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Found 12 results

  1. 1.) When I set up my VPN, I enter my username and password. If I want to enter a new one from the same provider, I have to enter my username and password again. Not really very convenient. 2.) And it would be nice if you could set up some profiles so that you can easily switch.
  2. Hi, I’m trying to setup nolagvpn on my netduma r2. Has anyone successfully done this and if so, can you please help me? Because I’ve been following the instructions on the nolagvpn website but every time I click “connect” on the hybrid vpn setup is doesn’t work.
  3. I am trying to set up a vpn on my router and the vpn site states to just copy the file into the vpn configuration and enable but I cannot seem to copy the file into the configuration. Any help?
  4. @Netduma Fraser Fraser , I am attempting to use HybridVPN to create a connection to a private OPENVPN server running OpenVPN server 2.4.3 (current version). I have been experimenting with authentication methods with mixed results. I can create a working connection using the local database ot the VPN server for clear text authentication. When i use a default client.ovpn file (user , no password) HybridVPN fails to connect. This appears to be because no password is supplied. When I create an .ovpn file with the PAM module the connection also fails. All of these ovpn file connections work with a win10 client. 1) So the question I have is what are the supported authentication methods for the XR500 hybridVPN ? 2) Does the XR500 support the PAM authentication module 3) can the XR500 support username , no password , certificate OVPN connections. 4) can the XR500 support no username, no password certificate OVPN connections I hope some of that makes sense, I am looking for some more detailed documentation on the HybridVPN module. Thanks samplePAMr.ovpn
  5. Hello, First time posting here, looking for some help configuring the VPN traffic to exclude my plex server. I've added the ports as shown in the picture but it's not working. Not sure what I'm missing. The ports I've added to the exception are defined by the docker on my unraid server. Feel free to ask me for more info! Thanks!
  6. I have my router all setup and have VPN through HideMyAss and when I sign into my account via the DUMAOS...I put my information in and it just says connecting at the bottom and nothing happens. Tried resetting router. Sign in sign out and no luck. Any ideas?
  7. So i try to use hybridvpn with the help of express vpn but the problem is i cant find any match, but when i use geofilter alone without any vpn i can find matches and change my location aswell, can comebody help me or give me any advice thanks in advance brothers
  8. hi im trying to use the hybrid vpn and i chose to use the express vpn . but when i try to connect using the vpn setup advance sectio and after im finished putting all thew info correctly, when i tried to check online if i have dns leak it will said that im not connected to any vpn and my dns are exposed, i hope someone can help me thanks in advance
  9. OS: Widows 10 Pro (1909) Model: NETGEAR XR5000 Firmware: V2.3.2.56 DumaOS Name: A7Legit Error: /dumaos/apps/usr/com.netdumasoftware.hybridvpn/openvpn-event.lua openvpndown 3 tun0 1500 1553 init openvpn-event.lua: bad argument #3 to 'format' (string expected, got nil) Comments: I've started to have issues with my hybrid vpn setup. I am using an OpenVPN configuration file from VyprVPN. The VPN connects fine once I enter the the configuration details, so it's not an authentication issue. The VyprVPN dashboard also shows connected with an active connection, can I can verify the VPN traffic with my VPN provider as connected and active. However after a couple of hours the Hybrid VPN shows that it has failed to connect. I can disable/enable the VPN and then it shows a successful connection again, but after a couple of hours it shows disconnected again. I checked the Hybrid VPN logs (attached) and it ends with a fatal error after a warning. Thanks, Mike; BIGPOPPPAVFX_HybridVPN_Logs_08142020.txt
  10. Using the following config data (and regardless of what I seem to try) dumaOS on an R1 seems to endlessly loop a mullvad connection with a ping-restart, never properly connecting to the VPN: The error message is as follows: Which just endlessly loops. No variations of the config file that I've tried seem to work. I've also tried multiple servers as well to no avail. Can anyone help me figure out what's wrong? 😕
  11. I recently made a post (feel free to remove) that made my issue more complicated than I needed. After watch a Twitch streamer Duma partner, triplewreck, the R1 router with the Hybrid VPN feature specifically offered the option to exclude "rtmp" services. The Xr500 does not offer that. However it is exactly what I needed to exclude my stream from the VPN on my router. What would be the equivalent for me to input into the Hybrid VPN for the XR500?
  12. Hallo everyone. I have been using the Nighthawk XR500 router for a while now and I am very pleased with the gaming experience that it brings to console gaming with the QOS, GeoFiltering etc. I can manage my home network to get the best gaming experience without neglecting any devices on my network. I currently want to use the HybridVPN feature to be able to connect to lobbies in the USA or anywhere else in the world where the players have a wider variety of Blackout modes to choose from to play. In South Africa where i live, we only get one or at the most 2 different Blackout modes to choose from. Currently we can choose Alcatraz or Quads. It has been said that South Africa is limited to game modes due to the fact that we don’t have a player base large enough to fill up all the game modes for blackout( but then just show is how many people are in the different modes and we can choose). Be that as it may, I am using the recommended PureVPN that the router suggests and i set it up to connect to the USA Houston location. I get connection and i can enter the game mode selection area for blackout and i see all the other modes available which is not available to us in SA. But when i deploy to find a game i just can’t get a game found, the screen just searches endlessly. I don’t have my console setup with a static IP nor in the DMZ of the router.I have my geofilter set to cover the US and tried having the whole map covered in the geofilter. Can anyone please assist me? I am not sure if this is a setting issue or a game matching issue? The first picture is the South African Blackout game modes taken before the Alcatraz update and the send picture is when i’m Using the VPN to connect to Houston. You’ll see the difference in the modes. Can someone please advice on how to get this to work. As i said, i can connect, select any game mode, but just can’t find a game.
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