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Found 9 results

  1. Starting last week, my Netduma R2 router started randomly dropping it's internet connection from my modem. I verified my modem was still receiving internet from my ISP when this problem occurred but since the downtime on the Netduma router was only a couple minutes and then started working normally again, I figured it wasn't a big deal. However, fast forward to a couple days ago, this issue happened again but this time my Netduma router never fully reconnected to the internet. What's strange is that the Netduma router connects to the internet for around 15 seconds, disconnects completely right after, and then proceeds to do an automatic restart in attempt to reestablish a connection in a constant loop. The internet and Wi-Fi lights on the Netduma router flash for a bit, the internet light goes out, followed by the Wi-Fi lights over and over. Additionally, since my Netduma router loses internet so quickly, I'm unable to access the dashboard in time to change any setting that may be somehow causing this problem. To troubleshoot, I first did a standard restart on my Netduma router which did nothing. Next, I did both a standard and factory restart on my modem too but my Netduma router still disconnects from the internet. I then did a factory restart for my Netduma router which did allow me to access the initial setup process and does say the router is detecting an internet connection but once it finishes and brings me to the dashboard, it again disconnects from the internet in a constant loop. I also noticed the firmware version it's running on is v.3.0.205 instead of the newest v.3.2.453 but I can't upgrade the firmware since the internet disconnects and I lose access of the dashboard. Not sure if the outdated firmware is the cause but it's the only potential solution I haven't been able to try yet. Is there a way to update the firmware while offline? To add further context of my setup, I have a modem supplied by my ISP which goes to a network switch. From my network switch, it splits off in two separate connections. One going to my office with my Netduma Router and the other going to my brother's setup with his own Netgear router. I don't believe having two routers on the same network is the problem since it hasn't been a problem prior but I figured it was worth bringing up just in case. The Netgear router in my brother's setup has been working perfectly fine during all this and connects to the internet no problem. I also tried completely turning off the Netgear router from the network while restarting everything else but that didn't change anything. I've even connected my PC directly to the modem which has up to date firmware and it connects to the internet just fine. I'm positive the problem is my Netduma router since everything else has been operational like usual. I know this is a lot of information but I figured it was necessary in order to layout everything going on for context. I've tried everything I could possibly think of to resolve this, yet nothing has worked. Hopefully this can be resolved because I've been very pleased with the Netduma R2 router and all the great features it provides. Any help would be greatly appreciated. -Thanks
  2. Recently I have noticed that my speeds from speedtest.net have been slower that usual. My set up is my R1 connected to my ISP Modem then my laptop connected via cat6 to the R1 and the R1 is running v 3.0.207. My download speed should be 250 Megabits per second but a few weeks ago, I noticed my speeds had been settling around the 180-200 Mbps range (all tests have been done on speediest.net to my ISP server). I rebooted my R1 numerous times and that moved my speeds up to 200-220 Mbps. Like any enthusiast, I thought it was my ISP but after connecting to my modem, I have consistently gotten a full 260 Mbps on every test. QOS is turned off, I set my bandwidth on the router to 250, 300,1000 but none of the speed setting had an impact on my speeds. Any ideas on what may be causing the issue/ what can be done about it?
  3. I could use some help. R2 arrived today I’ve spent the last several hours trying to get it to connect. My Netgear CM1000v2 (modem) holds my internet signal just fine but the R2 won’t maintain it. When I try to log into the router/ip address to register the router the website keeps giving me this error message: “could not detect an internet connection.” I’ve hard wired my computer to both the modem and router to get internet access but the R2 won’t give me a signal. Also, the internet & 2.4GHz light continually blink (as you can probably guess). I’ve never had such a hard time making a router work and I’m two seconds away from returning it for a refund. Any help you can give me is much appreciated, thanks -Izze
  4. Recently updated to Telstra Gaming Optimiser on Gen 2 modem. I have the Arcadyan LH1000 with latest firmware update. When I log into the modem it does go straight to the Game Optimiser DumaOS dashboard. However, it is extremely lagged and when it does eventually load up it doesn't stay up for long before taking me to the the Telstra Arcadayan modem dashboard. I hardly get any time withe DumaOS to make changes. I have restarted the modem on several occasions but this has not fixed the issue. I have looked at settings on the modem without any joy and many google searches have not produced any help either. Can you please let me know if this is an issue for others or am just the luck one and if there is a fix for this. Thank you. Also, any word yet on when the the DumaOS app with be working?
  5. Hi, I have a big issue with my XR500: Since couple of days Dashboard, Geo-Filter, QoS and Network Monitor are NOT working anymore ,I have a spinner that load forever without loading the components. I can only access the Settings panel. Tried to reboot the router, tried on different browsers (Safari and Chrome) with the same result. Some can help me with this? Thanks, Leonardo
  6. I cannot connect to the interface page; the default gateway on my PC is not . What should I do? 
  7. I currently have 300Mbps internet with comcast. I'm using an Arris SB6190 modem and the Netduma router. When turning on Congestion Control and setting my bandwidth (300Mbps down/30Mbps up) it asks if I want to auto configure the settings for this speed. I click Yes and it does it for me. When the Congestion Control bars are both at 100% (download and upload) I do a speed test and it caps me out at 200Mbps. I have everything disabled in Miscellaneous except for letting Netduma save configuration changes and Turbo mode is on. I also Reset the distribution and Updated the distribution for all devices on my network (currently only my desktop PC hard wired via an ethernet 7 cable). I also have Share excess enabled on both the Download and Upload. From reading the FAQ having Turbo mode on should allow speeds of up to 300Mbps. If I turn on Super Turbo Mode I get my max speed, however it then does not allow Congestion Control to function. When purchasing this device I did read to make sure my 300Mbps would be supported with Congestion Control feature for my max connection from the link here: http://support.netduma.com/support/solutions/articles/16000028079-what-do-the-miscellaneous-settings-do-Not really sure what to do at this point Please help. Thank you. PS: I have ipv6 completely disabled in Miscellaneous, WAN, and LAN. I also have it set to Reactive not pre-emptive.
  8. Excuse me if this has already been somewhat resolved already, but I have been fiddling around with the NetdumaR1 and going through the forums and Wiki for about 3 hours now, and has finally decided to ask for professional help instead. My issue is that I can't seem to get a proper internet signal going through my just today received NetdumaR1 router. As in, my download speed is obscenely low (With fiddling around I reached a max of 1mbs) and my upload speed is nonexistent. Explaining my usage of nonexistent, when I do a speedtest my ping works fine, my internet reaches approximately 40mbs but when it reaches the upload stage, it halts at 0.00 sometimes reaching 0.04 but not much further. My previous router, and what I pay my ISP for did as it should, and gave me a 75-80/75-80 download/upload. My current firmware version is 1.03.6h My setup is Modem -> NetdumaR1 -> Wired PC -> Wireless Phone + Nintendo Switch I have tried various cables, so it doesn't seem like the problem is tethered to any of those. And going through the recent Low Upload Speed threads, and trying to recreate the advice on those didn't seem to help. It seems like a very peculiar issue, as I haven't seen anyone mention it in other threads to this extent. I'll eagerly wait for your reply! Thanks for you time in advance.
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