy; I just listed from through I applied settings and when I restarted my computer now it is saying its connected but “no internet”. My computer is hardwired to the router. Please help, now I have no internet and I can’t even access the DumaOS config.
  4. So yesterday I decided to reboot my NetDuma R2 Router. Waited for a minute while unplugged and then plugged it back in. Ever since I did a reboot, my gaming pc hasn’t been able to connect to the internet via the Netduma R2. To see if my Ethernet was faulty, I switched my ethernet out from the Netduma R2 to my Bell Modem and it worked fine. I decided to leave the duma off for 24 hours and today I plugged it back in and same thing - Unidentified Network. Can’t figure out the issue? I can’t even connect to the Netduma interface. Keep in mind Ive had this item for almost 3 months now and this is my first issue. Was never having this problem before the reboot yesterday. Apparently it can’t find a valid IP configuration
  5. Hello, I’m trying to setup my netduma r2 router. I have Spectrum internet and my internet works perfectly fine. When setting up my router and hooking it up to my modem and then computer it says I’m connected but have no internet access. Why is this? I’ve tried resetting both my spectrum modem and my r2 router but it does nothing. If I unplug the r2 router and stick to the modem provided by Spectrum my internet works fine again. Thanks for the read.
  6. Hi @Netduma Fraser I have lost internet randomly again, I couldn't find the thread where we discussed about this issue but I remember there was an update for it and we concluded I monitor the situation. Since then I believe 3 weeks to a month now, woke up this morning no internet but can access the Router. Copied the log. Netdumar2 log-1610436028751.txt
  7. Hello, my speeds from my ISP are 500mbps download and my upload is 20mbps. I achieve these speeds when I am hardwired directly into the modem, but when I try to hardwire directly into the router I hardly get over 100mbps download and my upload seems to be right around 16-20mbps consistently. I also experience very poor signal strength and intermittent internet. I have the antennas up, and have a fair to poor connection on the same floor of my house as the router. I have had numerous tech agents from my ISP at my house, and replaced the modem a few times with no success. My ISP has confirmed that there is nothing wrong on their end as when testing their own basic modem I get the exact speeds I should and my connection strength is strong on all 3 floors of my house. My R2 also has the latest firmware update which doesnt seem to help the issue at all as this has been going on for some time. If I do not have this issue resolved soon I will have to ship my router back and move on from the R2.
  8. I've plugged in my netduma r2 into my sky home hub - the netduma hub is working well when connected to my laptop via ethernet. However, the netduma is not connecting to any other device via ethernet such as my PS4 and also it is showing I have no internet on the netduma r2 via wifi. I'm very confused is there anyway to fix this issue?
  9. I have several Windows 10 laptops running the latest updates. These machines can connect to my Nighthawk XR450 once and then that's it. Once they go to sleep, the next time I attempt to reconnect to the internet, I get the "Secured, No Internet" message. Sometimes an ipconfig /release and /renew works. Sometimes it does not. I've reset the connections completely and that worked, again, once. The oddest part, or more frustrating part, every other wireless device connected to the Nighthawk has no issues. Phones, tablets, Switch, Roku, etc. . . However, none of those really "sleep" per se. The Windows machines are the only ones that sleep. I've attempted different settings in the Wi-Fi configuration. Do not allow Windows to sleep the Wi-Fi card, changing channels on the router to avoid communication conflicts, turning on IPV6, etc. . . To no avail unfortunately. Also, I have an access point, a converted Linksys router that acts as an Access Point. The Windows 10 laptops can connect to that just fine. And then can connect to the internet. Coming out of sleep or not. They reconnect, and I'm golden. Is there a handshake occurring between the Nighthawk and Windows 10 that does not happen again after the initial connection? Windows 10 also increments the network every time I do manage to get it to connect. Like it's the first time it's seeing the router/network. While connecting to the Linksys Access Point is a solution, it's disappointing to not be able to connect to this fancy new router that I have. Again, all other devices, wired and wireless have no issues. Just Windows 10 wirelessly. Any ideas would be welcome! Thanks all!
  10. Using firmware R1 | Okay I have everything plugged up correctly.. and it keeps saying connected but no internet..
  11. When connecting with an Ethernet cable my internet is working. Although when i am using my phone it shows up with the WiFi logo with an x in it meaning its connected but their is no internet access. Can anyone help in trying to fix this as there are no wireless devices that are working in my home? * When i go onto the misc page on my computer it says please post issue in the forums on netduma
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