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Found 7 results

  1. so Through lots of testing I can now force higher tickrate evertime and i doesn't involve disconnecting phones,smart TVs e.t.c What you need to do is 1.place geofiter home slightly away from closest server with smallest radius(e.g ocean)strict on PA 0 2.boot game(MW)go to main menu and search for game(quick play) 3.you will get an error(cant connect to cod servers) 4.press back to go to(campaign multiplayer spec- ops menu) 5.click multiplayer 6.expand geo to cover server and search for a game 7.my base ping is 13ms and when I search for a match it normally says 25ms but now says 15ms at top of screen 8 when it finds a lobby you will notice people connect to you 9.check your tickrate and it will show between 90-110 hope this helps the tickrate will only show higher for person searching for a match
  2. I recently was playing against this guy and he would insta melt me every single time. Kill cam makes me look as if still in running animation. He said on stream he lives in Bronx NY but I'm from Jersey. How in the hell does he just melt people? If you see closely, he gets shot 1st and melts people every single time. His hit detection is god like as well as latency wise. Mayne someone can help me understand how to get his connection cause I even told the kid, I'm willing to tip $100 to tell me his set up. Pretty sure he wont. This is the only game he plays since it's the only game he can have god like connection. I never see him play black ops 4, COD Cold war Alpha, Infinite warfare, modern warfare or even free shit like Apex legends or Rogue company. This game is his bread and butter. @Netduma Fraser you think any suspicions here? Hes either in moderate to open nat types. Just watch some videos of him and you'll see what I mean. I am not promoting this guy. Just jealous lol.
  3. Hello great people of this forum! Im a long time follower and first time poster here, I’ve found everything very helpful so I thought I’d bring this question here to get some insight. quick background: been playing fifa for 3 years online competitively and my experience improved greatly when using the XR500. I’ve found the best results by putting my Xbox into the DMZ, and found particular success when using the Home/away games method as detailed on YouTube (watching to see if kit comes up first). The problem is now this is patched and there is no way to tell from what I’ve seen, and having an admittedly relatively basic understanding of the extensive features of DumaOS I’m hoping there’s a way to tell if home or away with the data from the router, now that EA has patched it in game (now I can only get home/“host” about 25% of the time, and the delay is almost unplayable). The home/away factor is huge in FIFA especially when playing in the higher divisions and absolutely has a huge Impact on connection quality and input delay. Does anyone have any ideas on how we could use DumaOS to tell if you are home or away? This would be much appreciated and a huge boost to all DumaOS fifa players everywhere. Cheers!
  4. Hi there! I'm having issues connecting to Windows from Mac OS 10.14.5 and CentOS 7 1810. Windows hostname lookup & ping from another Windows client - works fine. Looking up Mac and Linux hosts from Mac and Linux - works fine. Looking up any Windows host from Mac or Linux? No buenos are to be had. None anywhere. Some features work, like Microsoft Remote Desktop, but not from command line. Any ideas where to go with this? It's messing with my work. :(
  5. If this hasn't been thought of yet I think it would be a great feature. If we could block hosts via the ping bar graph it would be awesome. We wouldn't have to rely on the map as much in game. For instance, sometimes I'm playing BO3 I have the router set to strict, 30ms, 700 mile radius, etc. but somehow a 120 ms player joins the match. If I could click on his/her ping bar to add him to my red list that would be awesome.
  6. i cant open the host filtering page it just loads and loads. any ideas of what too do? I tried restarting router/ computer many times
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