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Found 4 results

  1. I think my R2 just died... So i connected my ps5 directly to the R2 and started to have "connected"/"disconnected" notifications on console, so i watched my router and discover it just entered in a boot loop. I disconnected all lan cables from my R2, unplugged it from electric outlet and waited a couple of minutes. Turned the R2 on and tried to reset it, 30 seconds, and it didnt reset. Now just the power indicator is on, no wifi 2.4 or 5ghz lights on. Like a month before whenever i tried to go into the router via web browser it felt very laggy, and some rapps didnt load at all.
  2. Hi, recently out of nowhere the router internet went off, and has been stuck in a loop where the power light stays on , the internet light comes on. Shortly after, the 2.4g and 5g lights come on, then the internet light goes out, then very shortly after, the 2.4 and 5g lights go out and repeat. I have tried leaving it unplugged over night, and i have tried countless times to reset it but to no avail. Any help would be appreciated
  3. Let me say first that for the last 2 weeks its been working fine, no issues whatsoever. geo circle its like 1200km+ so no size issue, or any changes as they rarely need to be made, na warzone servers they are always in the geo zone. But the past 2-3 days its been acting up on Warzone, like the ping just climbs and climbs and then it just never finds a game. It often will find the server and then drop us out, and then back into a lobby, over and over and then eventually getting a game but its just so SLOW now. but the worst one it will just start at 80 ping, then look for 156 ping and just never find a game and stay at that ping(the worst issue). even if i move the zone around a bit it doesnt matter. The ping is usally 50-70 once in game so its perfectly fine, but its the lobby/joining issue thats really wack. Why is it doing this now? like i said no changes on my end. is there an update for the router i missed or something new on dumaos? its just incredibly odd. it was perfect even at 750km lol so i just dont get it, i made it bigger to help to 1200 but it doesnt matter sometimes, it will do above.
  4. Hello all, I've recently been experiencing reboot loops with my R2. It started when I lost connection all of a sudden and which I assumed was a normal network drop so I logged into my R2 to reboot it. It didn’t go through (it was stuck on loading) so I unplugged it (10 sec wait time) then plugged it back in. As it reboots the internet LED just blinks then switches off over and over. I’ve left it for 20 mins to no avail so I had to reset it. After the reset I was able to get in so I updated to the new firmware (forum showed there was one) and after it rebooted it has gone back to the reboot loop. I had to unplug it which I’m assuming has now caused it to have a bad install, it’s now stuck ever since. I have left it unplugged for 4 hours so far and checked it and it looks like my router is bricked. can anyone assist me on this? I had just bought it a few months ago.
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