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Found 8 results

  1. Hey guys, i recently updated my Netduma R2 to the newest firmware, i reseted it and all before my update my WIFI is working (oldest firmware) now my Wifi is connected and i can’t access any website or do a speed test noting. My Ps5 is connected via LAN and works just fine. If i downgrade to the oldest firmware my WIFI works again as it should. I want to use the newest Firmware tho. Any help, so i can get my WIFI back to work again on the R2 so i can connect my wifi devices with it?Whould be awesome. kind regards, wedgfrff
  2. Duma as all 4 lights red but not conecting to internet , I Have done the 30 seconds reset , im stuck been trying to ort it for days any help???
  3. So I was having an issue with my r apps so I changed the setting to retry 5 times. Well it didn’t work but I noticed after I did that my internet stopped working completely. I had to factory reset it but this is how it happend. 1. Have a MAC address changed under router MAC address. 2. Change the settings to retry 5 times on the r apps. And bam internet doesn’t work anymore. Only fix I found was a factory reset. Even after this happened I plugged it into another router to see if it would get an internet connection, but nope. Even though on my other router it says that it’s plugged in it doesn’t even show under the devices tab and the internet light is still orange. I hope this gets looked into! Also changing the thing back to 3 retrys didn’t fix it either.
  4. I believe I tried to update the firmware before I hit the reset button on the devise. It not want to connect to any of my pc's or cellphones, the devise works and turns on it just wont connect I've been surfing these forums for a answer at no luck. Now if I could get some advice on how to reconnect the duma R2 back to my pc, IE it shows up on my available networks it just don't connect even when I use the factory password . I also have the app on my phone that does not let me login as well or connect to the devise. Thanks in advance if you can help me out.
  5. this occurs at random. the longest time this hasn't happened is 5-6 days this is with firmware XR1000-V1.0.0.54_1.0.40 I'm still using firmware Netduma Fraser provided me 1 or 2 devices would be connected to the router but wouldn't configure properly, example IPV4 on a iPad would be set to DHCP and the settings would be IP Address: Subnet Mask: router: comes up blank one or 2 of the game consoles had this happen too. should be IP Address: Subnet Mask: Router: DNS: while this happened I tried to manually set the WIFI configuration to what it should be but it wouldn't work still, only a power cycle would remedy this issue. this has happened a couple of times
  6. Re-posting from chat... I pre-ordered a Netduma R2 months ago, and after long shipping delays to UK for port / shipping container reasons, it finally arrived 2 days ago and I've set it up. However the connection is constantly dropping and leaving no devices with any internet at all. The only fix is unplug the router and plug it back in again... which is pointless. I've read through the forums and tried all the recommended fixes by other experienced users (increasing lease time to 168 hours, downgrading to previous firmware, factory resets etc.) and nothing is resolving the issue. Also the QoS does not seem to be working properly, it is making every single device run very slowly, much worse than before when I was just using the ISP router... Very disappointing, can someone please help me resolve these issues, or I would need to look at getting a refund, which is frustrating given how much I'd been looking forward to having this router after many months...
  7. Hello, my speeds from my ISP are 500mbps download and my upload is 20mbps. I achieve these speeds when I am hardwired directly into the modem, but when I try to hardwire directly into the router I hardly get over 100mbps download and my upload seems to be right around 16-20mbps consistently. I also experience very poor signal strength and intermittent internet. I have the antennas up, and have a fair to poor connection on the same floor of my house as the router. I have had numerous tech agents from my ISP at my house, and replaced the modem a few times with no success. My ISP has confirmed that there is nothing wrong on their end as when testing their own basic modem I get the exact speeds I should and my connection strength is strong on all 3 floors of my house. My R2 also has the latest firmware update which doesnt seem to help the issue at all as this has been going on for some time. If I do not have this issue resolved soon I will have to ship my router back and move on from the R2.
  8. Cuento que esta mañana me acaba de llegar el Netduma R2, yo soy de Colombia Latino America. Y bueno cuando ya iba a conectar mi R2 al router como decia la Guia lo cual segui todos los pasos y todo iba bien hasta que entre al navegador por el cual coloco para configurarlo y despues de eso no me dio conexion a internet ni nada, al final le di omitir y me mando a la configuracion del router y no me da ni conexion inalambrica ni por ethernet. Necesito Ayuda ya que soy nuevo en esto.
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