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Found 3 results

  1. Hi all, I just got my new Netduma R1 yesterday and set it up as follows: - My ISP Provider's modem/router connected directly to the fibre internet connection via a coaxial cable - My Netduma R1 connected to the router via Ethernet cable in the PoE accordingly with my wired devices in the other ports. My issue is as follows the Netduma R1 wifi is visible but once connected to this wifi there is no internet whatsoever. The old internet wifi coming out of my ISP router still works fine so it seems internet is not flowing through from my ISP router to my Netduma. As a guide my ISP router is the following: https://arris.secure.force.com/consumers/ConsumerProductDetail?p=a0ha000000REF5TAAX&c=Touchstone Gateways At a point after changing the Ethernet port to which my Netduma was connected with my ISP router, it work but only temporarily as it stopped an hour later so im sure its a conflict of some sort. I would greatly appreciate help to solve this.
  2. Bonjour, Je n'ai plus accès à internet par le biais du netduma, voyant wifi éteint donc wifi voyante par les appareils mais pas de connection, donc je ne peut pas accéder à l'interface netduma sur n'importe quel appareils. J'ai tout vérifier et tester tout es comme indiquée, j'ai même essayer de reset via le bouton du netduma mais rien ne se passe . Le seul problème que j'ai constaté c'est quand je tape ip config sur mon pc sa met une ipv4 bizarre j'ai mis les fichiers joint comme ça vous verrez (sans netduma et avec netduma): - Ipconfig en étant brancher directement sur mon modem donc sans netduma. - Et là ipconfig avec les branchement du netduma J'espère avoir de l'aide assez vite car je comprend plus rien et sa m'énerve car tu paye 200 euros et ça marche pas... merci de votre aide en attente de reponses.
  3. So I've had my netduma a long while now. Along the way, I simplified my setup and haven't used it. I went to hook it back up tonight... I cannot access the netduma in anyway via a wired connection. The netduma shows lights for connections, but my PC and PS4 will not work. They don't show any connection. I can access the netduma via wifi however. There is still no internet access, but I can access the interface. Are all the ethernet ports blown? If so would they still show the connectivity lights? I am out of warranty, I am sure, what are my options. Thanks for the help. -Yes, I factory reset. Disconnected the modem for a period and the netduma.
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