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Found 12 results

  1. I’ve purchased the net duma r2 brand new live set it up completely correctly from manual and official YouTube videos and it doesn’t work it says no internet connection I can connect to the netduma network but there is no internet connection there is no connection to my Xbox hardwired no nothing internet light intermittently flashes , 2.4 and 5 ghz lights constantly flash I connect to netduma Wi-Fi via my phone says no internet connection if I take the netduma away and have my set up as normal everything works perfectly I think my netduma has arrived broken I’m stuck for answers on how to fix this help appreciated thanks Factory resetting multiple times has done nothing aswell
  2. Why my ping in Los Angeles is high and should go to 40 there... And he tells me that in Europe I will play that ping but I place it well and he will not let me play any game In warzone it appears to me that there is no server, it helps, I already tried restarting the factory modem and the router
  3. Hi , Im based in europe. when i try to play on other servers EG. USA/RUSSIA/SOUTH AFRICA it will either not find a game or have a very high and unplayable ping. i set my geo location around the servers located in the country i try to play in and i use express VPN to connect to said country. im wondering can anyone help with getting matches in foreign countrie and any tips and tricks they use to find 'playabe matches' as the VPN changes my location in game but the ping is still quite high. any help would be greatly appreciated. Phil
  4. Alguien que me pueda ayudar a configurar mi Netduma r2 desde el principio, poner direcciones estáticas y todo para bajar mi ping
  5. Hi to all, I have only just joined so please accept a thank you in advance. I'm seriously considering getting the Netgear Nighthawk Gaming XR1000 WiFi 6 Router at the moment we have a sagemcom fast5364-3 talktalk modem/router that does ok-ish but think we could get better, we're running 3 samsung galaxy s9's, 2 iphone xr's, 3 chromebooks, 1 gaming pc, 1 PlayStation 4, and 5 xbox ones in our house. With a 500meg download speed and 70 upload speed lan but WiFi isn't very good/fast for the gaming side of things. Will any of this conflict in anyway? on the Netgear Nighthawk Gaming XR1000 WiFi 6 Router as I don't want to spend £330 on a gaming router that has conflicts as we usually play in the same party's/chats and the same games from time to time. we also would like all 5 of us to have open nat on our xboxone's thanks for any replies mikall
  6. Hello I recently contacted support on here since my wifi kept turning off for no reason untill I turned off IPV6 which solved a lot of the problems. But it also made a new one. I'm get very high ping spikes in game no matter what game. It's not at a certain time ether I could go 30 min and no ping spikes then there would be one every 30 sec for a few hours. I don't know how to fix this problem any help?
  7. Hi guys Like the title says I need help setting up the TD-W9970 v4 in bridge mode. The modem works fine in normal mode and DMZ but when I turn on bridge mode (vlan id 101) but the netduma refuses to connect to the internet. I type in the pppoe details (username: [email protected] and password: BT) but there is a third detail required called "service" and I've never seen thatentioned anywhere in other forums posts. Also the pppoe details don't seem to stick once I enter them (if I load the geo filter page and come back to the settings tab everything seems to have reset to the "DHCP" mode and not the "pppoe" mode. Any help from someone experienced would help. FIY I didn't have to do anything with VM as a ISP (just turn on modem mode and enjoy)
  8. So my geo filter wouldn’t load up. So I pressed reboot. After doing so waiting for the Duma to reboot. The web page said I wasn’t authorized or on a secure network. So once the duma loaded up I thought it would work but the page still won’t let me access it. I put in the username and passcode that is on the bottom of the Netduma. Please help if anyone can. I just got the netduma a few days ago and already having issues.
  9. Hi, i bought my netduma years ago and found settings that i liked so left it and didnt bother upgrading. I am now having a problem with my router in which it kept cutting out on me and i had to switch it on and off to get it working again. Last night i done the same thing and then i couldnt load my profile, it kept going to 'general gaming' profile. The userface also had no interaction. See pictures added. This morning i tried to upgrade to see if that would work but that failed and got this message. Does anyone have any advice or help? Thanks Steven
  10. I have both xr500 and duma R1. I'm exited about the new 3.0 firmware and the fact it will come to R1... I was trying to incrementally add the firmware to my R1 so it wasn't going to be one big jump when it came... unfortunately when i tried to flash up to R1-v-1-03-6j.sig it has somehow bricked the router. i have ping plotter and i can't see if i get an active IP address. i have tried everything. i have given my pc a static ip within the range of - - and dns but nothing shows apart from my laptop. i have changed cables and use a different computer to try and recover this R1... can anyone help?
  11. So this website has come to my attention I live in the Caribbean and I’m guessing the closest server to me in America or Europe I’d like to know how would purchasing a router help me in a fifa player I live in Trinidad to b exact
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