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Found 6 results

  1. Opinions Needed for this forum, so the new owners can see before the start of pacific season 2. •SEC 1.1-1.4• ●SEC 1.1 NOW UP TO YALL WHICH TOP 3 WOULD YOU LIKE TO SEE (IN ORDER) AND OUT OF THOSE TOP 3 INCLUDE WHETHER OR NOT IT SHOULD HAVE A LOW DROP RATE 5 PER MATCH, MEDIUM 15 PER MATCH, AND SUPER DROP RATE 25 PER MATCH. ●SEC 1.2 IF TOP 3 HAVE MONEY AMOUT ADD OR MINUS WHAT YOU THINK AND IF IT HAS TIME ADD OR MINUS THE AMOUNT OF TIME YOU SEE FIT. •DO FIRST BEFORE READING SEC1.3👇• *See Bottom For Detail's* ●SEC1.3 💡1. New Field Upgrade Idea, make it so you have unlimited ammo for 15 or 30 secs. Just so it isnt OP Excludes LMGS, ANY DUEL WIELDING MACHINE PISTOLS AND DOUBLE BARREL SHOTGUNS. Drop rate of 15%, or only 10-15 can only spawn on a map 1 time. 💡2. New Field Upgrade Idea, all shop purchases are 75% cheaper. For all teammates for 30-45 seconds. 💡3. New Field Upgrade Idea, fully recover armour instantly. 1 Use. 💡4. New Field Upgrade Idea, Get all perks for 3 minutes instantly 1 time use. 💡5. New Field Upgrade Idea, Buffs sprint speed up to 35% for 80 seconds. 💡6. NEWLY Field Upgrade Idea, Buffs reload up to 35% for 80 seconds. 💡7. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly revive a downed teammate or self revive 1 time use or instantly revive all teammates instantly 1 time use. 💡8. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly heal all players health and 2 armour plates/all 3 armour plates. Yall decide 💡9. New Field Upgrade Idea, instantly grants 5k/7.5k cash to all teammates. Yall decide on amount 💡10. New Field Upgrade Idea, Buy back all dead teammates for free or buy back all teammates without having to go to a buystation for 50% the price. Only 5 in a game can be found at any given time. Yall decide. 💡11. (Last)New Field Upgrade Idea, Grants team a class to pick from without hatving to grab from a loadout Drop. Basically pulls up ur class menu and you pick the class you want right than and there it will pull up on all screens after 5 or 10 seconds of the field upgrade being called in also gives u a small notice at the top saying ur teammate or you have called in a loadout make sure your behind cover in 5 or 10 ge. ●SEC 1.4 SEC 1.2 IS OPTIONAL BUT PERFERRED. Please participate In this survey I wanna send this to microsoft, and put these in order, and fix the perk to what the majority wants its important u answer all questions including SEC 1.2 please. But since blizzard no longer owns the company, and Microsoft actually listens to there customers send to streamers as well, post there opinion if you want. SINCE MICROSOFT OWNS THIS GAME ITS TIME FOR A CHANGE FELLAS. #LetsStartMakingOurOwnChanges
  2. Can you add shadow "by blade". Its a game streaming platform like geforce now.
  3. Hey guys, Im a streamer and Im getting really fed up with my R2 resetting itself randomly while Im streaming on twitch. As you may know if your internet connection drops so do all of your current viewers. The router has done this for months. When i first got it and set it up I only lasted 2 days using it because it kept resetting. I have factory reset it 4 times, I have tried un-released updates that yall have like 3.0.150. The problem stays. I dont know what to do anymore, I love netduma routers and all of the gaming features but I cant have my router restarting itself sometimes twice in a row for no reason. Please help me I am starting to think I have a defected router because this seems so crazy.
  4. Hi! My name is Hercule. I am a French Canadian. So my English isn't on a perfect level I am 23. Office worker. Nice to meet you here!
  5. Hey people just got my NETDUMA today, my friend lives in Ontario and I live in Newfoundland roughly 3000km away, I am unable to connect to him on WW2, keep getting error with unable to connect to host, any suggestions.
  6. Personal_Setup_0.json It is recommended to use this profile when gaming unless a more specific one is available. Personal_Setup_1.json This profile will optimise the router for finding games fairly quickly. Personal_Setup_2.json This profile will optimise the router for finding games with extremely good connection.profile will optimise the router for finding games with extremely good connection. Having the right profile is only half of the solution having the correct speed is the other half of the solution don't do a speed test try if you know how to look at your modem speeds in the actual router or modem take those exact download and upload speeds now work out what is 95% of those speeds in to the Netduma now we are not trying to throttle we are trying to give a little bit of a buffer now I would suggest trying 95% or 90% or 85% we don't want to enter lower than that try whichever one gives you the triple a result For example if your speed is 48.99 in the browser put 95 % of 48.99 and it will give you the answer do the same for the upload For example 95 % of 48.99 is 46.5405 95 % of 7.19 is 6.8305 And we want to enter it into the Netduma like this 46.5 and 6.8 Use this site to find out if you've got a triple A http://www.dslreports.com/speedtest with a Geo Home Distance 0 for call of duty this will be my last profile post for the Old firmware.
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