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Found 6 results

  1. I tried to port forward for Minecraft using 25565 but it seems when I apply it and check if its open with a port forwarding checker it always it is closed.
  2. Hi, I have been having some issues setting up my Minecraft server, primarily with port forwarding. My physical setup is just a NetGear XR500, I am connected to it via Wifi. I have forwarded the ports (TCP/UDP) 25565, and then as that did not work, tried 25569, and still no result. The server was unable to be reached by my friends, and when checking via canyouseeme.org, the ports reported as closed. I have double checked that I am using the correct internal IP, and I have tried both the external IP addresses I have. Which is unusual, I know, because I have never had 2 externals before. The WAN address I see via DUMAOS is different from the one I get when search "what is my ip address" via google. Before getting this router, I had been able to search my ip via google, provide that to my mates, forward 25565, and then no further issues were had. I have also tried re-forwarding the ports. If someone has had this exact same issue, and I have overlooked that thread, please link me so that I can try to fix it there. Any help is appreciated!
  3. So the auto detect doesn't come on for Minecraft. I am hosting a server, and four others on this router connect as well. I set the ports for the server, which then disallowed those ports for any other devices, and doesn't show activity. Is there a reason for this?
  4. ok, so i want to open the port 25565 so i can have a minecraft server to play with friends. I have tried literally everything suggested to me, i am just amazed it is so hard to do!! I think it has something to do with the connection between my modem and my netduma. My netduma is in the dmzplus mode of my modem. i just dont know if this can be resolved but if you have any suggestions i would appreciate it. also, i have upnp enabled right now and it automatically opened ports on my computer that i am trying to manually open ports on. when i test those ports online they are closed as well. do you think its possible that the online port checkers are inaccurate?
  5. Hi i am trying to open a port for a minecraft server. whenever i add the rule on the netduma and use a port checker online the port is not opened. I have my netduma in the dmz with my main modem. how can i get the port i want to open, actually open? any help appreciated.
  6. hi, bear with me im gonna provide as much info on the situation as i can. I have DESPERATELY been trying to port forward on my netduma. I have tried literally everything and cant get it to work, all i need is 1 port opened!! I have my R1 setup in my modems DMZplus mode, and its like my r1 just cant do port forwarding. i have assigned a static ip to my pc through the windows network settings, and the dhcp lease settings on my netduma. but even after doing all this and trying to get it to work whenever i test the port im trying to open it is always closed. If yall have any info on why this is happening or could help me out i would really really appreciate it!! thanks
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