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Found 3 results

  1. my geo is not working on fornite keep kicking off after like 35 sec and my ratios in in the 2 server usa
  2. Hey everyone, So to first start off, I have been here since early adoption. Had my Duma for quite some time. But, I have not played in MONTHS... (Had a little one and have lost time playing sadly.) Also, had a different profile on here, and can not figure out my PW so i have to create a new account. GREAT START... Anyway, today I have off and wanted to get to playing again. And now when trying to set up my geofilter the entire host filtering tab does not load at all. Just sits there and has the 5 line loading bar the whole time. Nothing happens. I have rebooted, factory reset and tried everything to get my filter to function again.. Also, not an ISP issue, just ran test and it shows that I am still pulling 850d/950u. Has anyone ran into this issue and what is the fix? Thank you in advance, -Bleach
  3. Hi everyone, All is well if I use a Samsung TV, but if I plug in some small computer monitor with DVI-D input, via a connector adapter, I get nothing. I even tested by plugging the cables directly, without the HDMI splitter, it works fine. One of the monitors, a Fujitsu-Siemens P15-1, reports "frequency out of range" when the cable comes from the splitter. The other kind of monitors, iiyama ProLite PB1705S, doesn't do anything and goes into stand-by mode. I wish I could specify the model of HDMI splitter, but it says nothing specific on it. General things like 8-port HDMI Splitter, made in China and there's a barcode label. Power is 12 Volts. I'm ready to replace it with another one, but how do I know if it will work with my monitors? I can only think of seeking local used ones and trying it out before buying.
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