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Found 4 results

  1. Bonjour, Es ce qu’il est prévu une application ou une version mobile responsive pour le NETDUMA sous DUMAOS car nous ne pouvons absolulement rien faire via nos mobiles lorsque nous jouons à la console. Il est peut pratique d’avoir la console allumé et aussi un laptop rien que pour le netduma en meme temps. Merci de consulter les captures écran jointes. Salutations.
  2. Since we're in beta, do we have a central bug list to check before posting here? I'm seeing UI bugs... like, when you "pin" the bandwidth allocation rose so that it appears on the dashboard, there is no rose displayed. Also on the dashboard, when you click on a network client down or upload, it doesn't launch the Category Breakdown like on the Network Monitor page. Let me know if this is how to report this small bugs.
  3. Hi everyone, after a lots of researchs and thoughts, i've found a solution to "delete" the slow GUI problem (slow interface when rules in port forwarding are active). I said "delete" because it's not permanent but you have to complete 2 simple things to avoid that issue. TESTS For the moment, i will explain how i found my solution (the console need to be lauchned after you've activated specific options for each test): 1) Host filtering ON / Port forwarding ON / Hyper-lane OFF = no issue 2) Host filtering OFF / Port forwarding ON / Hyper-lane ON = no issue 3) Host filtering ON / Port forwarding OFF / Hyper-lane ON = no issue 4) Host filtering ON / Port forwarding ON / Hyper-lane ON = slow interface 5) Host filtering ON / UPNP OFF / Hyper-lane ON = no issue 6) Host filtering ON / UPNP ON / Hyper-lane ON = no issue After those tests, we can deduce that there is an issue between host filtering and the port forwarding while hyper-lane is active. ------------------------------------------------------------------ SOLUTION This is the best solution i found for the moment (with Host filtering / Port forwarding / Hyper-lane active) : 1) Disable the host filtering 2) Launch your console 3) Let your console run to the main menu 4) Enable the host filtering 5) Enjoy After you've finished your gaming session, don't forget to disable the host filtering for the next time. ------------------------------------------------------------------ CONCLUSION As i can read in a lots of threads in the forum, there is still some bugs on the actual firmware but we can find solution ourselves and find the best way to use our router. If you have any questions about this, just let me now. It was Chive, peace out DUMA ARMY!
  4. Hi I'm new to the Netduma told. Decided to bite the bullet and buy the R1 having bitten more than enough bullets in CoD. R1 setup all going well save for password protection on the GUI.i have a preference to use the Password Protection. I have cookies on and enabled Password Protection and set the details. The first time I connect back to the R1 it asks for password but not after then. On the settings page the Password boxes appear blank. A reboot doesn't change this. The enable Password Protection enabled tick box remains ticked. Is this right. Do you have to set password each time you log in?
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