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Found 6 results

  1. Hi Netduma Team, Hope you guys are all doing good. I'm located in France. I'm contacting you as all of a sudden, the NAT type on my xbox series X went strict. I've tried several configurations without no result. I hard reseted the netduma r2 also with no success. So when digging a bit, i saw that the NAT comes back at "open" when i deactivate GeoFilter. It seems like geo filter is blocking Microsoft Xbox NAT servers. I also tried to launch a NAT test on the console and observe what pops on the geofilter map. I then saw two servers poping in around USA East coast. Il allowed these two servers and things seems to be better but this is not a solution in the long term. Could you please give a hand on this. Many thanks in advance Have a nice days. Regards Amah
  2. Hi, I just bought the XR1000 and want to use it for playing fifa 21. I'm located in Australia Perth, and the nearest Fifa 21 servers are in Sydney at the AWS datacenters. I've currently using the Netgear Nighthawk D7800 Modem/Router for my NBN connection and using the XR1000 as my router. My PS4 Pro is wire connected to the XR1000 via a Cat8 cable. The issue I have is when I use geo-fencing via the Polygon Method or without and just geo fencing, when trying to play Fifa 21 FUT Friendlies it searches for games in europe/Brazil/US and not in Australia/Sydney. The Ping goes through the roof. However when playing Div Rivals it seems to work and only restricts the connections to Australia/Sydney/Perth Below is my setup My QoS Any help on this would be great. I bought the router specifically for this reason.
  3. Geo- filter has stopped working, it won't show up, I have done factory reset twice, have factory reset my computer, the problem is still there, I need help. Regards
  4. I have done everything that my team mates and peers have done to use their netduma correctly. They use it for Warzone and they select an area as their home and then connect to a server there. This is done to connect to specific 'easier' areas. I have done exactly the same, and sometimes it works as it should. However, more often that not, my router tries to connect to a server outwith my 'home' circle and my search queue on the game breaks and I cannot find a game. I have factory reset multple times and followed the exact steps that my team mates have followed and had 0 problems. I know that is the symbol for blocked player rather than server but that is just an example of what shows when my server queue bugs and it tries and fails to put me in a lobby. Please help me as I dont have much time to get a full refund but I fear I may have to.
  5. DumaOS geofiltering not working correctly; it is not detecting me, any friends, random other players in game, or servers. so filtering ( the main reason that i purchased this router) is not functioning properly. have set it up with the in app guides and watched an hour long tutorial on it; still to no avail.
  6. Hi all, I seem to have issues with the geofilter on my XR500. I live in Germany. When I bought the XR500 I set my radius on around 450 KM around me to connect to the 2 closest Modern Warfare servers (taken from the dumaOS Modern Warfare Servers). At the beginning, it worked perfectly. It took a little bit longer to find a game, but when I did the connection was amazing! Now, since some days, I find games extremely quick and play against people from spain for example, who clearly had a connection advantage (so I guess the server was closer to them, outside of my radius) So I did a test: I shrunk the circle to the minimum (100KM), in this radius there are only villages around my city, and non of the servers are in the radius. According to the radius, I shouldn't find any games. But then I searched for a game and found one immediately, playing against spanish and french people (I live in east germany). Does anyone know why it suddenly stopped to filter? Hope someone can help me! Thanks in advance!
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