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Found 7 results

  1. Hey Netduma comunnity! I´ve been playing COD since the launch of the first one, all the this time has been a constant learning about connection, lag, lag comp, servers, netcode... some times It look´s for me more like a engineer than a gamer. Now it´s time to ww2, I´m now 170´s master prestige, so I´m so frustrated, why?, it´s simple, yesterday after some hit markers and 1 kd and lower ratio matches (my average in this game it´s fine 1.79) I decided to go to IW, I love that game (improved a lot since launch). The experience was flowles, every single match was a nuke chance, reached some high killstreaks almost 70% of the matches... etc. I´ve been improving my connection this last days, I´ve bought a XR500 Nighthawk, fiber optic, connected straight to the ONT-XR500 (no ISP router), I´ve changed old thernet cables (now CAT 7), and some config´s than let me play at 4ms to Madrid (Spain) activision dedi server. So, what´s happening to WW2 if I really noticed my high broadband quality in one COD and it´s not happening in the las one WW2 COD. I think that weapon balance is broken (did you see the shotgun with insendiary shells?, they kill you in one shot from 100 mtrs!, so the killstreak is more difficult to reach) , there´s a netcode issue that randomly make me shoot first and die first. What do you think about it?. am I the only one? Have a nice day
  2. Hi All, Can anyone help me with setup? Been looking around at various videos and the latest 'thing' i'm seeing is BufferBloat. Two images, first is direct from my ISP router, second is via Duma after some adjustment to get A+ bufferbloat. The issue is that apparently I'm dropping or re-transmitting over 12% of packets. Misc: Enabled Enable deep packet processing. Enable upnp forwarding. Enable cookies. I've tried rebooting, removing other devices, wireless disabled and various settings on and off. I've also played around with the U/L D/L caps + Algorithm. The highest I get it via the Duma is a C, but bloat is way off. Like most of lllRL's posts, i'm just outside of London and it's pretty bad the majority of the time. Cheers, Tanky
  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GjMaDrwgj3k https://www.youtube.com/kankyceez I'll be posting high scoring gameplay/Nukes for WW2. Stick around I'll be posting my Netduma settings for WW2 once I get a feel for it. @kankyceez
  4. I just recently purchased the Netduma and I'm trying to get the thing dialed in correctly. I live in North Carolina, US. My speeds are 300+ down / 30+up. I have my Xbox One connected via ethernet. My friends and I typically only play whatever the newest COD is at the time as well as the newest Forza Motorsports. That said, my friends are kind of scattered about. One lives in my neighborhood, one lives in South Carolina, one in Georgia, another in my same state by on the other side of it. I've been using the "COD Ultimate" profile with geo-location enabled for a radius about 400-500 miles and ping assist between 40-50. I'm not sure if the Duma is doing anything or not but I feel generally that we have gotten into games with better connections...I think. One of my friends in South Carolina tends to be struggling now though more than he did before using the Duma. He was the one originally searching for rooms or running the room where now because I have the Duma, I am searching for the games and running the room. I've got hyper control set for the Xbox One and the right algorithm selected. UPnP is enabled. IPV6 is off. Deep packets is unticked. What else should I be doing? Am I doing anything wrong currently? I'm just looking for some helpful suggestions if anyone has any. Thanks a lot!!
  5. A few people have mentioned having a tournament/league on IW, so let's do it. It's going to be individual rather than teams, free-for-all, gun game, something like that. If there's much interest then we'll expand it to other game-types. It's on Xbox One, because I want to play and I don't have a PS4 (feel free to have a PS4 competition too, I won't sue). Anyone that wants to play then post an excited sounding response below. This is not an official Netduma competition, there's no prize except bragging rights, obviously if you beat me and you brag about then then you'll be banned from the forum. We're probably better off separating timezones to an extent because it'll be a pain in the butt to organise matches otherwise. Campers will be branded with a permanent "I'm a camping pussy", or similar, signature. If you have any preference/ideas on the format, then stick them below.
  6. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=esu9Ib-vYZM HOW TO HAVE AN OPEN NAT TYPE EVERY TIME!
  7. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mFdjEZFbRTo&feature=youtu.be Use headphones to get the full experience!
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