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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Netduma Team, Hope you guys are all doing good. I'm located in France. I'm contacting you as all of a sudden, the NAT type on my xbox series X went strict. I've tried several configurations without no result. I hard reseted the netduma r2 also with no success. So when digging a bit, i saw that the NAT comes back at "open" when i deactivate GeoFilter. It seems like geo filter is blocking Microsoft Xbox NAT servers. I also tried to launch a NAT test on the console and observe what pops on the geofilter map. I then saw two servers poping in around USA East coast. Il allowed these two servers and things seems to be better but this is not a solution in the long term. Could you please give a hand on this. Many thanks in advance Have a nice days. Regards Amah
  2. Hi - Having an issue where the Geo-Filter screen is entirely blank, with no icons whatsoever, no Allow and Deny information, and no Auto-Ping information. This briefly changes when I load up Warzone - I see a good handful of Servers and Players only during the "Connecting to Xbox Live Server" screen, and all Server and Player icons dissipate after loading into the main lobby screen. This doesn't change whether I delete and re-add the Xbox, or when I enter and exit Spectating/Polygon/Geo-Filtering mode, and I'm unable to Resync Cloud manually ("Rapp is taking longer than usual" every time). My current NAT type is moderate, and I've tried extensively to change this - I have my Xbox IP in DumaOS' DMZ, and I'm forwarding all necessary ports. Occasionally a singular Server in Texas will appear for about five seconds. I'm at a loss - any and all help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. So got my NetDuma R2 the other day and installed it, had an issue with a Double Nat Type, I'm using the Sky Homehub, which is an absolute shiter, mega locked down, anyways after sorting that issue I was absolutely smashing it in cod all night up until I messed about with the Geo Filter and set it to America to see how my friends ping was but then my Nat Type said Strict, so set it back to the UK and restarted the Xbox but still nothing, restarted both routers and now it's Moderate, I can't get it to Open on WZ yet it says it's Open on Xbox One, I've tried turning Geo Filtering off then waiting a few minutes and loading the game up but still showing Moderate, I'm not proper tech savvy, so any ideas would need to be in simple man's terms? Thanks in advance 👍🏻
  4. I use to have a open NAT type on my old PC. I just built a new one and I am back to moderate. I still have my ports forwarded. Im not sure what changed or how to go about fixing it.
  5. Recently received my R2 this is connected to my Virgin Media box (UK) however when turning on my console it tells me that the NAT Type is Moderate and double NAT is detected. Meaning that when i try to party up with players on Warzone it can not let them join. I am running on IPv4 not sure if IPv6 will make much difference. I can search for games but i am not sure it is connecting to the serves that i want on the geofilter. I Have watched many videos on YouTube and still no luck. Has anyone managed to resolve this issue or had something similar? I am new to the Netduma community, and thought that it would be a really simple process such as plug and play but boy I am wrong Any help would be greatly appreciated
  6. How can I get an Open NAT for my PS4 Pro? I'm using the Netgear D7800 Modem/Router to connect to my NBN connection in AUstralia. Then using the XR1000 as my router. I connect my PS4 Pro via a Cat8 cable and jus cant get Nat Type 1, its always 2.
  7. good day I'm wondering why is my connection type in ps5 cw is moderate it was open in y ps4 i already prioritize it in my ps5 1 additional thing i noticed s my ping go to 80ms on ps5 and cant get my old bandwidth speed it was 40mbps upload and 95mbps download ping 60ms ((on ps4)) now 35mbps and 70mbps download ping 84ms when i run connection benchmark 9
  8. I've been having problem with the nat type on my xbox. Its showing that i currently have a Moderate Nat with double NAT detected. Im currently useing a Mofi4500 broadband router which use a sim card. Ive put the wan IP of the R2 into the DMZ of the mofi and turn off the upnp also. I tried putting the Mofi4500 on IP passthrough/bridge mode but that didnt work either. At this point i dont really have a clue on how to get the nat type to open.
  9. Hey guys i just set up my netduma nd it says on my xbox i got a double nat. Any way on fixing this?
  10. Hi to everyone! i am wondering if anyone has put the PS4 on DMZ to get nat type 1. In that case the functions of the XR 500 like port forwarding, port triggering, traffic priority, ABB and QoS are still working? If anyone did this how is experience on CoD? The same, worst or better?
  11. Hi, I've been suffering lag issues with my connection since the year dot... I've tried everything to combat this. from buying the xr500 and setting 70-70% buffer bloat to buying stand-alone modems. nothing seems to work. My gameplay is terrible I always come off second best in any battle, I have found that if I use an automatic weapon from distance i stand a much better chance of getting kills but when I go head to head or use a sniper rifle I might as well not bother... I then started looking into this and came across the puma 6 chipset that was causing ping spikes by testing my router and modem (Vodafone router, Netgear modem, Openreach modem and tp-link modem/router) these are the combos I have tried... I have also tested each one individually by using the DSL reports test http://www.dslreports.com/tools/puma6 this has shown that all of my hardware is failing and resulting in major spikes up to 700ms and mainly red and amber results. I can't tell if the xr500 has anything to do with this or that it's just a faulty chipset in all the modems and the xr500 is just reporting the result of what's coming through the modem. I have also used ping plotter to see if i could replicate some of the unstable latency/pings and its not conclusive partly because I'm only using the free version of ping plotter. I have also tried playing about with my NAT type by doing port forwarding, DMZ, UPNP and opening nat on my WAN menu. I have tried UPnP on and off, consoles in the DMZ and out but nothing seems to have been very successful. I get an open NAT but the gameplay is really bad. I recently bought a tp-link vr300 and noticed it had an option for a full cone NAT. I have enabled this and closed the NAT on the XR500 and also added port triggering on my tp-link to all the relevant ports for my game and it seems to be playing a lot better but this might just be a placebo. does anyone have suggestions on how to overcome the puma 6 chipset high ping problems or good UK modem that doesn't use it? don't want to buy another modem only to find it's going to give me the same problems and if you have had any experience with full-cone NATs and the best setup for gaming.
  12. i have recently purchased this router and forgive me if i posted this in the incorrect section. i keep running into a problem where if i am on router mode i have double nat type. All the threads i could find on the internet that indicates you have more then one router on your network that is producing wifi. in my case i don't. my internet provider is wireless internet company so my router is directly connected to their equipment with no modem. i have tried port forwarding, setting up the wan/lan, turning the router on and off multi times and haven't had any luck. i did have a little success when i turned the router into AP mode. the issue with that is after about 30 minutes or so my Xbox claims my upnp was unsuccessful and while in AP mode i have no control over it and cant turn it off and back on again. so i have to continually switch between ap and router mode which is really inconvenient every 30 minutes. i'm starting to think i made a bad investment with this router. is there a fix? or should i return this over priced box and try a different brand?
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