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Found 21 results

  1. good evening forum! for information I wanted to know if you would add warzone 2 and MW2 to your list of games (beta will be out in days). will you also include servers in the heat map? do you think they will use existing servers such as those of warzone and mw 2019? thank you
  2. This video has been posted 2 days ago. I've tried to follow it but there are some things that i don't see. For example, i don't have the Modern Warfare 2 option in the Ping Heatmap. Also by selecting any Call of Duty option, instead of the pings, it appears "N/A". I have an XR500, firmware V2.3.2.134 What i'm trying to do is to find matches in the near server cause right now i'm finding matches with 80 or more ping.
  3. Hi, Geofencing is not working...I don't see any servers playing Modern Warfare on PS5 (I've tried several radius configurations but still don't see anything) . Also it's not possible to flush the cloud as an error messages pop's up. This is my firmware on the XR300 The profile used for the device is Call of Duty and the device is set to "console profile" Any idea on how to fix the problem Thanks
  4. Hi everyone!! i wonder which is the proper way to connect my XR500 on my ISP modem/router. Via bridge mode or PPPoE passthrough??
  5. I've always wondered how the streamers can find lobbies with "noob" players and now what i know is that by using a Netgear you can trick the SBMM and find easy lobbies (but i'm not 100% sure). I don't like to play always competitive on Warzone or Multiplayer matches, i prefer to play quiet. What i'm asking is (if possible) how did i need to setup my router in order to get those easy lobbies? I have a Netgear XR500
  6. Yo @Netduma Alex So in Modern Warfare the Sydney dedicated server is located way too far left of where Sydney actually is, also it ALWAYS appears as a Peer instead of dedi. Secondly there is a very mislocated server in Australia which I've circled in blue, judging by the ping it's in Europe somewhere. Cheers!
  7. Netgear announced that the beta for DumaOS 3.0 is now open for all users for XR 500/450. @Netduma Admin @Netduma Alex @Netduma Fraser Can you create a topic here to report any issue? It really more comfortable to use your forum instead of Netgear forum...
  8. Hello my Netdumers. I'm having issues with my R2 putting out the speeds I was receiving when I was only connected to my XR700. I have my XR700 being supplied with the 10Gb SFP+ module input for internet (Comcast with my own netgear gaming cable modem). running all Cat7 cables all 6 feet long. I have my XR700 DMZ out, reserved address and all setting giving the R2 full open speeds. I deactivated all wireless to the R2 since I only want to provide service to my PS4 (Ethernet hard wired) to manage the best connection for Modern Warfare Warzone. My QoS on my XR700 is set at 50 for the R2 Dumaos and the rest of devices is set to 5. When I run a speed test from Ookla on my XR700 speed came back at 232 down / 20 up, on the R2 i'm receiving 153 down / 11 up. on the PS4 pro speed test results were 153 down 15 up on the R2 and after a few hours of gaming on Warzone I decided to retest and got 63 down / 7 up from the R2 device. I rebooted and recheck all settings on both XR700 and R2 and cant seem to get it right. If anyone can help me on why or guiding me through a specific setting on the R2 since its slightly different than the XR700 would be appreciated. Thank you all in advance.
  9. Hi guys!! Since a lot of people now they use the DumaOS 3.0 I wonder if with new geo-fencing the problem with the chat party solved... has anyone tried this? And how the geo-fencing works? Before we now that is blocked everyone outside from selected area. Now that we can select specific areas how this work if someone of our friend is outside of this area? Also in my case that I leave in Greece and there is no server and I must select a server in Italy and Germany. How can effects when I want to have a chat party?
  10. Hi to everyone!! i am waiting my first scuf controller for almost 2 months... but I see a lot of people on Twitter that they report a lot of problems... Has anyone have scuf and what is you personal experience? I am playing Warzone and that is the reason I order it.
  11. Hi I have my nighthawk 300 router set up with geo filtering to within 599 miles of my location. Ping assist is currently off. This doesn't seem to help me connect to better lobbies at all. Every single game I play the ping is well over 100, and high packet loss.
  12. hey can someone please help me get a open nat on modern warfare?, i have tryed everything, port foward all ports, tryed spectator mode before turning console on, set up static ip for my ps4 using my router. diesabled upnp and port fowraded nothing worked. please help than you
  13. Hi guys!! I start this topic because I want your opinion on this. I play on PS4. I noticed that every time that join on my lobby one of my friends my connection became terrible! 0.5 sec behind and poor hit detection! When I play alone or with my other friends everything works perfect! All of my friends are from the same country of course. Have any noticed something like this? Can any one knows how it works with lobby’s? For example if I am the leader on the lobby I am also the host or the game choose randomly from the 12 players that are on the lobby.
  14. Hi everyone! Of course I want to have the best settings on my XR500 and the best performance! So I am trying to figure it out what I should do... I read that we have to avoid the double NAT when are setup is modem/router from ISP and a second router. In my case is the XR500. I found 2 ways to do that. One is PPPoE pass through and the other way to set DMZ. Right now I have it PPPoE and I confirm that I have public WAN IP like 91.xxx.xxx.xx instead or But generally I read on the forum that the most people use the DMZ way... So my question is which way I must choose...
  15. I need some help with this I have it working a bit. im in the UK and can connect to a server in US so that when I have 6 players one one team and 6 on other they will connect to each other within 2-3 searches maximum. However once it reaches 9/10pm UK servers get busy and this isn’t possible. I have tried everything switching to Australia etc and nothing seems to work. Please see below for more details. All profiles are connected to the DumaOs and Geo Filter is used for hosts of both parties 6 on one team and 6 on the other with 1 host for each party off court. im wanting to find out how I can fix this issue and what settings I could use any help is appreciated
  16. hey all, recetntly, my geo filter didnt work. It didnt show any servers or players on my map. After i rebooted it, it was fixed. It worked regularly. However now, when I play with friends, i get extreme lag spikes all of the sudden (my friends live inside of the geofilter radius) here how my gaming experience looks like: Alone I have no issues: but with my friends its unplayable... how can I fix that? also question on the map: why do i get connected to a server in ireland when that is clearly not inside the radius...? When I click on the tab down right it takes forever to load 😕 and when I try to flush the cloud it says "this action takes longer than usual". But my ISP says there is nothing from with my connection, and theyre right, on my phone etc. there are no issues Thanks in advance!
  17. Hey all, I have severe connection issues with modern warfare (and ps4) and I hope you can help me. First Problem: PS4 Party Chat It is really difficult creating a party where I can talk to my friends. The geofilter blocks them for some reason. Even when I whitelist them, it takes at least 8 times rejoining until i can talk to them (they also live inside the radius). Is there a fix to this? Second Problem: Extreme Lag (Despite using Ping Assist) At first only 1 out of 10 games were extremely laggy, but now almost every game is very very laggy, it looks like this: I have set a Geofilter radius around me. And even set a Ping assist, but lobbies like this happen way too often. Sometimes, the game starts regularly, and after 1 min it goes downhill. Especially when I connect to the server in Italy I always get a laggy game. I think this might be a mislocated server (wish I could give you the ID of it, but when I click on it the tab down right loads for ever) Also: Why do server sometimes show up as a server icon and sometimes as a Peer Icon? Third Problem: Mislocated Servers / Another Geofilter Problem? Sometimes I get connected to a server outside my radius as seen here: Once I got connected to a Server in Paris, and once in the South of England. (The one in Paris i got connected with a ping assist of 40. the one in england my ping assist was at 0). Mislocated servers as well? I never whitelisted them. Fourth Problem: Mini Lags / Package loss In games where I dont lag all over the place (rare at the moment...) I have always package loss or mini lags as seen here: Package loss indicator on the left. Right now I cant really tell if the lobby I am in i am getting the best connection possible. Either Mini lags or complete disconnect. I play on a wired connection. Alright this was a little much input sorry. But I just want it to work again like in the beginning where I got my XR500 (October 30). Everything worked perfectly then. I got a perfect lobby every time, never had lag or connection loss, my shots connected and no PS4 Party connection issues. I just don't know what happened that it doesnt work like that anymore. As always, thanks in advance for your help!
  18. Hello peeps, I’m not sure if this info is of any use to Admin/Support/Devs, but listed below are some south of England hosts with the ‘choopa.net’ domain name. These were noted while I was playing MW. I think the ‘choopa.net’ domain name suggests the hosts are dedicated servers, however, the Host Type says Peer and they also have peer icons - not the square dedicated server icons. Another thing to note is that when I am playing on a Dedicated server (square icon) and I click the DENY button, the game freezes and I eventually get kicked out of the game, as you might expect. But, when I click the DENY button on the below hosts (dedicated but with a peer icon), the game continues as though the host has not actually been blocked at all. To sum up, I assume the peer hosts with dedicated domain names are actually dedicated hosts because they all appear on the south coast of England, in the place where I know there are dedicated servers. But I'm not sure if they are properly blocked when they are put into the Allow and Deny list, as clicking the DENY button during a game has no effect. ----- 95-179-204-135.choopa.net 2d5fbc87fcccaeb3 95-179-205-11.choopa.net 2e5f400bfccdaeb3 95-179-205-43.choopa.net 2e5f602bfccdaeb3 95-179-205-222.choopa.net 2e5f13defccdaeb3 95-179-204-84.choopa.net 2d5f8954fcccaeb3
  19. Hi guys!! I wonder if the MTU can make any difference on the game. I have the default value 1500 on XR500. Cn any one explain me if it is better to change that and how can I find the true MTU value?
  20. Hey all, just wanted to ask if there are any updated maps to the server locations on modern warfare. I saw this map: https://forum.netduma.com/topic/29370-modern-warfare-dedicated-servers/ and some said that the map might be updated. For example, on that map it shows brussel as one of the locations, on another site they said the server is in amsterdam. Same with Germany, on the map it shows Stuttgart? (i think) and other sites say Frankfurt, or even no servers in germany at all. Maybe you know more than I do Thanks in advance! :)
  21. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iSHgvZWCubg Shout out to Velloony for being the only one to stop by my stream! Thanks bro Follow me on Twitter @KankyCeez Drop and Like and Subscribe if you guys would like to see more gameplay using the Duma!
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