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Found 5 results

  1. Everything has been great with my Netduma. I have everything set up the way I want to and it is working seamlessly. All of the sudden today I got on and went to open the host filtering page and it will not load. It is stuck in infinitely loading. I saw a previous post about this and I did all the things that the Netduma tech said to do for that particular person. I have factory reset the Netduma and let it sit 5 minutes powered off to delete its RAM etc. All the other screens open fine but the host filtering screen simply will not open. It just gets stuck in infinitely loading. I noticed for that particular person the Netduma team had to actually access their Netduma but the solution to the problem was never posted. Can someone please help me? This is very frustrating because I cannot use the Geo Filter (one of the main purposes of this product) if the Host Filtering screen will not open.
  2. Hi I'm having an issue with my location on the Geo filter, i am presently having a dip in the middle of the ocean!!! I'm using a sky Q router and i have done all Raddy's tips and fixed the IP address and put in DMZ and selected DSL, I'm playing on PS4 generally of COD. if there something i have missed or need to do? I was also having trouble with NAT and joining friends last night, saying cant join due to NAT. i have port forwarded on net duma the PS4 ports I've only had it a day so i'm pretty fresh to this I also get a message in device manager saying you need to enable DMZ but I have any help will be greatly appreciated Thanks
  3. When I set the host filtering to enable for the ps4 I dont get internet but when I disable it i get internet any fixes.
  4. Hi All, I am not able to select device under Host filtering, I have already tried suggested option below by Fraser. Can you use Chrome, then go to DHCP lease, do all devices show? Then go to Geo page hard refresh (Cmd + R), can you then select your devices? Not sure what to do as soon as I am clicking on select device getting Next pop up then nothing works. I have attached both required screenshot. Could you please help. My details: Location- Melbourne, Australia Version : 1.3.6i this problem started few days back. I have also selected allow remote netduma support. Can you use Chrome, then go to DHCP lease, do all devices show? Then go to Geo page hard refresh (Cmd + R), can you then select your devices?
  5. Hey everyone, wanted to first start off by saying truly enjoy the product. Would like to remove some frustration from gaming against those who are at a ping way outside my comfort zone 100-300ms (Didn't take the screen shot in time). When Peer Ping is selected and I'm seeing above average pings (my opinion) I don't have the luxury of trying to click on every circle to try and find which one is the culprit. I know we discussed this sometime ago, and with the recent update I was hoping to see that capability included. Is there a way we the end user could click on the culprit displayed on peer ping, and have the circle on the map turn the color of the bar being selected. That would make life a whole lot simpler, then to be out of the game trying to ping every single circle. Thanks!
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